Muay Thai boxing is for healthy

Muay Thai boxing is for healthy

April 24, 2019 0 By Athena Campos

You may have heard of Muay Thai or Thai Boxing before, and you probably thought “this is a fight sport, I probably would get more harm than good”, well, that’s not so linear and certainly not true! Muay Thai had had an exponential growth on the last years, and more and more people search for it, not to fight or compete but to get in shape and improve their physical condition.

If you didn’t know, Thai Boxing has many fans because of the intense workout routines and the fast calorie burn that a huge amount of people search to get rid of some extra weight. Besides that, this sport makes you move a lot and work on your whole body in one training. What is better than that to improve your fitness level, including your strength and endurance? For sure, those stairs that you have to walk to your job won’t be that hard to climb after some practice.
 Well, if you think that’s all you can get for your health you are wrong! Muay Thai will also affect your self-discipline, attending their classes and training regularly is a brilliant way to improve your self-discipline. As you learn new skills and techniques and see yourself making progress in your fitness goals, you will be inspired and motivated to stick to your training schedule and practice. Anxiety, another mental factor that Thai Boxing will help with. In our current stressed lives, running from one place to another, practicing this sport will get your mind of that whole “to-do list”, and as you are obliged to concentrate on your opponent’s movements your mind will clear and relax, at the end, you will feel super fresh and light.
Muay Thai boxing


More and more we are prone to falling, and as we age it gets even worse. In addition, you guessed it right, Muay Thai boxing will help you with that, as well as will improve your reflexes, that tends to diminish through time. You have to be on one leg a lot of times, change directions quickly, kick in one leg, move your arms in multiple directions, defend yourself from attacks, and so on. All those reasons make you improve your balance and reflexes long term, meaning, less injuries, and more health.

About the Muay Thai boxing workout program, many people travel to Thailand to enroll in a training camp and to get the most out of the sport. But, as we discussed previously, Thai Boxing has grown and expanded to all over the world, so you don’t need to travel to Thailand anymore (unless you want too, surely you will enjoy the country). A Muay Thai training routine at  is most of the times similar, as the goal is to work on the fundamentals for better power, strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance. It consists of skipping rope, running, shadowboxing, Thai pad work, heavy bag training, clinch work, sparring, abdominals work, stretching and meditation. As you can see, the program is intense and complete, giving your body different feedbacks and challenges.