How to Rank on Google (In Just 6 Minutes) with YouTube & Syndication Trick?

How to Rank on Google (In Just 6 Minutes) with YouTube & Syndication Trick?

November 5, 2018 0 By Athena Campos

Do you want to rank on google?Here are the simple tricks,you can learn How to Rank on Google (In Just 6 Minutes) with YouTube & Syndication.

But before starting, let us just breakdown a few things that you should clearly understand to make this trick work.

What is Syndication?

Syndication can be defined as a process in which you’d push your content (video in this case) to 3rd party websites.

The idea behind syndication is to get more engagement with the content websites where it’ll attract the possible to attract maximum number of viewers.

More the traffic, more would be the clicks on your affiliate like and higher chances of people completing the “action”.

Now as both the concepts are clear, let us have a brief look at what this strategy is.

How to rank on Google with YouTube & Syndication?

For this strategy, we’d live stream or create a YouTube video related to an affiliate marketing campaign.

We’d then syndicate this video across as many social media websites as possible to attract the highestnumber of viewers.

The marketing link can be left in the description of the video.

Complex campaigns like getting people to signup for credit cards or making them buy products.

generally come with the higher commission and this is the type of campaigns that we’d target with this strategy.

How to rank on google Step 1- Keyword Research for YouTube

Content, website and even a video is ranked by an algorithm which considers some signals.

Keyword is one such important signal. It is a particular phrase that drives traffic to a particular URL.

One easy way is to use a keywords tool.

The most popular of all is Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Simply search for the category on which your video is based and you’ll instantly find hundreds of keywords.

From all the options, pick one that best describes your video.

For instance I’ll search for “weight loss” on the keywords research tool and pick one that best suits my video.

When selecting the keyword, make sure that you remember the tips mentioned below-

  • Select a keyword that has at least more than 3,000 searches a month
  • The length of the keyword should be at least 2-3 words, it’ll be better if there are more than 3 words
  • As this is the first time you are using this strategy, it is better to stick to keywords with low competition

Alternative way to get the keywords is by doing LSI graph,Here are the sample of keywords which i generated for how to rank on google,

  • how to improve google search ranking
  • how to increase google ranking for free
  • how to rank higher on google 2018
  • how to rank on google first page
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  • getting your website to the top of google
  • how to rank higher on google

How to rank on google Step 2- Creating the YouTube Video

Now I can see that the supplement in this offer is created from natural ingredients.

So, ill go for popular weight loss supplements that are not made from natural ingredients.

For instance, let us consider there is a popular supplement company named “Ketonics” which has a very popular weight loss supplement.

Now and look for a software or online tool which can help you create a presentation or a video for your YouTube channel.

Animoto is one such very popular online tool. The tool lets you add pictures or slides and text and creates a video from the same.

YouTube also has slideshow video creator which can be used for the same.

Once you are on Animoto, you can find several free templates.Select any template and search for a few pictures related to weight loss.

Download around 5-8 pictures and upload them to Animoto. Now, add a title for the video slideshow.

What you want to do is to piggyback on the popularity of the weight loss supplement from Ketonics to promote your video and rank in Google.

So, I’d name it “Ketonics Weight Loss Supplement Alternative”. The title would work as the keyword for this strategy.


You can add some more text about the Solid Force Weight Loss Supplement.

Don’t forget to add a slide which says “Link in the description below”.

You can also add some audio to the slideshow with Animoto. Once everything is done, click on the “Preview Video” button.

How to rank on google Step 3- Optimizing the Video

Inorder to rank on Google You need to optimize the video to make sure that it has everything that is needed.

While keyword is an important element, there are a few others which you should consider. Let us quickly go through some of them-


  • Title- Many experts suggest that you should spend as much time selecting the title.Try to create a short(not above 66 characters).
  • Description- It is also very important for the video to have a description of what you’ve put in the video.
  • Tags- YouTube is better able to associate the video with the help of these tags.
  • Closed Caption (CC) and Subtitles- Optimization of youtube videos is done by closed captions.

One important metric here is the watch time which is the duration for which a viewer watches the video.

It is important to engage the viewers in first 15 seconds of the video and maintain it throughout the duration.

How to rank on google Step 4- Setting Up the YouTube Live Stream

Once your Animoto video is created, go to YouTube and create a channel if you don’t already have one.

Now, click on the “Creator Studio” button, then “Live Streaming” and then “Events”.


Now, click on “Create Event” button. You’ll now see a preview of the event and also an option to add a thumbnail for the same.

Make sure that you do add a thumbnail as it’ll add more credibility to the event.

How to rank on google step 5- Syndicating the Live Stream

What you want to do is syndicate or share this live stream across as many social networking websites(web 2.0 sites and bookmarking)

Apart from social networks, consider websites like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium and Live Journal.

While there are many ways to do it, the simplest one is to use SyndLab software which can connect several different accounts into one.

You can then blast this live stream across all the different accounts simultaneously.


Look for the “Create Campaign” button and add a title for the same and click on “Accounts Group” and set up different accounts.

In the Dripping option, select “No” as you don’t want the video to drip and post it all at once.campaign would be created when you click on the “create” button.

You need to fill -Social Editor, Blog Editor, Bookmark’s Editor, and Video Editor. In the Social Editor, add the keyword and URL of your YouTube live stream.

In the Blog Editor option, add the keyword again along with some tags. I’ll add “Ketonics”, “Natural”, and “Alternative”.

You can select them as per your offer and product. You can add the keyword in the blog content option as well.

Do the same in the Bookmark Editor and Video Editor parts.

Now  when the video is uploaded attach the Animoto video from the “Attach” option at the bottom of the page and click on “Save”.

It’ll then start posting the event on all the websites that you’ve selected.

How to rank on google Step 6- Live Stream

After completing the syndication campaign, all which is left is pushing the Animoto video to the live stream event that you’ve created on YouTube.

There are many different software that you can use for the same. I am choosing Wirecast for it.


As soon as you open Wirecast, you will see a timeline where you need to drag and drop your Animoto video.

Now, the video would be automatically linked to your YouTube channel and start recording your computer screen as soon as you click on the “Stream” button.

As soon as you start streaming, click on the Animoto video from the Wirecast timeline and the video will be played on your YouTube channel.

Click on the “Stream” button again when the video is over to stop the live stream.

Step 7- Check the Ranking

The most important thing that you’d want to know is whether you are ranking or not?

As long as the keyword that you’ve selected is not too competitive, you’ll surely rank very easily with this trick in just a matter of few minutes.


The ranking would surely bring in a good amount of traffic on your YouTube video with the offer link in your description.

More the number of viewers, more would be the number of people actually completing the action of the affiliate campaign and more would be your commission.