Why Email Communication Still Survives?

Why Email Communication Still Survives?

June 12, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

The end of email as a type of communication platform was firstly predicted to end in 1989 with the emergence of the fax machine. The email has been with us for the better part of 45 years since the first email was sent in 1971. But despite the fax machine being talked as the “killer of email”, the tides of war have since changed as people use email far more than they use the fax machine.

But why is that? Why has email surpassed everyone’s expectations and why it is still around?

The Numbers

Many surveys and studies have been conducted on the subject of the email. The interesting part regarding any survey or study is that the numbers are overwhelmingly in favor of email.

Why Email Communication Still Survives

source: pardot.com

Almost 61% of people have eighter one or two email addresses. These surveys show that people with two email addresses have one for personal use and one for work use. At least 36% of people use between three and five email addresses, 1% of people use more than six and less than nine, 1% use more than 10 email addresses, and 1% has no idea how many email addresses they have.

The studies and surveys dwell a bit deeper on why and what for people use their email addresses. From the get-go, email users say that email communication dominates the workplace and it fairs quite strongly against social media for communications use.

An Australian survey found out that eight in ten employed Australians have separate accounts for both work and personal use. Almost four in ten employed Australians say that they often times use their personal email address for work use.

According to email verification services, such as TheChecker, people use email as a way of marketing to a great effect. Email marketing is alive and well, and according to data, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

How often do we check our Email?

According to the previous statistics, we can safely say that people still use email to great effect for both personal and work use. But how often do people check their emails? Surveys gathered information and the data showed that more than 45% of people check their email several times a day. Nearly half of employed people check their email every two hours.

When asked the question “email as a form of communication”, 84% of people answered that they prefer to talk via email “quite often or often.” To put that into perspective, 86% answered that they prefer face-to-face communication, with 75% answered that they preferred social media as a form of communication.

Why Email Communication Still Survives

source: civicplus.com


With huge numbers like these, we can safely disregard the decade old, death of email narrative. While the fax machine was predicted by many people to be the end of the email, those people didn’t take into account smartphones. As Android smartphones link your phone with your email address, and many apps require your email to run smoothly, it makes this service quite useful in today’s time. As more and more people prefer email communication as the most professional method of workplace communication, we can’t really see how anything would put email use into danger anytime soon.