7 Common Myths About Sex Toys

7 Common Myths About Sex Toys

August 13, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

When exploring the world of sex toys, it’s quite common to come across myths designed to ruin your experience. As the worldwide sex toy industry brings in more than $15 billion in revenue, it’s only natural that we dispute these claims.
Sex toys are getting more and more accepted in society, so let’s see what exactly these common myths are.

1. They’re Only For Lonely People

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By far the biggest myth that you’ll come across, the idea that vibrators and similar toys are only designed for lonely people is a huge myth. Women in relationships use vibrators just as much as single women. A study found that only 22% of single women use vibrators. On the other hand, 75% of women in relationships have reported using them.
So this clearly disputes the claim that vibrators are meant to appeal to single women. While the idea might have been that, it is no longer the case. Thus, we can safely say that this myth has been busted.

2. They’re Not the Real Deal

Of course sex toys aren’t the real deal. But that’s not exactly what the claim suggests. The real claim is that the use of vibrators and similar toys don’t give women the same pleasure as a man would. While everyone has their preferences, plenty of women enjoy vibrators for what they are. They’re not real, but they are also excellent at what they’re supposed to do. While the touch of a real human will always be better than plastic, that doesn’t mean the “sex” isn’t good.

3. They Make Your Life Worse

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Everyone has a reason why they’re using a sex toy. Some use it because they are indeed lonely and in need of sexual pleasure, while others use them to live a healthier life. But can sex toys really do that? A recent study found that women who use vibrators tend to schedule more frequent gynecological appointments than those that don’t. Men using sex toys are more encouraged to check their prostate than those who don’t.

This is important information and facts that we cannot ignore. It means that people who use them are more open about their bodies and will be more willing to get them checked than those who don’t. So the notion that they make your life worse is a huge myth. At the least, they will encourage you to get your body checked.

4. They’re A Necessity

Some myths claim that both women and men need sex toys in their lives. This is a huge myth that is simply not true. There is no need for sex toys in our lives. Simply said, they’re a want that many consider not important.
Let’s take vibrators for example. A woman can buy a vibrator but she doesn’t necessarily use it all the time. Sure, there are women that rely on this toy as a means to achieve sexual gratification, but there is a more important story we’re missing. Read more here about sexual pleasure and masturbation.

When men and women achieve orgasm, it is a form of stress relief. So the more they do it, the more stress and depression leave their lives. So in a sense, women use them to help achieve the many help benefits that come with the act of orgasm. They might be something that people want, but they’re certainly not a necessity.

5. They’re Only For Women

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One of the biggest myths one could find on the internet is that men cannot use sex toys. Quite literally, the myth that only women are supposed to use them is flabbergasting – to say the least. Nowadays, men use sex toys just as much as women. The global market is also appealing to the needs of men with the likes of flashlights, dolls, and rings being popular purchases among the male community.

And while that won’t encourage every guy to try them, we have moved past the point of shaming men for using toys to achieve sexual pleasure. With many types of toys out there, it’s only a matter of time before guys get on it as well. And if that’s something you want to do, then make sure to visit myminisexdoll for your choice of the best mini sex dolls.

6. They Ruin Relationships

We mentioned that 75% of women in relationships use sex toys. Does that mean that 75% of relationships are ruined as a side effect of using them? The smart and correct answer is no. Sex toys are most certainly not ruining relationships. The great thing about them is that they are perfect for spicing things up. In the least case scenario, a vibrator can be a game-changer for your relationship.

If things are getting stale, then it’s the perfect toy to try out something new and fun. But that’s not all. If you’re open about your relationship, then you can try out all kinds of other toys. From female and male-specific toys to gender-neutral ones, there are tons of options for couples to try out. The myth that they ruin relationships is a huge one in the industry. So don’t believe it.

7. It’s A Taboo Topic

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If you would have told this three, four decades ago then yes, sex toys are a taboo topic. But not today. Today, most people are open about talking things out when it comes to their sex lives. Sex toys can be part of that discussion, and they certainly are becoming. People once felt embarrassed simply thinking about mentioning it to their friends and family. Nowadays, we have journals, movies, shows, etc, teaching us that is okay to talk about this topic. The taboo nature of sex toys is one that will take some time to go away. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t evolved since those days.


Those were our 7 myths about sex toys that everyone should know. From some pretty comes ones to ones that you’ve probably never heard, we hope that this article has been informative enough for you. Lastly, if you’re thinking about it, give sex toys a try.