Why you should get a minimalist wallet – Everything you need to know

Why you should get a minimalist wallet – Everything you need to know

May 3, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

A wallet is something that everyone carries with themselves no matter where we go during our days. It’s where we keep our money, credit cards, personal ID’s, gym membership cards and what not.

Some people really care about aesthetics, even when we talk about small things such as wallets that are in our pocket about ninety percent of the time. But, the design of a wallet is not just about aesthetics, it is also about functionality.

Today, we are going to be discussing minimalist wallets, what they are and everything that you need to know about them. So, if you want to learn more, feel free to read until the end. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

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What is a “minimalist wallet”?

A minimalist wallet is basically a wallet that doesn’t have any more extra features besides just the necessary ones. It has a few slots for the most important items, such as the personal ID and your credit cards, and a place for your money if you decide to carry some cash with you. They are usually much smaller than the standard wallets which can take up the entire space inside your pocket and make you look bloated in the leg or wherever you are carrying it. If you are interested in seeing such unique designs that might be suitable for you, feel free to check topminimalistwallets.com

Some of the reasons why you should get a minimalist wallet

So, we already mentioned that it is not just about looks and aesthetics, so we are going to start with a reason that not many of you know. A lot of people tend to put their wallet in their back pocket. And not many of those people have a minimalist wallet, so when they sit somewhere, they don’t usually take their wallet out of the back pocket. Now, you might think that this is nothing weird or anything to be concerned about, but you are very wrong.

According to a famous medical expert, Dr. Frank J. Martusciello, sitting on your wallet, especially if it’s one of those regular big ones, is as much of a health concern as walking around all day with just one shoe. It causes great imbalances in your body, and in the long term, it can cause some serious problems to your lower back.

Also, you are putting enormous pressure on the nerves that are exiting the lower back, which can also be a great health concern. By having a minimalist wallet, this effect is greatly reduced, but it is still not advisable to sit on your wallet even if you own a very slim one that is barely noticeable.

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Now that we’ve cleared the most important thing out of the list, it is finally time to talk more about organization and functionality. The regular large wallets with dozens of sections for all kinds of stuff are usually getting really messy, especially in situations when you need to be quick with handling your money and credit cards. We’ve all been there at least once, in the long waiting line at the supermarket, and it is finally our turn to pay, but we get all lost in our messy wallets and then suddenly things are dropping down and falling on the ground. You can avoid all the embarrassment by simply getting a minimalist wallet that is ten times more organized and easy to handle than the standard “bloated” wallets.