3 Tips for a Job Interview by Suzy Welch

3 Tips for a Job Interview by Suzy Welch

December 27, 2018 0 By Athena Campos

You have probably heard about Suzy Welch, the American author, public speaker, and business journalist. Hence, you know that when she shares tips and advice, they must be good. Recently, she shared the three things you have to do on a job interview and one terrible mistake you should avoid at all costs. You know how stressful a job interview can be, so learning something new can do no harm. In fact, you can only benefit by learning from the best.

According to Welch, the employers use an array of techniques besides the usual interview questions to see if you’re the right candidate.

  1. Pick Out the Appropriate Outfit

This goes beyond the usual tradition of wearing the traditional interview uniform, such as a suit and a tie. Instead, Suzy’s advice is to look for the dress code of the company and dress accordingly. Moreover, you should pick out the appropriate outfit but make sure it’s comfortable. Keep in mind that you want the employer to talk about your personality and skills instead of your outfit after the interview.

  1. End the Meeting by Saying: “I really want this job”

This is the perfect sentence to end the interview with. By saying that you really want to job, you show that you’re brave and sincere as no many candidates have the courage for such a thing. Your aim during the interview is to present yourself in the best possible light and do your best. However, but ending the meeting with such a striking sentence will definitely work for you as your employer is likely to remember you.

  1. Don’t Stay Passive After the Interview

What most people do after an interview is to wait for the call. This is what you definitely shouldn’t do. Instead, follow up by sending a personalized thank-you note in which you tell how happy you are that you are from the discussion. Likewise, make sure you connect on Linkedin with your interviewer. This also means that you should write a note in the request, for instance, of how much you enjoyed the interview. However, it’s also necessary to take care of your social accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram and avoid posting inappropriate pictures.

Job Interview by Suzy Welch


A Mistake You Should Avoid

Welch also shared one mistake which you should make sure to avoid at all cost. In fact, she says that by appearing and acting too relaxed and casual during the interview can be a huge drawback. She gave a personal example when she didn’t get the job for being too relaxed. So, when she was interviewed for a reporting job with the Kansas City Times as a recent Harvard University graduate, she acted in the way that was inappropriate. She was riding to get lunch with the editors from the paper and she asked: “So, what kinda food we getting?”. Moreover, later on, she even asked the editor-in-chief where he lived. Not surprisingly, as she was acting like they were old friends, she didn’t get the job because she wasn’t the right “fit.”

Hence, always remember when you’re on an interview that you are the person who sells your skills and experience and the interviewer is the buyer. Do your best to convince them that you’re the right candidate for the position.