How Air Conditioning Works

How Air Conditioning Works

February 7, 2020 0 By Edward H. Howard

Air Conditioning Units, also known as AC’s, are our best friends during the summer times when the temperatures reach an unbearably high amount. Air Conditioning units are used all around the world, even in areas where the temperatures are often dropping. Why? Because depending on the model of your AC device, it can also help you by heating your home fast.

Almost each one of us owns an AC, but do we know how they work from the technical aspect? The answer is probably no.

In this article, we are going to talk about how AC’s work, starting with a quick history lesson about the first models and other interesting information that you would probably like to know about. So, stay with us until the end, and we’ll help you learn a thing or two. Let’s take a look.

When was the first AC made?

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The first Air Conditioning unit was manufactured back in 1902, by the young electrical enthusiast named Willis Haviland Carrier. The reason why the device was invented was something completely different for what we are using them today, however, they quickly understood that this technology has world-changing potential. A year later, you could find an AC in every movie theater or a commercial store, especially during the summertime.

People immediately saw the impact on the atmosphere that an air conditioning unit can have, so slowly they started being implemented almost everywhere. Watching a movie at the cinema was never the same again, and the same thing applies to spend the entire shift working at a store that isn’t air-conditioned. It’s one of those devices that make our lives so much easier and enjoyable during the summer, which is exactly why they saw huge success on the market even in the first years when they weren’t as reliable or powerful as the ones we have today.

Now that we are so used to them, imagine how difficult it would be to suddenly have to spend a summer without the help of an AC. A true hell if you ask me.

How exactly does it work?

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This is the part that you’ve all been waiting for, and we will proudly explain to you the basics of an Air Conditioning Unit. These devices use the principle of refrigeration to cool down the air inside your home, and they manage to do this by “exploiting” a very remarkable law of physics. When the liquid turns to gas, it starts absorbing heat.

Now, this is great when it happens once, but how exactly do AC’s manage to make it happen all over and over again to provide constant cooling? The answer is, by mixing chemical compounds that can “trigger” the phase conversion. What happens is these compounds are evaporating and condensing all over again, and that’s where the core functionality comes from.

It might sound just a bit confusing, but it’s not. If you’ve recently had any issues with your AC unit, or you’re simply looking for a new one for the upcoming summers, feel free to visit Aire Control.

It might be easier to remember things if we put them up this way

  • An evaporator is used for the receiving of the liquid refrigerant
  • The condenser has the role of facilitating the heat transfer
  • A compressor creates pressure on the refrigerant
  • The Expansion valve is responsible for regulating the flow of the refrigerant into the evaporator

These are the key components that you need to know about, and by knowing exactly what each one of them does, you will be able to remember them more easily.

Are they really necessary?

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In areas where the temperatures can rise easily over forty Celsius, an AC is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. Summers should be periods in which we can have a great time by getting relaxed with light clothes and swimsuits, but if we don’t have a swimming pool or a sea nearby, things can quickly get frustrating. Constantly sweating and showering might be a good thing for some people that want to lose weight, but even for them, being hot 24/7 is not very healthy. Besides, we all know that the perfect sleeping conditions are being in a cold and darkroom so that the body can get maximum rest and recovery. We often find that sleeping in the summer is very difficult, and that’s exactly because our rooms are not cool enough.

During the winter, if you don’t have enough heating in your home, an AC can give you a quick warm-up in the room in which it is placed, without wasting too much energy. This method of heating is considered to be one of the most cost-efficient ones. So, an AC Unit is a great investment if you ask us.

How much does a unit cost?

Now here comes the interesting part that many of you are probably eager to hear. Since almost every home needs an AC Unit these days, especially in warmer areas, many companies started producing their own devices, so the market is currently a bit more oversaturated than what it needs to be.

This means that we can easily separate the devices into different price categories. The cheapest but still reliable ac unit that you can find these days should be about two hundred dollars. It might not have enough power to chill-down your entire home, but for one or two rooms it should be fine.

We are not sure about the build quality of models in this price range, but as soon as you keep good care of it, they should run fine a couple of years.

There are other types of AC’s, in the more expensive price range, and these come with numerous features, a lot more power and build quality that’s miles ahead. They can sometimes cost up to seven hundred bucks, but one of these is enough to heat or cool your entire home. So, they come in many different price ranges, but it is up to you on which one you’re going to choose.