Helpful Tips For Playing Slot Machines – 2020 Guide

Helpful Tips For Playing Slot Machines – 2020 Guide

July 4, 2020 0 By Edward H. Howard

Slot machines are quite possibly one of the most popular gambling games when entering a casino. It doesn’t matter if you do it for fun or not and it doesn’t matter if you do it online or not, slot machines are huge.

When it comes to ranking casino games based on popularity, slot machines are always in the top three. The order isn’t important, what’s important are the facts behind it.

But why are they so popular? Well, partly to do with the popularity is the sheer variety of games. Literary every online and physical casino has dozens if not hundreds of different themes for you to play. From ninjas and fruits to pirates and Amazonians, the sheer number of games is truly breathtaking.

But this all means that people have to develop particular strategies for a particular game that works best for winning the most money. While there isn’t a definitive answer as to how to win money playing slots, there are helpful tips and tricks out there that do help.

And in this article, we are going to talk exactly about that. Don’t go anywhere as this article will be your 2020 guide on how to win while playing slot machines.

1.  Play Games With Higher Prices For Spins


It goes without saying that the more you pay for a spin the higher the return. The other side of it is that you spend your deposit much faster than when playing games with lower denominations.

But there’s a saying the industry that goes along lines of “go big or go home”, and you’ll never win money if you always play the 10 cent spin.

Higher denomination games are a great way of boosting your winnings,

2.  Bet the Maximum


In addition to betting a higher amount, you should always bet the maximum. What this means is that you bet on all the lines to get a higher chance of winning a return.

The more lines you bet, however, means the more money you spend. So, if we take into consideration both tips, this means that you’ll spend significantly more when betting the maximum and playing higher denominations but the payoff is significantly bigger as well.

Also, betting the maximum gives you the most chances of landing bonuses, bonus spins, and who knows maybe you’ll hit a jackpot or two.

3.  Avoid Complex Games


More features are generally a good thing when it comes to technology. But with slot games, this isn’t something you’d want.

Complex games make it their bread and butter to charm you and seduce you by showing you how cool and feature-heavy their game is. This might look good on paper, but it’s actually pretty bad when you think about it.

How on Earth will you win a payoff if you’re constantly hitting the features? And some of these are pretty terrible like free spins. Instead of constantly hitting free spins, how about you actually hit the payoff?

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4.  Test Before You Play


A great and helpful tip is to always test the water before you enter it. A lot of slots pros do this, and every one of them recommends doing it.

Testing a particular game is a great way to determine whether it’s good for you or not. You might be particularly fond of a particular game, but there is no point in playing it if the initial testing comes out poor.

Almost every online casino offers free variations of every slot game they have. This is done exactly so that people can determine whether they want to play the game.

And don’t think they do it because they’re “good guys”. Every online casino knows that people should try it out first before they make a commitment to a particular slot game.

Testing the game gives you a good idea about the potential shortcomings of the game.

It’s just how the online industry works.

5.  Tight Machines Are a Thing


There is a thing called a tight machine, and this machine will never give you a hit no matter how hard you try? These machines are not your friend, and you should avoid them at all costs.

Some people will stick to their guns and simply refuse to give up, baking on the idea that a hit will come soon. But the hit never comes!

Instead of being stubborn and lose all your money, cash out your remaining balance and go to a different machine or game,

It’s no use being stubborn when you’ve lost your entire deposit.

6.  Never Use Card


This one isn’t really a tip on how to win, but a tip on how to control yourself. It’s generally advised that you never go to a casino with your credit card.

A person can easily lose their initial deposit and then start chasing losses. This isn’t anything uncommon and we’re betting it’s quite common in this industry. People think they’ll win millions with a couple of spins, only to end up losing everything.

And this mentality is very counterproductive as the person would end up chasing losses. At this point, there is only one real winner; the casino.

But chasing losses isn’t a thing if you don’t have your credit card with you. If you’ve entered the casino with a fixed amount of money and you’ve lost it, then there is no real way how you’ll chase.

7.  Know When To Stop


This one adds nicely to the previous point we mentioned, but losing breeds a sort of mentality that very few people can get over it.

No one likes losing, especially when playing slots. Every time we lose we double down for a chance to win even bigger. But sometimes this never happens and we only end up losing everything.

So, one of the best tips we could give you is to know when to stop! Gambling can turn into an addiction so it’s best you take the necessary precautions not to turn into one.