7 Quicks Ways to Improve Your Workout Results in 2020

7 Quicks Ways to Improve Your Workout Results in 2020

June 11, 2020 0 By Mister Bo

Getting fit doesn’t mean only losing weight. To be fit is to have strength and power to do your everyday tasks, swim longer, exercise regularly, using the stairs instead of the elevator and so many things you do during the day. A lot of people have the wrong opinion that if they are slim they are also fit.

When you start exercising regularly and eat only healthy and balanced meals, you expect that something wonderful will happen and you will have the body you always dreamed about in a month or two. But, that’s impossible, especially when you need to lose fats and gain muscle mass. Sometimes you will need to increase the intensity and sometimes your body will need some boost so it can handle the workout sessions. Everyone needs two or three months to become a fitness enthusiast and adapt to the new situation.

That also means that beginner lever exercises will be too easy for you and you will need to change your plan and increase the intensity or the duration of the session. If you repeat the same exercises and motions or do the same workout every day, you won’t see progress, so every two or three months you need to change something with your routine, so you can improve your workout results.

Here are some effective ways of how to improve your exercising results:

1. Decide what are your priorities

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What is your final goal? Do you want to lose weight or strengthen the whole body? Or maybe you want to increase your body muscle index? Consult with your trainer so you can get a custom program that will target the critical points, but won’t leave the other body parts without proper exercising. Also, you will need to combine different types of exercises and workout techniques, so you can target the muscles in different ways. You can mix weightlifting with HIIT and aerobic exercises. That means that you will need to train hard, but more importantly, you need to work out properly. That will result in faster reaching your fitness goals and stronger body. For more info visit here

2. Follow your body needs

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Your body will always tell you what it needs. You only need to hear what it’s trying to say. As much as you exercise, it will need a higher exposure to the exercises. If it says that you need to rest today, then rest and don’t try to exercise, because it won’t have a lot of effects. Also, your condition will tell you when is the right time to increase the intensity or include some supplements that will improve your endurance. Just give yourself enough time to see what works the best for you, and make a change if anything affects you bad.

3. Maintain proper eating habits

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If you exercise regularly you will have good results, but if you combine the workout habits with healthy eating and balanced meals you will reach your goal faster. It’s always a good idea to consult with a dietitian or nutritionist, so they can create a meal plan that is suitable for you. Don’t cut off some types of food because you heard they are bad. If you exercise, you will need balanced meals that will help you renew your energy and refuel the body power.

4. Don’t take steroids or other boosters without consulting an expert

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If your friends are taking some supplements that help them gain the wanted results, that doesn’t mean they will work the same for you. You must consult with your trainer, read a lot about how steroids are used, and buy them from trusted sources. We tried to search something more about this topic, and it is always worth a visit to the site that will suggest how to properly use exercising supplements, without putting your health at risk. We also recommend you always do your research when you think you need to take something that will boost your fitness performance and help you reach your goals.

5. Give yourself enough time to recover and reset

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Your muscles and the whole body needs to adapt to the new healthy habits and routines. It’s normal to want to give as much as you can in the beginning, but that may result in hurting or creating an aversion to the workout. Your body works hard to adapt to the new normal and it may take up to 48 hours until you are fully able to exercise again. As time goes by and you make significant progress, the recovery time will decrease and you’ll be able to exercise almost every day.

6. Try to balance between the weight and repetitions

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After a few months, it’s normal and expected to increase the weight you are lifting. But, don’t expect that you’ll be able to repeat it enough times as you did before. Lower the repetitions every time you increase the weight, so you can avoid injuries and overdoing it. The muscles must adapt to the new weight and you can’t do that immediately. Give them enough time and then increase the repetitions.

7. Exercise even when you don’t really exercise

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People who work office jobs are pretty inactive during working hours. Most of them use an elevator instead of stairs or travel by bus or taxi, even when they don’t live too far. But, how about changing that? Use the stairs more frequently and don’t take a taxi to go to the store. These are just simple steps that still count as exercise because you are keeping your body active and burn calories throughout the whole day.

Wherever you want to improve your fitness progress, you need to be aware that you must take smaller, but effective steps, instead of big ones that may end in injuries and pain. Follow the instructions your trainer will give to you. It’s always a good idea to work with an expert, because if you try to tailor a plan for yourself, you may end up overdoing some body parts and muscles, and forget about the others. And we all know that a proper and well-balanced fitness plan targets the whole body more or less equally, in order to get the results you want.