Earn Cash From YouTube With Utubecash.com- CASH OR TRASH?

Earn Cash From YouTube With Utubecash.com- CASH OR TRASH?

November 8, 2018 0 By Athena Campos

Starting a channel and making videos on YouTube is simple.

But, creating a money-making YouTube channel is not.

  1. Once you register your channel on Google’s Adsense network, money is made based on the views you get. But, you will face several challenges before the money starts coming in.

Your #1 Challenge- People can only view your channel if it appears in searches.

And for that, you ought to optimize your YouTube channel.

 So, how do you Optimize your Channel to make it a Thriving Success?

  • There is a wide array of choices in terms of tools to optimize YouTube channels. Irrespective of which niche you are targeting, Utubecash.com can be a good bet.  Read the below review about this membership site to know how the site can help you boost your YouTube channel revenues.

But, why you need Utubecash.com?


You need to use Utubecash.com if you need to unearth the intricacies of managing your YouTube channel effectively. Like:

  • Know how to use vital details like demographics to reach the right target audience. For instance; a video’s description plays a big part in the ranking of the video.
  • Manage the comments section of a video to improve engagement with the subscribers of the channel.
  • Learn how you should focus on setting up your keywords and tags correctly to avoid being penalized by YouTube.

Now, let’s take a look at the mechanics of Utubecash.com.

1. The Site teaches you how to calculate your potential income from videos


The site shares the “uncommon secret” that Google Keeps 55% of advertising review from YouTube and rest is for you. With this assumption,, its helps you calculate your earning.

Some of the jargon used in the YouTube channels might be challenging and quite complex for some people.  The parameters like estimated clickthrough rate (CTR)  based on weekly, monthly and yearly earnings potential is something you would learn at Utubecash.com.

As an aspiring YouTuber, you need to monitor estimated gross earnings per 1000 views, expected revenues per subscriber and estimated variance per video engagement. Knowing the numbers helps in setting targets based on a pragmatic outlook.

Of course, merely learning the tool would not be enough, you would need to learn to apply it correctly, as they say – “practice maketh a YouTuber perfect.”

So Learn while your earn with Utubecash.com.

2. Using “Creative Commons” to generate an income without creating your own videos.


What this means is that in specific scenarios, you can use videos from another channel in your own video and earn money from it, such videos are called creative commons videos.

Keep in mind that not all videos will fall into this category. You will need to take prior permission from the owner of the video in those cases to ensure the video is valid for commercial use.

3. The YouTube secrets program and the 60- day money back guarantee

Utubecash.com claims that it can impart knowledge required to have the right content for a YouTubechannel.  Let’s go through the material offered.

  • There is a sixty-day money-back-guarantee on this program plus more than sixty video tutorials and guides included in the course.
  • Availability of one -to -one coaching is also a big plus in regards to this program.
  • There are PDF bonuses given to the people taking the course as well.
  • The program has email support to assist in making the learning a positive and enriching experience. However, the feature that is unique is the lifetime support. This means even after the program is over you can still avail the lifetime support option.


There are a few areas where improvements are needed.

  • The absence of live support, difficulty in canceling membership in most cases to name a few. The content in some of the PDF bonuses is obsolete in some cases.
  • We felt that the response time of the 1 to coaching and support is not standardized.
  • The content in the PDFs are dated, some of them have content from back when YouTube started, making it irrelevant in today’s scenario.
  • The lifetime updates usually occur once a week.
  • No live support is a significant issue.
  • There are bugs in the login process in specific scenarios like when one wants to cancel a membership.
  • The response time regarding the support isn’t very prompt. Some people have faced a waiting time of up to 2 days to get a response.

On the Brighter Side

The money-back guarantee is something that comes in handy, and the lessons are simple and effective.

4. Training tools and the 7-day free trial



The training material is quite straightforward and to the point.

The instructions are not hard to follow, so going through the lessons is relatively easy. The chapters are a combination of videos and PDFs. These are around 5-15 minutes in length and talks about one way to monetize videos effectively on YouTube.

The topics covered range from learning how to use the YouTube video editor, how to find creative commons media to use in the videos you create and how to maximize usage of titles, descriptions, and keywords efficiently. Making use of different YouTube features to get more views is also covered in the course.

The PDFs reinforce the points covered in the videos and aren’t too lengthy.

Some things that irked us in the content:

  • The topics that weren’t covered included researching a particular niche.
  • There is no reference in the course as to how to find your own niche category on YouTube.
  • The absence of bookmarks in the lesson is another minor flaw in the training material.
  • The support for the site is not up to the mark. There is only one email support, and the tech support has long response times. There are a few cases where the tech support took 3-4 additional days to resolve membership cancellation issues, causing people to be forced to pay the monthly fee.
  • The site is not well optimized and the design and flashiness can be jarring to the eyes. Almost making it look like a shouting –from-the rooftop scam.

However, the 7-day trial gives ample time to go through all the lessons and even some of the bonus content if you have the right dedication.

NOTE: The only reasons one would need the monthly membership is if you are new to YouTube and need the one-to-one sessions.

Are there Other Options?

Monetizing your content online is only one side of the coin. It helps to be aware of the bigger picture if you really want to understand the fundamental concepts behind it. Some popular courses teach you Affiliate marketing.

One such program is the Wealthy Affiliate University. You can learn all about affiliate marketing and that it can be simple to apply it to your own content.

You get a starting membership for free, giving you access to two free websites, classrooms and an active community and a seven-day trial period to clarify your queries from the community.

If you look at the two programs objectively, for learning purposes, Wealthy Affiliate University seems to be the better option for experienced YouTubers as it has a broader purview of topics, not just monetizing content.

Let’s take a scenario; A is a newcomer to the YouTube scene and B is an upcoming YouTuber with 1000 subscribers.  Utubecash.com would be able to offer more to A at this point as A needs to learn the fundamentals of optimizing his/her channel.

In B’s case, he/she has already started getting views and subscribers. The next step for B would be expanding the viewer base, making the channel famous through social media, getting sponsors for the channel, affiliate marketing would be a big help in that case. Get more information on this website.

So Which one is it for you? We have summarized the pros and cons of Utubecash.com so you can take the right call.


  • The program has a digital presence
  • No need to be physically present at a particular location.
  • Videos and PDFs are the materials used to teach people.
  • There is a 7-day free trial.
  • You can cover most of the stuff and few bonus videos in that time.
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • One-to-one sessions are provided which are really helpful for people new to YouTube.


  • There is no live support
  • It is an issue if a person wants to cancel his/her membership.
  • The course content in some of the PDFs is outdated.
  • The response time for support and the one-to-one sessions is not standardized.

Here is Our Final verdict on Utubecash.com

If you want to join Utubecash.com with the $1 trial, it is worth the cost. You learn about the proper use of creative commons videos and music to make unique content on YouTube.

If you can create such videos, it will save you time, money and unnecessary effort.

In a nutshell, this course teaches you to be a smart content creator.  As you would be running a YouTube channel, running out of content will not be a problem as the material for Creative Commons use is readily available. Adapting the product according to your channel’s requirements is easy.

If you are a beginner, the content in the channel will be informative and logical. For instance, proper communication with your subscribers and creating SEO friendly headings are included in the course.

Experienced YouTubers may not find this useful as they need more advanced and comprehensive material.

The person who created the website follows some exciting teaching methods and makes a compelling pitch to sell the membership, handling every objection like a pro. However, its loud sales pitch and over-selling web content may be a put-off.

The seven-day money back trial gives a summary of the course and gives you insight into whether or not the course will be helpful for you. It is a good option for aspiring YouTube content creators. Utubecash.com has a follow-up policy regarding consultations with clients to ensure success. There is a flip side to it as well; the monthly membership is expensive.

That being said, even though the product is worth the try, only go for the monthly membership if you do not know anything about running a YouTube channel. Otherwise, the trial is sufficient.

Now arm yourself with the right gears to launch and engaging Blockbuster YouTube channel and let the money flow!