Games Which You Should Not Play

Games Which You Should Not Play

December 20, 2018 0 By Athena Campos

This is an interesting topic. We discourage playing these games, as they are dangerous and may cause mental and/or physical damage. Below are the explanations to the games themselves and how they are played. If you are however curious how to exactly do the rituals each game, you are able to find it elsewhere.

  1. The Midnight Man

This has been a YouTube challenge recently. The Midnight Man needs a lot of work in order to prepare the ritual before the game. All the lights in your house have to be turned off. Then, you write your name on a piece of paper and seal it with your blood. After this, put the paper next to any wooden door in and wait until midnight, then knock on the door. This summons the Midnight Man.

Then you stumble around your home with a candlelight from midnight to 3:33 am. The goal is to move the whole time so that the Midnight Man does not catch you.

The light must not go out throughout the game, and if it does, immediately re-light it and put salt around you. When it is 3:33 am, the Midnight Man leaves and it is safe to turn the lights on. The game ends here.


  1. One Man Hide-And-Seek

One Man Hide-and-Seek has a strict and precise ritual that involves a doll without human features to play with you. You need to take the stuffing out of the doll and put rice inside, as well as a drop of your blood, or fingernail clippings.

Then you seal it with a crimson thread. Next, turn off the lights in your house and put the doll in a bath of water, and lastly say the words to start the game. The game then starts, and you have to go to the room want to hide inside and wait 10 seconds with a TV on.

Return to the room where the doll is and stab it with a sharp object while saying, “I’ve found you”. Now it is the doll’s turn to look for you. Return to your hiding place with a cup of saltwater in hand. The doll is then supposed to look for you.

If you feel afraid or in danger at any point, drink some of the saltwater and come out of hiding to find the doll. Spit the saltwater onto the doll and pour the rest over it while saying that you won three times. This wends the game. You also have to burn the doll after, so do not use an important one.

Games Which You Should Not Play

  1. The Elevator Game

The Elevator Game is to be played in old hotels and buildings that have original elevator shafts. These may be hard to find in large cities. The building needs at least 10 floors. You start by entering the elevator and pressing certain floor numbers in a correct combination. Once you complete this, you will be on the fifth floor. A woman will then enter the elevator.

She will politely ask where you are headed, but you cannot answer and should exit the elevator on the next floor. This is where the trick lies, as you are supposed to land on the first floor. However, if she presses a button to another floor, you have to get off with her.

You are then in an alternate world, and should immediately return to the elevator when she is gone. Honestly, it seems like many unnecessary elevator rides for a small payout. For people who hate elevators, is surely packs a lot of horror.


    4.Daruma-San: The Bath Game

This game has its roots in China but it has made its way into the US. It is played by taking a bath and repeating, “Daruma-San fell down” while washing your hair.

You have to imagine a girl slipping and falling in the tub, dying. The tale is different from person to person, but you have to imagine the details of how she died. The more brutal the death scene, the scarier.

The game actually begins the next day while you are taking the shower. You are supposed to feel the presence of Daruma-San during that day. The goal is to stay away from her and not let her catch you. If you do this, you are free and you won. If not, Daruma-San gets another soul, yours.


  1. Tsuji-Ura

Tsuji-Ura is the original name, but many other names are used for it, for better translations and understanding, like the fortune game, crossroads divination, and the crossroads game.

It has a simple ritual, as you only need a comb. You have to take it out to the crossroads, and run your fingers through its teeth until it makes a sound. Then, you chant “Tsuji-Ura Tsuji-Ura grant me a response” three times.

Then you have to wait until a stranger passes by you, and you have to cover your eyes when this happens. Then you ask your stranger about your fortune, and they will either tell it or refuse.

If you are refused, you must wait for another stranger and repeat until your fortune is told. It is dangerous for many reasons, as it is not really safe to hang around at night asking strangers for your fortune..