Dating: Hidden Signs Women Send and Men Don’t Understand

Dating: Hidden Signs Women Send and Men Don’t Understand

December 26, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus – or are we from the same planet? Sometimes it seems like we’re not from the same universe at all!

Women are verbal creatures. We talk and talk and talk. Except when we should just say what we mean. We like to play around, give signs and hope that the guy we like will notice the signs and respond in the proper way. And when the guy does not notice the signals, we tend to get mad, hurt or we just decide he does not like us and move on.

Guys, on the other hand, have no idea we like them and they are usually clueless when it comes to signs. They want us to just say what we think, feel, mean. And be straightforward about it.

Well, guys, this article is for you! We will help you understand the hidden signs women send when they are interested in you. For your next date, look for these signs, and if you notice something from this list, congratulations, she is interested in you!

She will message you first

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Girls love playing games and get the guy to make the first moves, but when she really likes you, she will message you. The message most likely will be something silly, just to get the conversation going. And she will respond right away. Women that know what they want are not afraid to go get it, but if she is constantly playing the waiting game, she might be less interested in you than you think.

She’s adjusting her clothes

When a girl likes you, she wants to look the best she can when she’s with you. And that will be on the back of her mind throughout the whole date. Because of that she will adjust her clothes, make them look better and maybe even show a tiny bit of cleavage to tease you.

She sends pictures

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And by this, we mean selfies, random things and pictures with her friends. When a girl is attracted to you, she wants to show off her beauty and she wants your attention. She will send you random pictures of the coffee she’s drinking, the view from her bedroom or just a selfie when she feels pretty. She wants your affection and she wants you to tell her she is pretty. This is a huge sing and if you ignore it and don’t respond in the proper way, she will think you are not interested in her.

She is interested in the things you are

When a girl likes you, she likes the things you like. And she will be interested in whatever you say. No matter if you are talking about a game you’ve played, a football match you watched or some band she’s never heard of. When you start dating a girl and she wants to know how your day went or listens carefully to anything you say, she is into you. If you want to find a girl with similar interest, suggests to try online dating and find the best match for you.

She is in your personal space

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A woman who keeps her hands in her space is usually not interested in you. If she wants to see your bracelet, touch your hand, ruffle your hair or even playfully hit you, she is into you. When a girl likes a guy, she will forget about personal space even for a moment. She will linger a bit longer in a hug and she will look for reasons (even silly ones) to touch you.

She wants to hear you talk

This is a sign that is for both online and in-person dates. When a woman is interested in you, she will like the sound of your voice. If the girl you are dating or hoping to date wants to have frequent phone calls and lets you speak (we rarely do that), then she is interested in you. If you can hear her smile on the other side of the phone, she’s imaging you holding her hand and whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

She plays with her hair

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If you didn’t know this by now, you missed too many chances with girls! When girls are interested in guys they play with their hair. It can be because they are shy or to show off their beautiful hair. We are really proud of how our hairs look, especially on dates because we spend too much time to make our hair look perfect. So, if she’s twisting her lock between her fingers, or if she’s constantly touching her hair, putting it behind her ears, she likes you. And she’s not doing that on purpose.

She wants to connect on social media

When a girl is interested in a guy, she wants to make sure he’s single and that he’s a nice guy. And nowadays, social media is the best way to find that out. If she wants to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network it’s great because of two things. She likes you and she is definitely single. Girls who are in a relationship don’t want to give out their social media profiles to other guys.

She looks at you

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If she likes you, she will stare in your eyes, she will remember the color of your eyes, the little wrinkles you have when you smile, the way you breathe. Yes, this sounds a bit creepy, but when a girl likes you, she notices everything. If you notice her looking at your lips, she wants you to kiss her. Nothing screams “I’m interested” more than eye contact. So, if the woman you are dating keeps her eyes locked with yours for more than 5 seconds, she’s into you.

She cares about you

One of the signs a woman is interested in is caring. If you feel sick, she will ask how you are, check up on you and even offer to bring you some soup. When you have a bad day at work, she will try to cheer you up. Women don’t do these things for men they don’t like. So, the next time you have a bad day, tell her about it. If she doesn’t show any particular interested, we’re sorry, she’s just not that into you.

Women show affection in a weird way, especially in the dating phase. When she is not sure how much she likes you or when she feels it’s too early to say she does, she will show signs of it. Women tend to show affection in a rougher way when they cannot just cuddle with you and tell you they are into you. Notice the small things. If she laughs at every (stupid) joke you make, or if she tells you “I hate you” while laughing and playfully hitting you, it means “I like you!”.

Try and notice these signs next time you go out with a girl and if you like her back, just pull her by her waist and give her a deep kiss.