Best Back Machines in the Gym

Best Back Machines in the Gym

December 20, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

Working the back muscles should be everyone’s priority regardless of other things they do in the gym. If you have a gym membership and are looking to get some solid back training than we have the article just for you.

The most popular muscles to train, if you ask any gym junkie, are the arms, chests, and shoulders. However, the back muscles are what define a person’s dedication to his workout routine, as a well-defined back comes with more than one benefit.

There are dozens of exercises that help you create the back of your dreams, but there are also machines that enable you to better achieve your dreams.

There are a couple of reasons why machines do the job better than weights or exercises. First off, they do a better job of isolating a specific area of muscles since they are specially designed for it. And secondly, they minimize the risk of injury since these machines are tested and have been residing in gyms for a long time.

So, with all that said, let’s find out which are the best back machines in the gym.

1. Assisted Pull-Up Machine

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It goes without saying that pull-ups are superior to pull-downs, no question about it. Not only is a pull-up harder to do, but it also does a better job of building your back muscles.

The difficulty with pull-ups, however, is down to the fact that beginners and people out of shape will take far too long to achieve their first successful pull-up. Fortunately for you, and assisted pull-up machine is your greatest friend if you want to work your back muscles through this method of exercise.

This machine lets you determine how much you want the machine to assist you in pulling up. It is a great way to focus on your form while not bothering about failing. As time goes on and you’ve mastered your first 10 pull-ups, it’s considered wise to start decreasing how much assistance you’re getting from the machine.

As a general tip regarding this machine, the moment you feel confident and strong enough to do pull-ups on your own is the moment you should quit using this machine.

2. Pull-Over Machine

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If you’re doing anything related to working out in the gym and achieving the perfect body, then you know about Dorian Yates. The six times in a row Mr. Olympia himself has talked a lot about the secret to his success.

For those that don’t know, Mr. Yates had won every competition as soon as he’d showed everyone his back. As a matter of fact, it was the pull-over machine that was the secret to his success.

This machine will not only allow you the body of your dreams, but it will also improve your flexibility along the way. If you’re training to become Mr. Olympia, then do know that this machine is one of the things you should focus on to a great extent.

However, this machine is widely considered as a finisher, meaning that you should use it when finishing with your pull-up and deadlift days.

3. Low Seated Row

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A rowing machine is probably the most convenient and hassle-free way to work on your back muscles, as well as, a ton of others. The low seated version of this machine is mostly advised since it can be used for different purposes by using different attachments.

Use can use wider handles with this machine to target the upper back muscles. Close-grip handles are better for the lats, while you can also use a rope to gain better contraction.

There are many attachments to this machine but there is one thing that should be a constant when using it. Whenever using the low seated row, it’s best advised that you maintain your posture and a stable spine that will allow you to isolate key muscles and to work on them.

Since there are many ways you can use this machine to work on different key areas, it’s safe to say that there are a ton of variations to choose from when buying the perfect rowing machine. A rowing machine is not only the most popular workout machine that you can find in a person’s home, but it is also one that won’t be a nuisance and won’t take much space. If you’re looking for the best rowing machines out there, then check out this website.

4. T-Bar Row

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Moving along to one of the greatest exercises ever created, the T-Bar row is a machine that will not allow you total weight control. This machine isn’t exactly a machine but rather something called a mechanical movement.

The T-Bar Row is essentially a weight resembling a large lever that you pull up. The weight itself is stationary meaning it will not move left or right but rather only up.

This “machine” offers numerous benefits to the person using it, with most of the benefits to the back muscles. However, there are two versions of the T-Bar row, the free-standing and horizontal grip.

The former not only helps your back but also your lower back and lats, while the latter targets the rhomboids, rear delts, mid traps, and teres major.

5. Back Extension Machine

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And moving along to the last machine on our list, the back extension machine is the one you should use if you experience back pain.

This machine is not only advised for those with lower back issues, but it is also best for working out of a specific back area muscle. The back extension machine will not only strengthen the area of the back where you experience most back pain, but it will also keep you in a fixed line of movement.

It is safe to point out that this machine won’t deliver the same results as other ones that we mentioned, but it will eliminate most of your back issues.

The lower back area is very important as should not be neglected. The lower back is the area of your body that allows reaching your performance goals and allows you perfect physique. Its importance makes the difference between a life of pain and one without. You can work on this machine whenever a leg or chest day comes. As this machine helps with strengthening your core, it can be easily paired with eighter of those two days.