Useful Gadgets That Help Make Life Easier for the Elderly

Useful Gadgets That Help Make Life Easier for the Elderly

January 2, 2020 0 By Edward H. Howard

 Getting older does not mean you have to give up on things you enjoy most in life. This especially applies to today, where new and constantly developing technologies have made our lives much more convenient and easier.

Now, there are countless gadgets, devices, aids, and products specifically designed to help seniors, people with disabilities or one’s recovering from injuries. These items greatly ease people’s lives and enable them to go about their routines and daily lives without a hitch.

Thanks to these products, the elderly can lead their lives as normal as possible and allow them to keep their independence more than ever before. There are many items to choose from, and they greatly vary in price too, so here are some of the best, most useful ones.

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Having a clean and tidy house is important but for many, it might be quite difficult to bend over while sweeping, vacuuming or mopping. Not to mention that vacuums can be heavy and that wet floors are dangerous.

Having a robot cleaner can save a person a lot of time and also spare them from any aches and soreness. All one has to do is to turn it on and simply let the machine do its job.

2. Cane Seat

Spending quality time with family is significant and necessary for many seniors, but in situations such as going for a walk with the grandkids or having to stand for longer, it is something that can be quite hard for many older people.

However, this double-duty cane can serve as a walking aid and as a chair as well. It provides stability and support but can also open up to provide comfort and give a person a chance to rest, allowing them to go out without having to worry if they will be able to sit and rest or not.

3. Automatic Jar Opener

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Even younger individuals struggle with opening jars, but it gets harder as we age and start losing our raw power. An automatic jar opener is fairly easy to use and features two buttons, one for opening the jar and the other for releasing the lid. All one has to do is place the jar under the device, press the button, and let it do its job.

For individuals who are not keen on technology but with limited hand strength, rubber jar openers might be a better choice.

4. Grabbing Tool

Grabbers or reachers are great for avoiding to have to bend over to pick something from the floor or climb to reach something placed in a higher spot. Anything can be picked up using this grabbing tool and it can spare seniors from unnecessary pain. It can also greatly help avoid risky falls.

5. Raised Toilet Seat

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By reducing the distance between sitting and standing it reduces the stress on the knees and back when sitting and on the arms while getting up. It can be fitted onto most toilets, is lockable, portable, and perfect for the elderly who have a hard time getting up or sitting down.

These seats have arms on both sides providing extra support and are made from heavy-duty anti-bacterial plastic.

6. Padded Toilet Seat

A padded toilet seat brings a little bit of comfort into one’s bathroom and is perfect for people who suffer pain and other problems while sitting, making these seat cushions great for medical conditions such as hemorrhoids.

Moreover, a person will never have to sit on a cold toilet seat if nothing else. You can visit to discover what the best types of padded toilet seats on the market are.

7. Garden Kneeler or Rocker

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For senior citizens who love and enjoy gardening these products will allow them to spend more time tending their garden while providing support and comfort too.

Crouching down and working on one’s knees can be uncomfortable but using a kneeler will soften any pressure to the knees with its padded surface. When utilized as a kneeler, one can use the side handles to get up easier as well. This tool can then be flipped over and used as a bench if necessary.

A seat such as a garden rocker offers a great range of motion, meaning that a person can move a bit more freely without putting unnecessary pressure on their joints.

8. Activity Tracker

These wearable devices can measure and keep track of things such as the number of steps a person has taken in a day, their heart rate, sleeping cycle, and much more. This can greatly help the doctor spot signs of early problems even when an individual might not feel them.

They also allow a person to set their own fitness goals, making them perfect for someone who still enjoys being active and loves a challenge. However, it is advisable to seek a physician’s approval for using these devices since they should not be used by individuals who have a pacemaker or some other type of implant.

9. Automatic Pill Dispenser/ Pill Organizer

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Automatic pill dispensers are programmed to release medication at specified times and they sound an alarm every time a person is supposed to take their medication. As such, these devices are great for avoiding mistakes such as forgetting to take the medicine or forgetting that it was already taken.

On the other hand, a simple pill organizer sorted by days of the week is also a great tool for medication management but only for people who are not forgetful.

10. Grab Bar

These bars can be installed in showers and bathtubs to offer support and allow a person to get out and in a bathtub or shower easier and more conveniently. They also support large weights, meaning they are durable, long-lasting but also keep older people safe.


These useful gadgets also make great gift ideas, so consider getting one for an elderly person in your life. Whatever you pick, you can rest assured that you have chosen well since all of them can help older adults and allow them to live their lives to the fullest.