Here’s What the Perfect Wedding Invite Contains!

Here’s What the Perfect Wedding Invite Contains!

March 28, 2022 0 By Athena Campos

Weddings are one of the most special occasions of an individual’s life. Not only is it a new phase, but it is also an event that will bring two people in a beautiful relationship together for the better. The event is as old as humans themselves and has different names worldwide. In addition, different religions also promote weddings with different rituals thus distinguishing them. A church wedding is a traditional norm for Christians, whereas an Indian wedding may contain over ten functions.

Since there are so many different events and rituals in every wedding, there are different ways in which you can invite people to the wedding with many of these ideas available at basicinvite. Nonetheless, an invitation is one of those aspects that excite the guests for the wedding.

The wedding invite is the first impression of your wedding ceremony on your guests. It plays a significant role and is a deciding factor for many. A beautiful invite can hype the event and encourage the guests to show up.

Checklist for the ultimate wedding invite!

With so many essential elements of an invite, no wonder the bride and groom get confused. That is why today we came up with the ultimate checklist for your wedding invite. This list contains all the things your wedding invite will contain from start to finish. You can send them all on their own or make a cute package along with a gift and send it to them. Without further ado, let’s get into it.



The first thing any guest will lay their eyes on is the cover or the outer box of the invite. That is why this has to be one of the best aspects of your invite. You can go with a traditional envelope that has all the cards inside. Most people prefer white with some colored accents.

Nonetheless, more modern trends are funky colors and patterns. Another great option is a box. The box will contain a few other things besides the card. This little token of love can be a great way to make your guests feel invited and happy to attend your event.


The invite is a combination of all the cards of your events. It can contain a church wedding card and a reception card if the places are different. For a more extravagant wedding like in Asian countries, it’s better to include a separate card for all events.

The card contains all the details of the event. It will have the name of the bride and groom, the details of the venue, and the pace and time. You can also add the contact numbers of the guest to call for an exact location or a website they can log onto to check the status of the wedding.

Save the date


These are simply cards that mention a little info for the bride and groom, along with the time and date of the event. This helps the guest clear up any pending tasks that date. This is a great way to prep the guest up for the event.

You can also get it made and attach it to the invite altogether. Nonetheless, a separate card posted which includes the required details a few months prior can be easier for the guests. Since everyone has a busy schedule, saving the date is a great idea to employ.


The schedule of your event is also a must to highlight. A well-planned event is best since a haphazard one will make the most special day of your life feel unplanned. For that, you need the cooperation of all the guests. You can not have late guests since that will delay the whole program.

The perfect and classy solution is to add a schedule to the event. The plan will consist of the arrival time, the lodging, the dinner, the entertainment, the first dance, and much more. Proper allotted time slots will help the guests understand how it’s necessary to show up timely.

RSVP card


Another thing to include in your invite is the RSVP details. You can have them on the invite or have a separate card for that. The RSVP details are simply the name and the contact of the people that the guests have to reach out to. The guests can either leave a message or post the card back with the number of guests planning to attend.

This helps the bride and groom calculate the number of guests showing up at the event. A great alternative to RSVP cards is having online systems on your website where guests can mark their presence. This is a more digitized form and can make the entire thing hassle-free.


This is one of the things that is a rising trend now. In the past, there was no concept of a menu card but now, people include menu cards for a plethora of reasons. From letting the guest know what food there will be to being aware of any allergies that a guest might have.

The menu card contains a list of dishes and beverages that will be presented at the event. If you have a three-course menu, an elegant plan can be presented. However, even with a few dishes, it’s always better to place them on a menu card in the invite.

Thanks card


After the wedding, you have to get thank you cards for all the guests. These are specifically for ones that also bring presents for your big day. A thank-you card will make them feel happy and not regret the time they spent to show up at your big day.

You can have a simple thank you card with the same theme of your wedding posted as soon as the wedding is over or after the honeymoon.

Final thoughts

A wedding invite is one aspect that is for the guest from the get-go. Everything from the decor to the food can only be tried on the wedding day, but the invites are sent way before that. That is why your wedding invite should contain all the above and more according to your requirements.