How to Increase Your Sex Drive By Reading Erotic Stories

How to Increase Your Sex Drive By Reading Erotic Stories

June 1, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

Sex drive is a biological and psychological notion that shows an individual’s desire to have sex. For every person, normal sex desires have different parameters based on their hormonal changes, medication, age, etc. Such as, it is found that sex drive among men is stronger than among women.

Thus, you shouldn’t worry if your sex desires are lesser or higher than your friend’s. But if lately, your sexual desires have reduced and started impacting your relationship, you should do something about it. Before that, you need to look into the cause of your low sex drive, which could be anything.

Mostly, common sex drive killers are depression, stress, chronic illness, low-self esteem, and sleep problems. Now, don’t stress out because reading erotica can seamlessly increase your low libido. Erotica is a lot more than word porn; it is a libido-lifter, mood-booster, and even a way to explore your sexual preferences.

It might sound new to you, but erotic literature can increase empathy and reduce prejudices. Reading erotica can give you the freedom to achieve your sexual fantasies. In your bedroom, you can use erotica in many ways to increase your sexual appetite—let’s explore that in-depth.

Erotica vs. Porn


In the world of cinematic pornography, erotica hasn’t gotten the opportunity to come fore. People are so focused on the visual presentation of sex screenplays that they forget how reading can better stimulate their senses. By reading erotica, you can improve your mental and physical health, which is very important for your sex drive.

When you read, you are fully engrossed in the scene. You will feel every moan, touch, and pleasure when your fictional character indulges in a sex act. Reading helps you feel and imagine what you can’t experience in a hard-core porn movie. For good erotic reading material, you can visit this source anytime.

4 Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive by Reading Erotica

Did you know erotica reading is equivalent to reading self-help books? Erotic literature can touch your soul, release your stress and help you focus better. You just need to include erotica in your life in the right way to achieve maximum results, such as:

1. Read erotica with your partner


If you don’t feel aroused by your partner as much as you used to, you can take erotica to your bedroom. Before you and your partner are about to indulge in sex, you should read an erotic story or excerpt out loud for them. Reading erotica can work as foreplay to set the right mood in your bedroom.

While reading erotica to your partner, consider a few things:

  • Read with emotions. Don’t just simply read words; try to feel them. Read slowly in your most sensual voice, take long pauses and make frequent eye contact with your partner.
  • Consider your partner’s comfort. If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable with your selected erotic story, it can make your bedroom environment awkward rather than sensual. Thus, always start with something mellow, and if your partner likes it, you can, later on, read him or her intense sexual stories.
  • Read a small scene to your partner. Remember, you are reading to arouse your sex desires—not to actually read. Therefore, pick a small excerpt that you can quickly read and then indulge in some hot activities with your partner.
  • Read like a screenplay. You and your partner can open the same story on your phones and read dialogues of one character each. For example, you can read lines of a female character and your partner of male lead or vice versa. This way, you both can heighten your sexual desires before even getting naked.

2. Pick your erotic genre


Not many people know that, but erotic literature is very vast with numerous sub-genres like BDSM, etc. To increase your sexual desires, you have to find the right erotic genre that can better trigger your emotions. For first-time erotica readers, it is recommended to try different types of erotic stories. You can go online and find a variety of sex stories to read and discover your preferences. Once you find the genre that stirs your sex drive, you should explore more into it.

3. Set the right environment to read


Reading is a scientifically proven therapy like any other mental or physical therapy. It puts your brain into a pleasurable trance-like state similar to meditation. Just like performing meditation sessions, you have to set the right environment to read your erotic stories.

You should pick a silent corner in your home, light some aromatic candles, and treat yourself to some decadent chocolates while reading. With candles and chocolates, you can also stimulate your taste and smell senses, which can easily arouse you. Also, if you can read erotica in your bathtub filled with soothing warm water and bath bombs, you can better tantalise your sex drive.

Additionally, you should read with one hand and use your other hand to masturbate. When you read, you feel the most and can draw the best orgasm out of you. With regular masturbating, you can recharge your sex drive, release sexual tension, reduce stress, and improve your sleep. Paperless stories are more useful when you want to masturbate. You can read and masturbate better when you don’t have to turn pages.

4. Write your own sex story


If you enjoyed reading erotica, perhaps you would enjoy writing one even more. You will feel more aroused when you pen down all your sexual fantasies and desires in a story form. Why not? You can also share your story with your partner to convey your sexual preferences. Plus, who knows, you might end up creating a top-selling book!


Erotica is the best sex drive-boosting medicine. It can heal your mental and physical disorders, which are the main culprits of your low libido. Plus, erotica can help you understand your sexual preferences and better connect with your partner. You simply need to read erotica in the right way, and it will surely help you accelerate your sex drive in no time.