First Time Snorkeling: Here is What You Need

First Time Snorkeling: Here is What You Need

July 11, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

Snorkeling is the same as riding a bike. With patience and practice, it only gets better and better. In order to have a successful and pleasant snorkeling trip, the most important thing that you could do throughout the whole experience is to enjoy every minute of it. After all, all you really need to snorkel are basic swimming skills and the ability to float. When it comes to the equipment you will need, you will need a mask and a breathing tube, also referred to as a snorkel. The other equipment is optional, however, it might provide you with more mobility and safety. In this article, you will be able to read about the equipment you will need for snorkeling, as well as what to look for when choosing the equipment. Let’s take a look:

Good Quality Equipment

Buying equipment that is high in quality will not only allow you to feel more comfortable, but it will also last longer. Choosing the proper gear is necessary and it is a good idea to buy it before you go to your snorkeling destination. Keep in mind that what might fit your travel buddy, might not fit you, hence it is better if you have your own gear.

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Choosing a Mask

The best mask that you could choose is one with wide eye sockets that will cover your nose. This will ensure that you do not inhale water once your head is under the surface. Some masks cover your whole face, which will make a lot of things easy for you and it will allow you to have peripheral vision. It is important that you choose a mask that has a head strap since you will want to easily adjust the mask to fit your head properly. Usually, all masks have a mild suction, with a silicone rim that allows the mask to adjust to your face and to prevent water from entering the mask. The viewing glass of your mask comes in a wide range of different characteristics. These can include scratch resistance, UV protection, anti-reflection and anti-fog, and a lot of other features.

Choosing a Snorkel

The snorkel is a simple plastic tube that will allow you to breathe once you are under the water. Snorkels that have valves make it easier to spew out the water, and they are also useful around waves since they prevent the water from entering the top. Keep in mind that the snorkel should have a soft mouthpiece. A wider snorkel tube is necessary since it will allow you to breathe easily. If you want to see more information about snorkeling equipment sets, there is more here.

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Choosing Fins

It is not necessary for you to have fins when snorkeling, but, they will improve comfort, mobility, and safety once in the water. They can help you to get deeper and they can help you swim faster. You could opt for shorter fins, but, buying longer fins means that you will need less effort to move forward. It is best to choose fins that are long and flexible, and preferably ones that are easy to put on and take off. Some fins have an adjustable strap which will make sure that the fin fits your foot properly since there is nothing worse than losing one of your fins during the journey.


Now that you know what you need for the perfect snorkeling adventure, start searching for the equipment that will fit you best, as well as make the snorkeling experience easier, less stressful, and more flexible.