How Your Family Might Be Making You Sick

How Your Family Might Be Making You Sick

December 26, 2018 0 By Athena Campos

Seeing your family and your get-togethers might not always be a wise idea. We know you love to spend time with your family, but you might not realize that there is a negative side to it. In fact, there are numerous ways in which your family might be making you sick. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Changing Your Sleep Pattern

Family Might Be Making You Sick

Family get-togethers, especially if you’re hosting your family in your home can alter your sleep patterns. And you know how detrimental changing your sleep routine can be to your health. Due to your family gatherings, your sleep cycle will suffer which might lead to mood swings and making you prone to being sick.

Staying Indoors

You are likely to stay indoors when meeting your family. In fact, as you’ll spend most of your time indoors, you won’t get the necessary vitamin D. Lacking this vitamin might cause muscle pain.


Having people over means that you will clean more often than usual. Hence, touching different surfaces and then touching your face might make you susceptible to life-halting maladies, such as flu.

Making You Doubt Yourself

You can’t like everyone in your family and there is always that one family member you don’t get on well with. Spending time with such people might cause you to question yourself, especially because many family members tend to share their beliefs and thoughts. Such instances might increase the risk of anxiety and depression.

Raising Your Adrenaline

Sometimes, the family get-togethers don’t seem to be a great idea, especially because they end with arguing. Instances like this might raise your adrenaline and trigger higher blood pressure. Moreover, arguing might be the culprit for anxiety, weight gain, and fatigue.

Turning You into a Couch Potato

Spending time with your family usually means sitting most of the time. However, if you spend most of the time in the sedentary position, it might increase the risk of hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. You might turn to be a couch potato!

Neglecting Yourself

Not having time for yourself is a common thing when you’re spending time with your family. We often than to put other’s needs above ours which might end up neglecting ourselves. However, if you feel too tired or like you’ve overworked, it’s better to tell your family that than risk putting your health in danger.

Bringing Germs Inside

Each person who gets inside your house brings germs and your family is no exception to this rule. It’s impossible to keep your home free of germs or other health issues your family is bringing inside. Hence, your family get-togethers might be very detrimental to your health.

Feeling Lonely

Family Might Be Making You Sick

You probably have a great time having your family around. However, when they leave, they also leave you feeling lonely than ever before. It’s quite common that the feeling of pleasure is followed by a feeling of letdown. However, the real danger is when the sadness and loneliness persist and lead to emotional issues.

Changing Your Routine

Spending time with your family usually means changing your everyday routine, such as the time you sleep and eat. However, when a certain routine is interrupted, it might have an impact on your overall health and increase the risk of many health issues.

Revealing Your Bad Habits

Family get-togethers can be quite stressful which might lead to revealing your bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Hence, not only is your immune system compromised from the stress you’re experiencing, but also the bad habits can make you sick.

Pressuring You to Socialize

Families are known for making certain family members be more social. So, if your family is pressuring you to socialize, you might experience anxiety attacks and feel drained. Moreover, it might make you more susceptible to hypertension, stomach issues or breathing problems.

Having to Go Shopping

Family Might Be Making You Sick

Having your family over means going shopping much more than usual and having to break the bank. Moreover, if you’re hosting your family for the holidays, you might have to spend some extra money on gifts. All of this might cause emotional issues and it’s not always easy to make ends meet. Likewise, while shopping you touch different items which are packed with germs and can make you sick.

Eating Desserts

Family meetings usually end up with desserts which are hard not to eat because they’re so delicious. Spending time with your family means eating unhealthily and consuming too many sugary meals, fats and carbs. This might have a negative impact on your health and make you prone to sicknesses.  

Making You Dehydrated

Let’s face it- family get-togethers usually mean drinking a lot of drinks. This might make you dehydrated and cause various health issues. So, we know you can’t have at least one glass of wine, but remember to always have a glass of water at your fingertips.