How To Take Care of Your Dog Naturally

How To Take Care of Your Dog Naturally

June 21, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

A dog is one of the most popular pets in the world. Thanks to its good character, intelligence, and the benefits it can bring to your host family, it is highly recommended to adopt it. Still, the dog requires a lot of attention and responsibility. You should be welcomed and treated well so that you don’t feel left out, stressed out, or panicked.

To create a good environment for it, discover some tips to keep in mind. Your dog needs impeccable hygiene for balance and health. Bathing, brushing, cleaning the eyes, ears, legs, and anal glands, the maintenance of teeth and nails, the care to be provided come in different ways.

How to take care of my dog with essential oils?


Essential oils are popular: for many, they are an alternative remedy to drug treatments and alleviate many ailments. They are not only excellent for our health, but also for our puppies. However, to remain effective, they must not use it randomly, or at all costs!

Be careful, treating your dog with essential oils is possible as long as you never apply them pure on the coat, avoid contact with the mucous membranes, do not use them on puppies or pregnant (or lactating) females, and ask a professional for advice in case of doubt. In my case, I practice aromatherapy and it is inevitable that my puppy does not get involved in the practices.

In general, I usually use the essential oil of Palo Santo since it is one of the most complete essential oils, it is known to be a good natural relaxant or soothing, it also helps to eliminate stress, tiredness, and fatigue. At the moment of meditation, he placed it in a diffuser and my dog lies down next to me and I can see how the aroma helps him relax and calm down. For more information on Palo Santo oil visit >> EcuadorianHands

In addition, the essential oil of palo santo works as a repellent and I have chosen to place a few drops of essential oils in my pet’s shampoo to eliminate mites and fleas from his fur.

  • Basil: antispasmodic and anti-infective, it can act on gastric disorders;
  • Cinnamon: anti-infective and antiparasitic, it can be used in case of intestinal infections, warts, or anthelmintic;
  • The Atlas cedar: anti-inflammatory and plague of insects;
  • Palo Santo: very good repellent, it can scare away gnats, mosquitoes, fleas, and other small insects; considered as a natural relaxant.
  • The Clove: anti-infective and analgesic, it can be useful in case of fungus and toothache
  • Radiated Eucalyptus: bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral, and immunostimulating, it will be very useful in case of respiratory problems;
  • The Juniper: anti-infective, antirheumatic, and draining;
  • Geranium Rosat: anti-infective, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory, it has very good safety;
  • The Italian Helichrysum: anti-hematoma, healing, and circulatory drainage;
  • The Spike Lavender: skin analgesic, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory, it will be essential to relieve stings and bites;
  • The True Lavender: antispasmodic, analgesic, and healing, it can be used for digestive spasms, sores, and dermatitis;
  • Mint: Local analgesic and antispasmodic hypothermia, can be very useful in case of discomfort or indigestion;
  • La Palmarosa: antibacterial and antifungal, it will be very useful in cases of respiratory infections. It is also an insecticide and insect repellent;
  • Ravintsara: broad-spectrum antiviral and antibacterial, highly immunostimulating as well, it is very useful against viral and respiratory infections;
  • Rosemary cineole: anti-infective, expectorant, and mucolytic;
  • Rosemary verbenone: liver protector;
  • Mountain savory: against lung and intestinal infections;
  • The tea tree: anti-infective, immunostimulating, antiparasitic

What should you think about creating a space for your dog?

Give it a space for it


This place should be respected by all members of the family. If you have children (link) teach them to respect the dog’s space and not to disturb it when it is in its basket. Even if your dog gets along with his kids, he sometimes needs a quiet moment and won’t appreciate being constantly teased, just like we do after all.

Choose the right place


It is essential to choose the place that will be reserved for our furry ones, neither too busy nor totally isolated. The dog’s corner should not be in a hallway. You shouldn’t have to step over your dog to pass. Therefore, we will avoid lobbies or corridors that are very frequented by the whole family. Placing your dog in a quiet place also allows him to rest better when he is tired.

Keep in mind, however, that your dog can quickly suffer from loneliness or isolation, so choose a place in the house where he does not feel totally excluded from the rest of the family, a corner of the living room or dining room will be perfect. case.

Putting your space near a window, good or bad idea?


If you have the option, try to move your dog away from the window so that it is not disturbed by direct sunlight or drafts.



Whether you choose a plastic basket or a comfortable cushion, keep in mind that your dog’s bed must be perfectly adapted to its size. That is, neither too big nor too small. If your dog’s basket is too large, he will feel lost and therefore insecure. On the contrary, if he is too small, his furry one will tend to appropriate another place, more comfortable and better adapted to his needs.

How do you know if the bed size is right for your dog?


Your dog should not only be able to curl up into a ball (a feeling of comfort and security) but also stretch. To find out how big his bed should be, measure your dog from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail and add 15-30 cm.



In general, it is not recommended that you leave self-serve food with your dog all day. This is especially the case if your dog is eating domestic rations. To preserve the freshness of the food, remove the bowl after 20 minutes and present it again for dinner, for example.

Be careful, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian if your dog suddenly loses his appetite and this is not his habit. On the other hand, your dog should have access to water as often as he needs it. So remember to leave a bowl of freshwater available.



We now know that a dog needs physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. However, when he’s not there, he won’t be able to get him out. Therefore, we must think about leaving games for him to entertain himself.

He stimulates you, occupies you, and also tires you. Thus we avoid the problems of destruction in the house. Remember not to leave these toys available to the dog all the time so that they are of great value to him.

You can also leave things for him to chew on, like deer antlers or Kong-type toys preloaded with delicious Dogchef food. By doing this, you equate your absence with something nice for your dog.