Advantages and Disadvantages of Leaflets for Advertising in 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leaflets for Advertising in 2020

June 10, 2020 0 By Patrick Fletcher

Let’s imagine that you just started a business with a high desire to achieve your goals. The first steps are always the toughest ones. This especially counts when we talk about first-time entrepreneurs. They do not have experience in the business field, and it takes time until they adapt to the current situation. Well, even if you are an expert in the current field, you can’t be sure you will succeed. Many factors influence your success. One of the crucial things is to ensure a good promotion of your business.

Well, the first step would be to run an ad campaign on social media. Different social media networks like Facebook and Instagram truly are a powerful advertising tool. You can easily reach your target audience for an affordable price. Yet, keep in mind that this opportunity is available to every person that has a stable Wi-Fi connection. Because of that, you need to use some other alternatives as well to be ahead of your competitors.

Many entrepreneurs avoid using leaflets because they consider it as an old-fashioned advertising method. Promoting your business with a couple of clicks is more productive and easier. However, this doesn’t mean that leaflets won’t bring any benefits to your business.

We do not want to say that sticking to traditional advertising methods is a good thing. On the contrary, you need to follow modern trends to survive on the market. However, mixing traditional and modern ways of promotion would be the right choice. The best entrepreneurs use all possible tools to promote their business.

We do not want to say that everything around leaflets is perfect. Because of that, we would want to analyze their good and bad side. In that way, you will get a clear picture of why they would be good for you.

Disadvantages of Leaflets for Advertising


It would probably be good to start explaining in a negative manner. You will see in that way that we understand your concerns. Besides that, some disadvantages are easily solvable.

They Can Spend a Lot of Your Time

Setting up an ad campaign on social media won’t take you a lot of time. Of course, you need to understand how the entire system functions. With a couple of clicks, your ad will be visible to thousands of people.

On the other hand, sharing leaflets in your neighborhood can take you the entire day. Because of that, people have to cancel other duties they have around their business.

Well, “time is money” is a well-known phrase in the business world. We understand why entrepreneurs do not need such a type of duty. Yet, the solution to this problem exists. Some companies offer door-to-door distribution services. In other words, they can share your leaflets instead of you. If you want to find a company like that, we recommend you click here.

Some People Consider Them as Irrelevant

One thing happens all the time to businesses that work with leaflets. They give it to a passenger, the passenger checks it for a couple of seconds and throws it to garbage. Well, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

The design of your leaflets needs to be attractive and engaging. If you do not have good design skills, it is recommendable you hire someone. Research carefully which designs will meet the requirements of your potential customers. A perfect match is the only way to convince them to carefully read the content on the leaflet.

Advantages of Leaflets for Advertising


After solving two main problems of leaflets, let’s continue positively. The advantages of leaflets will convince you to start using them actively.

A Lot of Useful Information in One Place

There is one disadvantage of digital marketing ads that you should know. You have probably seen a lot of them so far on your home page. Neither of them says a lot about the company or the product. They only try to convince you to visit their website, page, etc. Well, achieving that goal is tough, especially when users see dozens of ads daily.

This type of problem does not exist with leaflets. All important data is going to be on a leaflet. More precisely the content people see there is going to be visually pleasing.

Well, this does mean that you should cover the entire leaflet with content. Some sort of balance needs to exist. For instance, you should add certain images, logos, contact information, etc. In other words, add important information creatively.

Once Again, Visually Pleasing

Let’s describe the phrase “visually pleasing” a bit more. First of all, you must pick the right designs. For instance, a leaflet with a non-attractive heading would be a waste of time. Despite that, the colors of the layout need to be matchable with the colors of your business. Imagine that you get a completely black pharmacy leaflet. Would you go there to get your medicines?

Fortunately, entrepreneurs have the chance to choose between a wide range of options. They can choose between different shapes and sizes as well. Some unusual shapes might be a better choice. They would look more attractive to a random passenger or a neighbor.

You Can Save Money

First-time entrepreneurs usually have a problem with a lack of money. Indeed, investing is a necessity when you are an entrepreneur. You need to sacrifice many material things until you turn your goals into reality. However, it is okay if you strive to find ways that will save you money. Well, this method of promotion would be the right choice in that case.

The small startups should primarily focus on promoting their business locally. You do not need to advantages of social media to do something like that. Social media might be affordable, but they are not cheap in any way. Instead, you can print hundreds of leaflets and share them around your neighborhood. If you don’t have time to do that, you can always hire the companies we previously mentioned.

Anyway, this would be a good strategy to check how powerful leaflets are. If people start calling you or visiting your shop/restaurant/anything else, you will know you did a good thing.