What you should do to grow the perfect beard

What you should do to grow the perfect beard

March 7, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

Beards come in all shapes and sizes. Not everyone can grow the perfect one by simply doing nothing, but we’re all unique and have different genes after all. Some guys need a bit of help, others can completely grow it without any assistance. Either way, this article is for you if you’re struggling with beard growth.

What affects beard growth?

Like we mentioned earlier in this article, beard growth is usually determined by genes. And your hormones play a huge role. As we all know, testosterone is the hormone of “manliness.” And it also affects beard growth. Not all males have the same amount of testosterone. Some are naturally “gifted” and have bigger levels of it, others might be struggling a bit. Although there is nothing you can do to change your genes, natural ways to increase testosterone do exist. We’ll get to this a bit later in the article.

What you should do to grow the perfect beard

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When should I start growing beard?

Your beard growth starts usually when you hit puberty. This is when your hormones start activating more and beard growth triggers. If you’re a younger guy that still can’t grow a beard, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Some males are what people call “late bloomers.” This basically means that you enter puberty later than others. There are many cases where some guys hit puberty at the age of 22-24. We’re all different after all.

What can I do to enhance my beard growth?

We already mentioned that testosterone is the main hormone that enhances all of our male functions, including beard growth. This is why it’s very important that we do everything we can to naturally boost our testosterone levels. Getting the perfect looks is possible even if our genes are not really that great with the help of the right beard accessories. Here are some very useful tips for boosting your testosterone levels and maximizing the growth.

  • Exercise regularly

Regular exercise will boost your testosterone levels and enhance your beard growth as well. Any sort of exercise will do the job, but weightlifting is scientifically proven to increase it by the largest amounts. There are studies that confirm this theory, and it is confirmed that people who lift have 44% more testosterone than regular people that don’t perform any exercise.

What you should do to grow the perfect beard

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  • Eat healthily and properly

Nothing in our body can properly function if our diet is not on point. Eating fast food and other heavily processed products such as candies and chocolates will only do you harm in the entire process of beard growth. Proper nutrition is needed in order for our body to function normally and our hormones to be on the needed level.

  • Take care of your beard

Among the things that help you achieve that perfect look definitely is the beard growth products. One of those that we can recommend to you is the beard oil and Viking beard oil is one of the best out there.

  • Stress less, sleep more

Lack of sleep can lead to reduced testosterone levels and increased amounts of stress. This is directly impacting everything that we need in order to grow a good beard. Remember to rest well every night, and even sleep during the day if you need to. Especially if you’re a person that regularly works out. Believe it or not, stress has a huge impact on your testosterone levels. This is scientifically confirmed as well. People who don’t stress about every little thing live longer, healthier and happier lives.