How Do Instagram Promotions Work & How Will They Help?

How Do Instagram Promotions Work & How Will They Help?

September 7, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

Insta promotion looks just like any other regular Instagram ad. However, it works slightly differently than targeted ads, using another algorithm to reach your target audience. It’s a great way to promote your brand, making it more loud and visible on social media.

To put it simple, Instagram Promotions are great for boosting brand awareness for your business — the more people see your best posts, the more they aware about your product or services. Whether you have a personal brand to run, or you have a business to sell products or services with, Instagram Promotions work great for you.

It’s an effective marketing tool to create a better impression of your brand, reach a wider audience and increase your Instagram sales in the most effective way. You can also try getting a lot of real followers for your profile — when the algorithm sees an increase in those numbers, your content achieves more visibility. We recommend using this website:

Why are we so sure that your business needs this kind of service?

  • Instagram is the biggest social media platform, tailored for visual content — and nothing sells in a more effective way than a good image;
  • increasing your brand visibility allows you to jumpstart bigger and more profitable ad campaigns — the better impression you have on your customers, the more valuable is your product or service;
  • apart from sales rate improvement, your marketing department can get great analytics from campaign insights — and there’s no way to build a better marketing strategy than to perform analytics for ad campaigns.

Whether you sell your product, offer services or promote your media persona, Instagram Promotions are the best tool to attract more people to you and your business. The more people know about you, the more conversions you have. For influencers, there is literally no better way to add more followers to their loyal audience.

What can Instagram promotions do for your business?


With a higher amount of likes, followers, and engagement you get bigger social proof. This parameter explicitly affects the way people see your brand — whether they can trust it or not. Admit it: you’ll trust the brand you see everywhere rather than some no-name business that little to no one ever heard of. You can create a bold impression of your business simply by configuring a few settings on your Insta account.

The use of social media platforms for brand visibility nowadays is a must-have solution, so don’t think that your business doesn’t need it. Get ready to learn more about Instagram promotion options and open new opportunities for your business — online presence these days is a must for success.

The best improvement Instagram promotion can give to your company is better brand visibility. It’s also called brand awareness, but never mind the terminology — promoting one post can result in being a No.1 brand in your industry. You just have to cater your well-crafted content to the right people — this might require some experience to achieve the best results, but in the end this kind of promotion is always effective.

How does it work?


First, you need to switch your account to the Business one in the settings. Then, choose the post you’d like to promote and tap on the “promote” button below.

You’ll be transferred to the page where you’ll decide the goal of the campaign: to have more profile visits, to have more website visits, or to get direct messages (e.g. if you promote a post with a sale or special offer and want to directly connect with people willing to order something from you).

Right then you get to choose a target audience. You can do it manually or use Instagram’s automatic audience feature — the algorithm finds people based on accounts that follow your page. If you have more than 1000 followers, this is a good option to choose. If not, your best shot is to set your target audience manually — their demographics, occupation, hobbies and interests.

And finally, you choose your budget and campaign duration. If you targeted your audience right, you can reach your goals even with $5 a day. Plan a marketing budget, minding that Instagram can bill you slightly more than you planned — $42 instead of $40. This is caused by automatic optimization of budget and views by algorithms — no need to worry, this way you’ll only end up with better results.

After this ad is approved, the algorithm starts to show it to people from the selected audience. You’ll be able to see the first improvements in reach and impressions on the second day of the campaign — that’s why we advise you to promote your post for at least a few days — the dynamics of the audience’s behavior can slightly change throughout the week.

The more you know your targeted audience, the better — it means your posts will most likely reach people who might be interested in your product or services.

How much does it cost?


The optimal budget depends mainly on the demographics you choose. The algorithm bills you based on the cost-per-1000 impressions model — the more you pay for promotion, the more people will see your ad and might engage with it.

Even if you’re low on budget, the Instagram promotion algorithm will choose the best way possible to rationalize the budget, although the outcome will be slightly worse than with more money. The most expensive part of the audience demographics are working adults from 25 to 45 — their cost can reach up to $1.50 for one click.

Younger and older age groups cost less to reach them, but their conversion to sales will be a bit lower — kids and teens are in most cases financially dependent on their parents, and people from 45+ group in general tend to not trust online offers and promotions. Of course, there are exceptions within some social groups, but you have to know your audience really well to be aware of them.