Digital marketing rules for 2019

Digital marketing rules for 2019

June 10, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

If there is one industry that is constantly evolving, that is digital marketing. Nearly every month, new changes are implemented on the social media platforms we use, search engines such as Google, or content marketing such as videos, blogging, etc. As new technology comes to our world, so does digital marketing trends. Today, it is not enough to be present on one single platform, it is more interesting and profitable if you implement several into your strategy. Hence, here is a list of the top digital marketing trends for 2019.

Use a Diversifies multi-channel approach

Whether you decide on using two, three, or even 5 channels, the more diversified your marketing is, the better you will be. Similarly to investing in stock, you do not want to put all your eggs into one basket, this is especially true if you are the one who does not control the basket. Hence, do not only rely on the Google ranking system or Instagram algorithms, but also divide and conquer, diversify and win.

Boost your best-performing channels

Being diversified is the right way of doing business, you can also take advantage of the channels that are providing you with the best ROI. If you are enjoying that streak with Google Ads, keep it going until you notice declining results. At that point, it is time to sell some of your ads and invest the money you get from the sale into another channel. Every platform that works well will eventually get too popular and its higher demand will cause a diminishing result in your ROI.

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Digital Marketing cannot be done by amateurs

Let us be honest, we all know that someone who will read the latest edition of “Marketing for Dummies” and will become a marketing “expert” overnight. If it is only that easy. Would you allow someone who is a Grey’s Anatomy fan to perform surgery on you? Or would you allow your friend to manage your retirement fund or a bank? Of course, you would not! Your marketing campaigns and the team is the back of your company. You will not want to make a silly mistake that will cost you a lot of time, as well as money. In the worst case scenario, Google might end up blacklisting your company and you will no longer be able to advertise your business. Act as your business depends on the marketing techniques you use because it does.

Think Long Term

Most marketing directors and CMOs only think about 30 to 60 days terms. If you are an established company, any marketing strategy should at least have a year outlook for results. If you are just starting your business, you will want to look at a 2 to 3 years outcome. Launching a marketing campaign and asking for results after 30 to 60 days is not only a short-sighted sign, but it is also a sign that you do not understand marketing to its full extent.

Build your Brand fast

You might think that this is quite obvious, but a lot of companies and marketing firms convince their clients to invest in their brand. This will not only be beneficial to you, but it is also necessary. According to the experts from Inspira Digital Agency, even if your brand is already recognizable, you will always need to keep promoting and protecting it, so that your competition does not take advantage and steal your customers from you.

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Marketing, especially digital marketing has changed quite a lot in the last 3 to 4 years. The growth of Social Media Marketing has even added more competition online for the ad spaces available, hence, impacting the way other channels sell their ad spaces to advertisers. The rules mentioned above are not only channel-specific, but they are universal rules that you can use for any marketing strategy you are planning on using.