Ways to Successfully Acquire a Non-Immigrant Visa in the U.S. – 2020 Guide

Ways to Successfully Acquire a Non-Immigrant Visa in the U.S. – 2020 Guide

September 12, 2020 0 By Patrick Fletcher

There are multiple ways a foreign individual can obtain a non-immigrant visa. With a non-immigrant visa, foreigners can enjoy numerous benefits. People who only want to reside in the nation temporarily appeal for this visa.

With the multiple choices available for you, you may be wondering what the best way for you to acquire one is. This article will help you earn a bird’s eye view of the methods available, but if you desire to gain further knowledge about the visa, click here.

Use your Special Abilities

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With your astonishing talents and skills, you can obtain a visa. The O1 visa is reserved only for people who are continuously excelling in the areas of business, athletics, or the arts, etc.

To qualify for the visa, you have to present multiple evidence that you are indeed at the top of your game. Being a multi-awarded artist can help you. If you are awarded as an MVP in your own game, it will be relevant in your application.

If you’re a writer and have written compelling screenplays or are a director of a blockbuster movie, do not hesitate to apply for this visa. You can extend your expertise in the United States, and in return, you will gain more knowledge. You will experience a whole new culture that can get inspiration from.

Keep in mind that there are two classifications of this visa; O1A and O1B. If you aim for the O1A, job offers are not mandatory; you can file an appeal for yourself. However, if you fit the O1B best, you might need to ask a talent agency to appeal for your entry in the nation.

If you want familiarity with you, your family can accompany your temporary stay. Your assistants can also come with you as long as it is beneficial in your performance.

Use your Athletic Prowess

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If you are an athlete and want to enter the country to join competitions, you can do that under the P1 visa. You can either do this alone or along with your team.

If you’re an internationally known athlete or even a coach, you will smoothly acquire this visa. You have to present evidence of your legitimacy. Proof that you are partaking in an athletic competition should be present when applying for the visa.

The processing time of the visa usually takes from three to six months. We suggest that you apply ahead of time so you won’t face problems if your visa doesn’t make it in time.

If you are a P1 bearer, you can travel inside and outside the nation. You have to make sure that your visa is still valid.

Apply your desire for knowledge

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If you are still a student and want to earn a degree in an American university, it is possible via the F1 visa. You can get your first taste of independence while studying in a foreign country.

Before applying for the visa, you should have a form issued by the university. To qualify, you must show that you are financially secure to finish your studies inside the nation. You also have to illustrate fluency in the English language, whether it is in the form of speaking, listening, reading, and writing unless you are coming under the language training program.

This will cost a fortune, you have to pay for tuition fees and living costs, but it is worth it. However, you are granted with multiple benefits. You can work part-time inside the campus. If you want to work outside, you need to have consent from the USCIS.

Utilize your need for new adventures

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If you are a very adventurous person and find joy in exploring different countries, you can use it to acquire a non-immigrant visa. That way, you can add the country to the list of the places you’ve been to. Under the B2 visa, foreigners are allowed to leisurely travel inside the nation.

If you want to visit neighboring countries like Mexico or Canada, you can also do that. A great benefit of holding this visa, you are allowed to re-enter the nation multiple times as long as your visa is valid.

Make sure you are equipped with the right knowledge

Now that you know what type of visa you are going to get, all you need to do is prepare. Gather every vital document that is essential in your application. Take note that the processing of visas can take a lot of time, some people even wait for more than two years, you need to mind the details of your application to avoid getting rejected.

Prepare as much as evidence you like. If you have plenty of evidence, the Embassy will trust you immediately. If you feel like you lack evidence, it is okay, as long as the essential documents are present.

Do not forge any type of document. The U.S. embassy is very strict in verifying your application. They pay attention to the smallest details. If they find out that you fake even a single document, you will be banned from getting any visa for the rest of your life.

Make sure that you are well-rested on the day of your interview. You are going to answer questions that will certify your legitimacy. Instill in your head that no one knows you better than you do. Avoid getting late, and please wear a proper outfit for the occasion.

Now that you are aware of how you can obtain a visa, make sure to retain it. These are only a few of the many visas you can get for a temporary stay in the nation. You can still do your research before applying.

Whether it is for your career enhancement or a degree, even if you just want to see your favorite artist perform live, there is a visa that you can utilize. Prepare and trust that you will undoubtedly get it.