3 Reasons to Consider Installing a Vending Machine

3 Reasons to Consider Installing a Vending Machine

March 7, 2019 0 By Athena Campos

Vending machines are convenient and can make their owners some serious cash. There’s definitely a reason why you see vending machines everywhere, even in big box stores. Vending machines boost employee morale, keep customers around, and they make good money.

Boost employee morale

Social connections at work enhance employees wellness, and there is no better place to socialize than at a vending machine. If employees have to run out to get little snacks from the corner store during their break, they don’t get to socialize with their co-workers as long or as much as they’d like. They actually go out and have conversations with the cashiers at the corner store instead of getting to know the person that is stationed at the cubical beside them.

Even the contents of vending machines can allow employees to socialize. For instance, if you ask employees to suggest what they’d like to see in the office vending machine, they may have conversations about their communal likes and dislikes. These conversations will entice them to talk about more things they like.

Installing a Vending Machine

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Keep customers around

There is definitely a reason why you see vending machines in big box stores even though most of them sell food. It’s because they keep the customers in the store. There’s nothing worse than going grocery shopping while you’re thirsty, which is why you should have a vending machine in your store, no matter what you sell. This is especially true for businesses that sell larger items, like cars. If you allow your customers to leave because they’re hungry or thirsty, they may just change their mind on a whim and go to another dealership. Consider investing in a vending machine, as it could increase your profit margins.

Makes good money

Having a vending machine that sells ice can make you a huge profit. For the average ice dispensing machines, a bag of ice costs $0.20 to make and sells for approximately $2.00. This is an amazing margin! Not only do you make a lot of money with an ice machine, but you can do so from the get-go. The vending machine company will stock the machines and hand over your commission to you when they’re done.

Installing a Vending Machine

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Vending machines are traditionally used for snacks but, anything can go into a vending machine. People around the world have been using vending machines to dispense a number of things including cars! A middle school even used their vending machines to vend books. This is a great way to get students excited about reading. No matter what you put inside of it, a vending machine is a convenient and great resource for keeping people around, whether it be your employees or your customers.

Vending machines are great for indecisive people or people who just crave chocolate in the afternoons. The best part about owning a vending machine is that you can make a good profit from it. If you have the room for one, a vending machine would be a good addition to any break room, entryway, or commercial space.