How to Control Sppetite and Lose Weight

How to Control Sppetite and Lose Weight

September 22, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

If you have been trying to lose weight for quite a while now, you must have understood the importance of calorie intake. Weight loss only takes place when you consume fewer calories. But what about the increased hunger or appetite you have to deal with while trying to lose weight? An increase in appetite slows down our weight reduction process, which is why it becomes really necessary to control it.

You might have made an effort not to consider food a technique to check your craving, yet your brain is excessively strong, and subsequently, your stomach can not avoid a decent feast or tidbit. This might be on the grounds of the hormone ghrelin, which builds craving and increases your appetite and hunger. Its levels drop only when a person eats.

To help you out in your weight reduction journey, we have come up with various tips and tricks that can help you control your appetite. There are various ways to do this, such as having enough protein and fiber in your diet, intaking more solid food than liquid, etc. Apart from this, according to Medicaldaily, some supplements can also help you suppress your hunger.



Avoid skipping any meal:

Having the thought of getting slimmer fast, people generally tend to skip their meals, which is a bad idea. According to studies, a person should intake at least three full meals and one snack a day. While preparing your meal plan, ensure that you are not avoiding food for more than 4 hours. But why is it necessary?

Well, when you stay without food for a longer period, your sugar level starts increasing along with your hunger. And you don’t want this because when you are hungry, you tend to consume more, which ultimately leads to a gain in weight. The most important meal that you must never skip is your breakfast. Having a good breakfast keeps you fuller throughout your morning and helps in deducting the hormone ghrelin.

Minimizing tension or stress in your life:

You may have come across a situation in your life when you are stressed, and your cravings for the food suddenly increases, and it is hard to avoid delicious but unhealthy food when you are stressed. This is true for other people as well. Whenever people are stressed, they tend to eat more unhealthy dishes. Binge eating and emotional eating have become very famous terms these days.

But how can you control your habit of stress or binge eating? The answer to this question is simple. It would be helpful for you when you try to relax more and take less tension. To do this, you should practice doing meditation or yoga in your daily routine. Apart from this, having quality sleep can also help you to reduce your stress levels.

Keep yourself hydrated:


We all know how necessary it is to keep ourselves hydrated. One of the biggest advantages of keeping ourselves full with water is that it helps suppress our appetite. Whenever you feel like starving, have a huge glass of water, and it will help you cut down your cravings for having some snacks. You can also mix lemon in your water. It not only helps in reducing your hunger but also flushes away various toxins present in your body.

Better to take solids than liquids:

People believe that consuming only liquids can help them in reducing their weight, which is not true. No doubt that liquids may have fewer calories than solids, but they are not as effective in controlling hunger as solid food calories. When you intake solids, you need to chew them, which sends a signal of stomach fullness to your brain. In simpler terms, it means that you feel full even by consuming less food and calories.

Also, when you keep chewing the food for a longer time, it stays in contact with your taste buds which helps in enhancing the feeling of satisfaction. And when a person gets satisfied by having good food, their hunger automatically slows down.

Take a high protein diet:


Protein-rich meals have a low carbohydrate level for every gram, except they have the most noteworthy thermic impact compared to other nutrition classes, which makes a person feel that they have had sufficient food.

Adding more protein to your eating routine can build sensations of fullness, causing you to eat less at your next dinner and assist you with losing fat. Moreover, a high protein admission might assist with forestalling muscle misfortune when everyday calories are decreased for weight reduction.

Try diverting your mind:

We have already talked about how stress can lead you to feel more hungry, where you end up consuming more and unhealthy food. People find it soothing to eat delicious meals when they are bored or stressed. Therefore, whenever you are in such a state, it is required for you to pay your focus or attention to something else rather than the snacks.

Diverting your mind in such cases is extremely important; otherwise, you will fall prey to binge eating and don’t want to do this with your diet, especially when trying to lose pounds. But how can you divert yourself and not think so much about eating?

Some of the simple ways to avoid thinking about food is calling a friend, doing different activities such as painting your nails, reading a magazine or a book, or going out and meeting your friends. When your mind is busy with other activities, it automatically loses its concentration on snacks.



It takes a lot of effort to reduce weight. But the most challenging part of all of them is suppressing your appetite. But do not worry because it can be controlling when you have the proper knowledge with you. Study the tips given above and practice them in your daily routine to see how they have helped you control your hunger.