Media Temple Hosting- Is It Really Reliable And Worth Your Money?

Media Temple Hosting- Is It Really Reliable And Worth Your Money?

November 1, 2018 0 By Athena Campos

Media Temple Hosting established in 1998, Media Temple is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Media Temple is known as one of the most popular and the best among professional bloggers and developers.

Presently they are managing over 1,30,000 clients and offering website hosting, cloud-based services, virtual servers and business application to over 1.5 million websites. Hurdle to choose perfect website hosting company for you. Check it now.

They have long been a standard to which website hosts are set. They also have a great amount of expertise and are ahead of curve always. Media Temple is an innovator in cloud hosting arena. They focus on simple to use features and high performance technology to keep their clients happy.

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You have heard the buzzwords: the Cloud, VPS, clustered architecture – all of it started here! If reliability and website performance matter to you the most, don’t look further than Media Temple. With highly secured network and high-tech infrastructure, the company has now become the top choice of businesses across different industries.

Let’s dive deep and learn more about Media Temple with my Media Temple website hosting review.

What Are The Key, Unmatched Features Of Media Temple Hosting?

Media Temple, also known as mt, supports over 1.5 million websites across the world and has become one of the premium names in website hosting. This has been possible because of their excellent features on offer, which include:

  • 100 Addon domains, 1 TB data transfer
  • 100 GB storage capacity, Plesk control panel
  • SSH support with Free private domain registration
  • In-house auto script installer and .htaccess overrides
  • Server sides includes and Custom cron jobs
  • Speed maintained, irrespective of traffic
  • SSD database storage and 99% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7/365 customer support and 30 days money back guarantee

What Will You Get With Media Temple’s Servers?

All website hosting servers of Media Temple are under direct control in their high-tech, secure West and East Coast data centers at all times. And since both these centers are Tier 3+ certified, they offer 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Moreover, both of them are connected with each other directly via a low latency, redundant private fiber connection with armed security. Their latest server technology like FastCGI and PHP 5.5, make your site’s page load speed up to 6 times faster.

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I guarantee you won’t find a safer place to store your valuable data.

What Will You Get With Media Temple’s Email Features?

While reviewing Media Temple for its email features, I found that you can easily access all email services offered by Media Temple through webmail or email clients like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook. I also found some great features that make Media Temple one of the best email hosting serviceproviders.

  • Spam free protection, Auto responders
  • Email forwarders and Webmail support
  • Thousands of email account
  • Email Hosting with SSL connection and IMAP support
  • Email marketing (check out email autoresponder tools)

What I got with Media Temple’s top-of-the-line eCommerce Features?

Media Temple has a Magento app built in every package. So, I was able to set up as well as configure my own attractive store easily within a few minutes. Some other cool and amazing eCommerce features of Media Temple include:

How Secure Your Website Is With Media Temple?

Media Temple setup includes the CloudFlare CDN with Railgun, which protects your site against hackers, phishing scams and botnets. Additionally, it come with incorporates Cloudmark spam detection tool. They also use SiteLock’s SMART tools to remove malevolent code once it is spotted.

What Do The Outstanding Control Panel Of Media Temple Has On Offer?

The Media Temple comes with Plesk 11 and 3 different Plesk control panels – Control Panel, Power Use Panel and Server Administration Panel. Each one of them has a particular purpose. Control panel is the very first page which you see.

In order to access the advanced features of Power User and Server Administration, you can change the Plesk Interface by choosing the Interface Management option from Server Tab. Unlike many other basic control panels, this one is well put together and is quite professional.

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To offer users with the best ever experience, Media Temple has incorporated a stats tabbed page also in its control panel which displays diverse options:

  • Traffic of present month, Disk space
  • HTTP and FTP fields display information about total data transferred from and to the site. SMTP and POP2/IMAP fields show the total quantity of received and sent data by mail accounts of respective domains.
  • Custom error pages and password protected directories
  • For detailed options, many different options are there like FTP Statistics, Data Transfer Statistics and anonymous FTP statistics.
  • Offers 3rd party statistic software like,,, etc.

What Is Good About Media Temple Hosting?

There are many advantages of using Media Temple as your website hosting service like:

  • Best uptime and Highly reliable
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Outstanding control panel
  • 247/365 available customer support

What Is Bad About Media Temple?

With good, there comes bad as well. So, here are a couple of Media Temple’s bad

  • Higher priced as compared to other hosting services
  • No cPanel

What Do The Different, Remarkable Media Temple hosting Packages Have On Offer?

Media Temple offers an excellent range of website hosting services. The extensive choices may be a bit confusing for the first timers. Therefore before we dig deep in the need of my Media Temple website hosting review, let us have close look on what all Media Temple has to offer.

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Shared Hosting

Media Temple has a grid hosting plan based on the Linux operating system. Although it is a version of shared website hosting, it is a bit more advanced. It is designed to accommodate high traffic spikes and its features dynamic burststability. Some great features of shared hosting include-

  • 24/7 Live support based in USA
  • All SSD storage with 30 days files backup and restore
  • Quick setup wizard with Intrusion protection and DDOS
  • Managed app catalog and 1000 email accounts
  • Monthly data transfer

Media Temple has three shared hosting plans:

The Personal Plan– Available at $20/month, this plan includes 100 websites, 100 databases, 20 GB SSD storage, 1000 email boxes. 1 TB scalable bandwidth and 2000 GPU compute.

The Pro Plan– Available at $30/month, this plan includes 500 websites, 500 databases, 100 GB SSD storage, 1000 email boxes, 2TB scalable bandwidth, 2000 GPU compute, 1 website global CDN and 1 website malware detection and removal.

The Agency Plan– Available at $150/month, this plan includes 2500 websites, 2500 databases, 500 GB SSD storage, 1000 email boxes, 5TB scalable bandwidth, 4000 GPU compute, 5 websites global CDN, 5 websites malware detection and removal and 5 sites website application firewall.

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VPS Hosting

VPS hosting from Media Temple offer you with total control, unbeatable uptime, and immediate scaling or each type and size of your project. If you need more powerful configuration of servers, Media Temple has you fully covered with its VPS website hosting packages. Some features of Media Temple’s VPS hosting include:

  • 999% uptime guaranteed
  • Award winning 24/7/365 support
  • Reliable, fast SSD servers
  • One click installations
  • 1 GB Ram
  • 1 TB bandwidth
  • 30 GB storage

Media Temple has both Self Managed VPS plans and Managed VPS plans on offer.

Self Managed VPS Plans

With this plan, you will get what you need exactly. You will get high powered server running on your selection of Linux OS. You get to choose from Desbian 8.0, Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS 7 and Fedora 22. You also get:

  • Instant provisioning and scaling
  • Full SSH and root access
  • Parallels Power Panel Website Interface
  • Premium hardware with SSD storage
  • 999% uptime guarantee

Self managed VPS hosting is available in 6 different tiers ranging from $30 for Level 1 per month to $1000 per month for Level 6 plan.

Managed VPS Plans

With the managed VPS hosting plan, you will get industry leading SLA, outstanding live support, right level of server management. This hosting is best for business class. You will also get –

  • Automatic backups
  • 999% uptime guarantee
  • 1 click installation of over 200+ apps
  • Security and performance scans
  • Choice of cPanel or Plesk + root access
  • 24/7 live support
  • Choice of CentOS version

Just like the self managed VPS hosting, the managed hosting is also available in 6 different tiers ranging from Level 1 to Level 6. Starting from $55/per month for Level 1 plan, the managed web hosting plan Level 6 is available at $1500/month.

Dedicated Hosting

If you are looking for lots of room and power to grow, then Dedicated Hosting plan from Media Temple is for you. With industry leading SLA, Media Temple promises network, hardware and infrastructure uptime of 99.999%. Some other amazing features include:

  • 1 TB ultra-fast SSD storage, 128 GB RAM
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Multi-core Intel processor
  • Full SSH and root access
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Battery backed write cache

Dedicated hosting is available across 3 tiers:

Self Managed Dedicated Server – If you are a LINUX master, then this plan available at $2000/moth is perfect for you. You get root access, 24/7 chat and phone support along with command line.

Managed Dedicated Server – If you are comfortable with control panel, this is the ideal plan for you. You get simple to use control panel, root access upon request, 24/7 chat and phone support, automatic daily backups, basic performance monitoring, application and OS updates, malware and security scanning and automated malware removal at $2500/month.

Fully Managed Dedicated Server – If you want the professionals to handle everything for you, then opt for this plan at $2699/month. You get 24/7 priority response, root access and server management handled by professional SysAdmin, automatic daily backups, basic performance monitoring, application and OS updates, malware and security scanning and automated malware removal, server setup and configuration, onboarding analysis and consultation, etc.

WordPress Hosting


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It is great for those looking for WordPress hosting for their blogs, websites, etc. There are two main ways to get your WordPress site up and running on the Media Temple’s server.

You can either install WordPress on Linux based server or you can sign up for managed WordPress services, which update your system, make everyday backups and other important things automatically.

Every WordPress plan from Media Temple includes the following features and tools:

  • Simple website migration and setup
  • 30 days backup and restore
  • Automatic WordPress core update
  • DDoS and Intrusion protection
  • WP certified 24/7 support
  • Get, SSH/sFTP, WP-CLI and PhpMyAdmin access
  • Site staging & cloning and 24/7 support

WordPress Hosting from Media Temple is available across 3 tiers:

The Personal Plan – Available at $20/month, the personal plan offers clients with 30 GB SSD storage, up to 2 websites and 400,000 monthly visitors along with the basic WP hosting features.

The Studio Plan – Available at $60/month, the studio plan offers clients with 100 GB SSD storage, up to 10 websites and 2 million monthly visitors, malware detection and removal or 5 websites and 2 Google Apps for user accounts along with the basic WP hosting features.

The Agency Plan – Available at $240/month, the agency plan offers clients with 500 GB SSD storage, up to 50 websites and 10 million monthly visitors, malware detection and removal or 5 websites and 5 Google Apps for user accounts along with the basic WP hosting features.

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Do You Want To Move Your Site To Media Temple?

If yes, then let the website moving experts do the heavy lifting for you. It will cost only $ 150/website. Their certified cloudtech experts will move your website in the right way. You don’t even need to worry about any downtime. You will have your website up and running like it was before, easily and quickly in 3 simple steps.

  • Fill Their Site Moving Form To Give Basic Information About Your Website
  • An Engineer Will Call You To Assist Find The Best Hosting Plan And To Schedule Your Move
  • The Media Temple Team Will Do Everything For You And Inform You When The Site Is Migrated.

What About Media Temple’s Performance? Is It Up To The Mark?


To have a better understanding about media temple’s performance, i dedicated to use bitcatcha, on online tool to measure response time of website hosts. The response times were 2ms in us (w), 65ms in us(e), 156ms in london, 196 ms in singapore, 168 ms in sao paulo, 301 ms in pune, and 164 ms in japan. It got an overall ranking of “b”.

After reviewing media temple servers’ performance, I can say that they’ve quite good servers that respond fast.

It Got An Overall Ranking Of “B”. After Reviewing Media Temple Servers’ Performance, I Can Say That They’ve Quite Good Servers That Respond Fast.

Is Media Temple’s Speed Good Like Others?

Owing to the constant development of high end facilities and technologies along with dedicated devotion of working staff, Media Temple has strength to assure 99.9% uptime and blazingly fast speed. Moreover, the first class infrastructure and hardware of Media Temple at 2 data centers are considered as best in industry.

Thus, Media Temple hosting servers make it the fastest and most reliable website host.

What Is Media Temple’s Uptime Guarantee?

Media Temple promises to offer uptime of 99.999%. I found their uptime to be great as they promise. If their downtime exceeds 20 minute in a month, then they return 20 percent of their monthly hosting fees as their credit points, for every 20 minutes downtime in that specific month.

Therefore, if you face downtime of over 20 minutes, inform your team within five days and get refund as credit points in your account.

What Did I Found About Media Temple’s Customer Support?

Media Temple is one of the best and most accessible website hosting company in the world. Its customer support has great features including –

  • 24/7/365 support via phone, chat and twitter
  • Live engineers available around the clock
  • Huge knowledge base
  • Account centre

I contacted the 24/7 customer support team many times during my testing- mid of the day, late at night and early morning- I was happy to see that they were quite fast to answer my queries.

What about Media Temple’s social media exposure?

Media Temple is quite popular on social media with their account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. 128K tweets, 12.K following, 49.2K followers on twitter, 4.5K followers on Instagram and 21 K likes on Facebook is not a kid’s play. I can see many praises for their website hosting.

Can I Get Any Money Back Guarantee With Media Temple?

Media Temple provides a solid 30 days money back guarantee, enough for you to judge whether it is good for you or not.

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What Is There In Other Website Reviews About Media Temple?

I found that Media Temple has been reviewed by other websites consistently as a favorite website hosting service. Their great focus on performance includes an automatic scalability to deal with large traffic spikes. Media Temple also offers the ultimate in enterprise class emails, reliability and advanced technology with each plan.

They also have one of the simplest to use user interfaces. Moreover, their USA-based customer support is also backed by highly knowledgeable engineers, ready and armed to help you out with all your troubleshooting needs. This is a highly recommended website host as far as I found it on other websites.

Want To Know Who Should Use Media Temple?

Media Temple id ideal to be used by-


Want To Know Who Should Use Media Temple?

Media Temple id ideal to be used by-

  • Affiliate websites, Professional blog and High traffic sites
  • Graphic heavy websites and Popular sites
  • Business websites and e-commerce sites

How To Sign Up With Media Temple?

The signup process of Media Temple is quite simple:

  • Go to
  • Choose your hosting package
  • Choose the payment method
  • Choose the billing method
  • Confirm your order
  • And you are ready to go!