How do heat recovery systems work?

How do heat recovery systems work?

September 30, 2019 0 By Stefini Borota

Many people are not really familiar with heat recovery systems, but that’s something that everyone should know about, especially nowadays when recycling and being efficient is more important than ever. Let’s not keep this introduction any longer and jump straight into the content.

Today we’re talking about heat recovery systems, how they work and why they’re always a smart buy for your business, company and for your home as well.

What does heat recovery mean?

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Heat recovery is something that everyone that’s working with heat should implement in their system. It is basically the process of using the heat that you produce for your main cause, but also saving it and using it for a few other causes as well. For example, imagine that you’re running your own business where you are producing a lot of heat on a daily basis. After you use that heat for your main cause, it then goes to waste. But, why if you knew that the same heat you produced can be used for your main cause but also to heat up water in your home, power the ground heating in your apartment, or even use it for cooking?

Well, that’s what heat recovery is all about. By implementing a top-quality and sophisticated system in your entire procedure, you will be able to save more than ninety percent of all heat that you produce. The investment might be a little more than you would like it to be, especially if you’re just now finding out about this, but guarantees that you will be able to cover it in less than two years, and from there on, it’s all about profit and efficiency. You can even sell your heat to other facilities that work with something like this in your local area.

How does a heat recovery system work?

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Exodraft’s heat recovery system is able to recycle about ninety-five percent of all heat that would otherwise go to waste. That’s a mind-blowing percentage of heat that you’re saving. Excess heat in steam and flue gas are able to be recycled by that exact same heat recovery system, and then be converted into hot water or anything else that you would need for your home.

On their website, they have a feature which allows you to contact them and use their calculator in order to get a transparent view of how much you’re going to be saving every single month, and how much you’re going to need until you get that sweet return on investment.

Please note that by doing something like this your business will automatically get the “Green Pass” which is something that a lot of people are valuing nowadays. This will also increase your reputation in the eyes of your customers, and help you get even more customers, simply because people tend to trust businesses that care about the environment a lot more than those that don’t.

Installing such a setup in your entire procedure is not very hard to do, and luckily there are professional teams that will take care of this entire responsibility for you.