10 Things To Know Before Renting an Air Cooler

10 Things To Know Before Renting an Air Cooler

July 13, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

The torrid summers bring with them unbearable heat where we like sheltering ourselves in the cocoons of our homes rather than moving out. The humidity adds to our seething resentment reaching a boiling point where even pretty errands seem a rather daunting task. The heat is directly proportional to cribbing which finds justification in the form of dripping sweat, irritation, dehydration to flaming tempers where the only breather is a room cool enough.

The niftily-circulating air throughout the space of a room makes us feel satiated enough. However, everything comes with its price tag. The sky-rocketing bills that come with cooling a room with regards to air-conditioners make air coolants amongst the best proponents. The benefits include several cost-effective propositions. From energy efficiency, ease of setting up, being eco-friendly to portable.

The variability in terms of options with regards to the availability of multiple types of air coolers at Duravert needs one to know the specifications for consideration while picking out an air cooler for renting. Below is a lowdown of points for consideration that will solve your troubles while you make your investment to get through the summers:

1. Climatic Consideration

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The climate where one lives acts as the determining factor and knowing the mechanism in and out can work wonders for cooling spaces that are indoors. Coolers that are lightweight and compact are the best bet to cater to personalized cooling needs covering a smaller room where it can be moved with ease.

A larger room in contrast requires desert coolers. The better cooling option for dry climatic conditions, desert coolers require everything additional from space, water to the level of power consumption. The environment is the vital factor for gauging the best solutions for coolants available in the market.

2. Auto-Filling Option and Capacity of Tanks

The capacity of the tanks is directly proportional to the size of the room since the tanks store the water utilized for cooling a room. Air coolants boast varied tank capacities where a larger tank aids in longer cooling hours. This further entails refilling that can seem like a herculean task.

Many coolers are loaded with Auto-Filling and Auto-Draining options. Thus, removing the hassle of operating the air coolants since the water sees a continual refill. Especially for coolants whose intake capacity is much smaller, there are added features for air coolants where some are packed with ice trays for better cooling.

3. Quality Check for Cooling Pads

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Longevity of air coolants is decoded through the quality of the cooling pads in usage. The best of the lot can project a significant difference where a room remains cool for a long time. Multiple variants of the same are accessible at the market and the major ones include Wool Wood, Aspen to Honeycomb Pads. The latter has been gaining popularity owing to it`s efficiency levels that have come with advancements in technology.

The low on maintenance and long-running Honeycomb pads have been a revelation. One that has been ruling the charts in terms of innovation in product design. An evenly laid out distribution process coupled with higher water retention power envisages functional cooling.

4. Air Flow Level

A must for renting an air coolant is checking the specifications related to the airflow levels. A simplistic formulation that determines the level of air throw a room requires. The measurement states the more the airflow, the better the cooling in the room since a wider area is covered by the air coolant. Some air coolants are loaded with an auto-swing feature that enables cross ventilation of air rather than covering a small pocket across a definitive direction.

5. Speed and Noise Level

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A regulator to control the speed for air coolant serves the purpose while picking one for regular usage. This entails the added privilege of determining the fan’s speed to suit preferences. Checking air-coolants for noise is necessitated as mandatory since many coolants often make a great deal of noise without being much effective in actually keeping a room cool.

6. Anti-Mosquito and Dust Filters

Modernized technology has ensured air coolants boasting of the anti-mosquito option that ensures zero breeding of mosquitoes in brackish water. This option prevents breeding while assisting in removing mosquitoes giving fresh air wherever the air coolant is set.

Air coolants are filled with extracts that eliminate mosquito breeding giving cleaner and purified air each time. While Dust Filters aids in improvising the air quality within a room by filtering out dust particles and contaminants. Hence is a priority check before laying hands on any air coolant.

7. Conveniently Controlled

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The best accessory to lay your hands on for operating an air cooler is remote. Accessing the speed controller to multiple other features from the convenience of lying on your bed is a different feeling altogether. Technology has furthered the cause with smart coolers lining up the markets that offer Wi-Fi to voice assistants and are enabled with IoT. Thus, redefining how cooling can be aided to improvise life in general.

8. Energy Efficiency

The process of renting an air coolant necessitates evaluating the power efficiency levels. The wide variability for models varies a great deal in terms of power consumption. Evaporative air coolants streamline as the most potent investment which includes an inverter thus eliminating the high running costs which was a growing concern for age-old systems.

9. Water Level Controller

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A pre-set water level is maintained in air coolants which feature the automated water level controller switch. This is a prospective choice when it comes to deciding since the automated switch prevents the seeping of water.

10. Pad Thickness

Optimized performance is achieved for air coolers that boast pads with a thickness that measures 90 mm. This is necessitated for thorough cooling and a vital parameter before fixing an air coolant as per liking.


Air coolants are designed in multivariable forms blending uniformly with interiors and boasting innumerable features. Duravert is a trusted choice for sufficing air-cooling needs at home or in industries. A one-stop shop that offers superior and eco-friendly designs for air coolants at never before pricing. A proper weightage for the laid down specifications will ensure you have thorough know-how before finalizing the best pick.