The Different Aspects Of Our Life Where We Need Money

The Different Aspects Of Our Life Where We Need Money

August 2, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

For any civilization to prosper there has to be certain kinds of exchanges and this has to be noted from the very outset. Money is a method of exchange and that has helped the civilization to progress a lot. We pay money to get some goods. It is a simple mode of transaction. Different kinds of transactions have been known since time immemorial. It has been practiced in our society since time immemorial.

Money is needed for a range of purposes and civilization would have collapsed without it. Over the years we have made money a part of our culture. In the coming years, the popularity of money will increase as more and more people will strive to attain it and carve out an identity for themselves.

History of money


Any kind of economy needs a particular kind of exchange system based on which the economy can flourish. Over time there have been multiple modes of exchange that have been devised by humanity. One has to remember in this regard that each method has its pros as well as cons. It is imperative to figure out the pros and then go on to address the cons. This will then have a balanced outlook that is largely beneficial for the economy in the long run.
The long-term goals of humanity are largely dependent upon the economy. Therefore, it is imperative to figure out adequate means of exchange.

Previously society practiced a barter system. There was the simple exchange of goods. One thing was exchanged for another. It was a simple procedure. A lot could be gained from it. But there were limitations as well. People often did not have the exact goods needed for purpose of exchange. Therein came the role of universal currency. The money took birth as a result. Globally in all nations, different kinds of currencies can be found. In the USA there is a dollar, in Japan, there is Yen, in India, there is the rupee, and so on.

Currently, it can be seen that global trade comes to a standstill without the sustained use of money and therefore people from all walks of life tend to depend on it. One has to remember that money has a democratic and equalizing appeal as in it does not matter whether a person is from a lower or upper caste or what his or her gender is. Money is needed by all irrespective of anything and this has to be noted with due diligence as well as sincerity.

Difficulty in getting money


Possessing money is very difficult. That is precisely the reason why people all over the world struggle hard to get money. It is not so easy to get hold of money and this has to be noted with due diligence. A significant amount of effort goes behind it. People have to work hard for it. Else it is difficult to get hold of money. They can bet as much as they want to as the site is reliable. No problem shall be faced by the users. The prospects from betting are huge. People can tend to gain enormous amounts of resources. That can be then used for various purposes. Fortunately, users can bet online from reliable sites like and gain money.

Survival needs


The only truth that we can all understand that is that we exist. The famous French philosopher Descartes had once said that “I think and therefore I exist”. But in this regard, one has to note that existence is not so easy. A lot of effort goes behind it. In order to survive, man has to struggle a lot and this has to be understood by all. People need to survive. We have to struggle equally. It is all in our fate.

But struggling becomes a lot easier when we have sufficient money for it. To meet a wide base of demands for our survival money is imperative. It is needed by one and all. Without surviving, one cannot live fully. That is the first step to take care of. There are multiple needs for survival. All these needs can be met with money. Thus it is imperative to have money. If people lack money for survival, then the good news for them is that they can gain as much as they want to by betting online.

The psychological perspective of money


Money has been a primary motivator of human behavior from ancient times. Although psychology says that primary reinforcers are mainly biological needs of food, shelter, money, and sex and needs like money come under secondary reinforcers. But practically it has been observed by psychologists that money has the potential to drive human behavior as good as the primary reinforcers. The reason behind this can be the fact that money enables the individual to get access to all primary needs which are essential for survival.

Not only primary needs, but money has the potential to satisfy most of the human needs like primary luxurious experiences, leading a happy life, helps in satisfying aesthetic needs, etc. Thus it is quite understandable why most people nowadays run after money and is seldom worried about the fact of how to earn huge quantities of money easily. Bad financial conditions can be extremely stressful to individuals.

Fulfilling desires


People tend to have a wide base of desires. The desires can be of different types and it often happens that without sufficient material resources, the desires cannot be fulfilled. They want those to be fulfilled. Unless these are fulfilled they feel unsatisfied. Thus this wide base of needs can be easily fulfilled with money. Efforts are thus given by people to earn money.

Future needs

The future is uncertain for all. Any crisis might happen at any moment. One must stay prepared for it. Finances can help in that regard. Assets are a great way to resolve any kind of financial crisis and this must be remembered by all and thus efforts have to be given to earn money. Thus this article explored different aspects of our life where we need money.