How to Think up a Creative Strategy for Your Blog

How to Think up a Creative Strategy for Your Blog

July 12, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

Even if you’re not involved in marketing you would have come across a blog these days.  Everyone online in 2019 comes across a blog.  So why are they there?  As with all marketing, especially modern digital marketing, and SEO tactics – there is always a benefit, even if you can’t recognize the benefit right away.

Blogging is an online form of a subtle marketing activity that anyone can engage in, whether you’re well versed or new to the world wide web is cost-effective, easy to do and is available across the board.

To get the most out of your site it’s vital that you complete a digital marketing course at so that you are up to speed when it comes to all aspects of blogging,  which includes frequency, keyword selection and of course, producing creative blogs.

What’s involved in a blog?

Although blogs have been around for quite a while now, not everyone is familiar with precisely what’s involved in a web.  There are so many types of weblogs online, and they’re all different in terms of style, content, length, and purpose, so defining a site can become a little bit sketchy.  However, basically, a blog is an online journal or information source that contains relevant information about a specific topic and written by an individual author or a collection of authors.

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Got to get creative with your blog

There can be no doubt that a blog these days has to be cleverly written to capture its target audience. It must be relevant and above all your weblog,  has to get creative to get noticed and most importantly to be read.

Benefits of a creative blog

Blogging as a whole has many benefits such as keeping your website up to date and fresh, increasing the ability to create internal linking, as well as driving traffic to your site. Your site will reach a whole new level of popularity if you make sure it’s imaginative and you stick to your creative strategy for your efforts.

The benefits of having a blog are increased when you think up a creative strategy for your posts as this allows you a creative release for your topic knowledge and showcases your talents when it comes to delivering exciting and creative webs.

Get inspired to develop your creative blog strategy

No matter what our profession is, we all get a little uninspired at times and this is more so for a regular blogger who has to constantly come up with new ways of stringing interesting content together and creative ways to visually attract readers.  Therefore, inspiration is the key to develop it.

Although it may seem unrelated to creativity, the routine is a blogger’s friend when it comes to sticking to their creative strategy.  Routine may seem counterintuitive when it comes to sparking original content for your blog, yet for many seasoned bloggers going through the motions of thinking up a new blog can spark often.

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Here are a few tips to help light your artistic spark when it comes to thinking up a creative strategy for your blog:

Don’t avoid chaos – Try not to be too spic, and span in your workspace, often a messy or jumbled up workspace can trigger creative ideas, especially out of the box innovative ideas.

Make use of topic generators – These days, there are great tools available to create ideas for a new blog, such as topic generators.  Just type in a keyword and see what ideas the search will give you.

Do research – The point of running an ongoing blog is to write, right?  Well, it’s also a great idea to read.  Read as much as you can on your topic.

Look at competitors – Don’t be shy, take a look at your competitors’ blogs to generate a few creative ideas for your blog.