The key to choosing a men’s watch

The key to choosing a men’s watch

May 3, 2019 0 By Athena Campos

That’s a fact, we don’t always have the opportunity to be offered watches regularly. The tragedy is that our Christmas and birthdays are scheduled – until further notice – only once a year. So, before finding a way, which is more or less legal, to multiply this date in the calendar, you will – maybe – just need to rely on yourself to offer you a new watch. But choosing a watch is not a harmless act. Just like a wedding dress, some “rules” must be followed to choose the right watch. That’s why we will see together some criteria for choosing your watch! But before continuing, it’s better if you click on You’ll find some reasons why Tag Heuer is a good option.

Technical criteria for choosing your watch

The concept of a watch is to give time! Yes, I admit, we are doing better as an introduction to the technical aspects. However … watches give time, use different operating devices. And then a choice has bound you.

To choose a watch, you must first see what is called a training mode. You have the choice between mechanical movement or quartz. Simply put, the mechanical movements pulled their energy in the spring and the quartz pulled their energy in the pile.

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It all depends on what you are looking for. A quartz watch has a real practical side. The latter does not need to be reassembled and has real accuracy in the long run. This type of watch can also have many additional functions such as lighting. Only minor deficiencies: shorter life time than mechanical watches, due to wear of electronic components.

You can also choose a mechanical movement camp. In my opinion, this is an almost philosophical choice. This is a choice of precision manufacturing, and certain “nobles”. When choosing a watch with mechanical movement, you also need to determine whether people want an automatic watch or a manual watch. An automatic watch has a mechanism that allows you to rotate your watch with wrist movements during the day. So, if you use your watch occasionally, you might see the automatic movement stop. If you choose a manual watch, you can gladly put your watch back on by turning the crown. The attitude that I think is quite addictive.

Aesthetic criteria for choosing your watch

In choosing the most suitable men’s watch, the aesthetic aspect is equally important. Today’s watches are true fashion accessories. Some even say that the watch is the man’s “jewel”. But not all watches are made for everyone. Therefore it is necessary to have some sense of “style” to make choices that fit your own characteristics.

First of all you have to take into account the size of your wrist. You easily understand that the size of the watch must be proportional to the size of your wrist. So the smoother your wrist, the smaller the diameter of the watch. A simple way to find out if a watch fits your wrist is the width does not exceed your wrist. Then think about the weight of the watch. A watch that is too heavy for you will quickly give you an uncomfortable feeling. Finally, regarding the bracelet, you should know that the ideal size is when you can pass the index between your wrist and bracelet.

The key to choosing a men's watch


Activities to watch

Finally, you must choose the watch according to the activity that will accompany it. For costumes, choose a watch that is quite thin. A good test is that your watch can be under your sleeve. Basically, go watches with casings less than 10mm thick. In the case of bracelets, choose – for example – for beautiful skin.