Key Advantages of Streetwear Noone Ever Told You About

Key Advantages of Streetwear Noone Ever Told You About

August 25, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

Being left behind sucks, doesn’t it? Well, you don’t have to be when it comes to fashion. Like most other evolving industries, fashion is dynamic, and often leaves people in the lurch when new and more popular trends hit the shelves and runways. A lot of people have restricted themselves to choosing between clothes that are functional and clothes that are stylish.

But what if there was a solution to this problem? What if there is a trendy style with an undeniable cool factor that has remained relevant and functional for season upon season and shows no signs of falling off? This is what streetwear is offering.

What is Streetwear?


Streetwear as a term gets thrown around a lot these days, and you may not necessarily be in the know as to what it means. It’s not your fault; streetwear as a clothing trend covers so many bases and is so customizable that it’s difficult to truly understand what exactly it is at first. At its basics, streetwear is a casual clothing style that began to concretely form in the late ’90s.

Even at the onset, it wasn’t the most well defined or linear style. However, what enthusiasts do know is that streetwear started as an expression of the surfer and urban culture, and quickly expanded to accommodate trends and threads as diverse as recreational sports clothing to urban Japanese casual attire. Before this, the advent of punk and sports brands laid the foundation for what was to come.

Today, streetwear has grown to encompass so many different styles and aesthetics that it can be worn by almost anyone at almost any time. The common threads that connect the different sub-styles and expressions ensure that above all else, all streetwear is trendy, functional and in many cases multifunctional. This is one thing all streetwear have in common.

Why You Should Add Streetwear to Your Wardrobe

You are most likely reading this content because you’ve been thinking about adding streetwear to your wardrobe. Streetwear has an inexhaustible list of pros and no cons. If you’re still not sure streetwear is right for you, consider the advantages of streetwear below:

Streetwear Comes With Incredible Versatility


It cannot be overstated just how versatile streetwear is. It’s not every day you come across a style that is equally acceptable at skateparks, house parties, and even at your startup. Something that can make you look stylish without compromising your comfort.

By encompassing so many different features in one attire, streetwear has the distinct advantage of almost always having some option or the other that’s passable. Even in professional settings, streetwear still has some value even though it significantly emphasizes casual comfort.

Streetwear is Always Comfortable and Fashionable

As a primary focus, streetwear is comfortable. This usually finds itself at odds with what is currently considered fashionable. That’s not the case here, as streetwear is very fashionable. You’ll find yourself switching from one streetwear fit to another for completely different events because they were that much more comfortable than other options.

Streetwear is Relatively Affordable


Contrary to popular opinion, not all streetwear is expensive. Streetwear comes in a wide variety of styles and aesthetics and as such covers a large range of prices for pieces. From thrifty base pieces to luxury brands, there’s streetwear to fit every budget and price point. Whether you’re shopping for a collection for easy matching outfits, or hunting or one specific streetwear style, there’s always going to be something for you in the streetwear market.

Streetwear is Timeless

As already mentioned before, streetwear has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it transcends the fad or trend tags, despite being trendy more often than not. Having stayed relevant for large swaths of time, and remaining stylish even when it’s not in the limelight, streetwear is here to stay.

This is a major advantage if you’re cautious about investing in a particular fashion trend, only to have it wither away from popularity before you’ve even paid off the bill. You can stock up on affordable and designer pieces to your heart’s content knowing that even in years to come, streetwear will remain a viable choice for all sorts of outings.

Streetwear Styles are Constantly Evolving


As an extension of its dynamic and receptive nature, streetwear is always evolving, keeping up with the trends with minute additions and adjustments to its index. This is part of what keeps it from fizzling out like so many other fashion phenoms.

As more and more brands devote themselves in part or in full to streetwear fits and collaborations with larger companies in the fashion industry, the style continues to grow like wildfire. Coincidentally, streetwear happens to evolve without leaving previous incarnations in the dust. This is just as rare as having a versatile, functional and stylish fit all rolled into one easy package; truly one of a kind.

Streetwear Can Help You Make Bold Fashion Statements

This is a bit of an understated point. Streetwear as a fashion industry branch, as well as those who wear streetwear, have an acute sense of self awareness. Their outfits can be used to make a loud and bold fashion statement. This is why the core of comfort and versatility remain solid features of streetwear even as it continues to evolve at a blinding pace. Another advantage of this awareness is that streetwear is always going to be an integral aspect of pop culture.

Where Can You Find High Quality Streetwear?


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