5 Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Tips For Beginners – 2021 Guide

5 Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning Tips For Beginners – 2021 Guide

January 18, 2021 0 By Edward H. Howard

Every person who’s worked in a restaurant knows how important the upkeep of the equipment is. When you maintain and clean the equipment you use every day, you decrease the risk of fires, injuries, you provide better customer satisfaction, and you also improve the health of your employees and you decrease the risk of pests, insects, and bacteria. There are a lot of things that you need to properly maintain, and in this article, we are going to talk about vent hood and how you are supposed to do the cleaning, no matter how much experience you have in this process. Continue reading if you want to learn some tips on how to finish this process faster, the things you need to pay extra attention to, and why you should do the maintenance regularly.

1. Always remove the filters

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When you start the cleaning process, you should know that you must remove all the filters from the hood before you start cleaning it. The reason for this is because the whole process will be easier, you will be able to check if the filters are good, and you will also notice if there is any dirt stuck behind them.

Know that you must wash the filters as well because they usually gather the most of the grease and they are probably the parts that are going to be the dirtiest. Most of the filtration systems are really easy to detach, and you will either need to just slide them out, or push and slide. If they are stuck, then you need to be careful, and never apply too much pressure or force. Use products that will remove the grease if they seem stuck, wait for enough time for the product to work, and then try again.

2. Use hot water

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When you wash the restaurant vent hood, you need to make sure you use the right products to remove all the dust, dirt, and grease. Know that you don’t have to use too much of the products as long as you soak the equipment in hot water before you start washing it.

The easiest way to do this is to fill your sink with hot water and place the hood, along with the filters in it. You can put some dish soap or even baking soda and vinegar to help speed up the whole process. Some people leave them to soak overnight, but in reality, you don’t need to wait that long. However, make sure that the equipment soaks for at least 30 minutes before you start washing it. The hot water will start dissolving all the grease and dirt, and your job will be much easier.

3. Clean everything properly

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To finish this process with ease, you should use the right products and the right equipment. You need to scrub and clean every part of the hood, including the filters, and all the small and hard to reach parts. Know that if you don’t do this, you risk the equipment damaging and you risk fires. According to hoodcleaningservicesatlanta.com, if you are unsure you can do all of this by yourself, or if you are not sure how to finish the whole process, you can easily hire a professional team that will get the job done correctly.

When scrubbing the vent hood and the filters, you should never use too much force. If there are things that are too hard to remove, then soak everything in hot water again. Add more dish soap and leave the parts for additional 10 minutes. This will help you remove the stains, and you should continue doing this until everything is cleaned. Remember that you are working with equipment that is going to be used for preparing food, so you should never use harsh chemicals that will affect the food, or that will release fumes that will endanger the health of your crew or customers.

4. Make sure everything is installed properly

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Once you’ve washed all the parts of your hood, you need to wipe them and make sure they are all dry before you install them. The reason for this is that if there is any moisture trapped you risk the equipment damaging, and in some cases, it can lead to mold. Take your time to wipe every time, and if possible, leave it to air dry for at least a few hours.

When all the parts are dry, install the hood back in place. Don’t force things, and if something seems stuck, it is better to take it out and install it again, than to try and push it in. When you use force, you risk breaking the hood or the filters. Don’t forget to check if everything is working before you decide that the job is done.

5. Do this regularly

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The hood cleaning process is not difficult, and you can easily learn how to do it on your own. There are a few steps that you need to follow, but once you get used to it, it won’t be a hard task for you. Know that you need to do this washing process at least once per month, or two months at the most. By doing this regularly, you will prevent grease fires and you will make sure that you are increasing the lifespan of all of your equipment.

Know that if you don’t have time to do this, or if it is a task that’s too challenging, you can always schedule professional maintenance, and the service crew will notify you when you need to do prepare your equipment.

Use these tips to make your job easier, and know that when you do this, you will actually be investing in your business. It is said that many restaurants lose their licenses because their kitchens were not sanitized, and when inspections come, they see that the vent hood has not been cleaned for months even longer. Take your time to finish this whole process, and how that in time, it won’t take you more than 30 minutes to an hour to get everything done. Make it a habit, and you will not see it as a chore, but as an investment in your business.