How Being More Comfortable Can Improve Your Game

How Being More Comfortable Can Improve Your Game

July 25, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

There are many ways to improve your gaming experience. We already know that the more practice you put into it, the better you get. But there are also a few more secrets you can apply to your gaming habits to give you an edge on the competition.

We gathered some secrets pro gamers claim they have used in the past to help take their gaming to the next level by
adding a pillow to your favorite gaming chair

In the past few years, companies have started to design special gaming chairs to help gamers from developing cramps during long gaming sessions. These chairs are ergonomically designed to fit your body perfectly. They also come with many bells and whistles, some we like and others we dislike.

But you can take it a step further and upgrade the comfort of your chair with a bamboo pillow. If you haven’t heard of the softness of bamboo pillows, you can check out this article here by Any pillow you choose from their comparison chart is surely going to improve the comfort of your gaming experience.

Going Bare…

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Foot, That is! That’s right research shows that we can concentrate better when our feet are bare and not covered with socks or shoes. Some think it has to do with our instinct of “fight or flight” while others debunk it as a myth.
Either way, you can try this method out without much effort at all. Give it a go with a few practice runs and see how much better or worse you perform with bare feet.

Putting on Your Favorite Cologne

You don’t only smell better when you put on cologne, some say it can also improve your game. This is another secret many professional gamers claim they use. Some experts say certain colognes and smells put gamers in the “mood” to not only play but Play to Win! You can start this habit by putting on a certain perfume or cologne after winning or doing well in a gaming session. Your mind will start to associate that smell with winning, and your mindset will be that of a Winner!

Lower Lighting for Better Gamin

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Some attribute the lighting of the room as a contributing factor to performance. This is especially true for fast-moving games that have a high refresh rate and many frames. But it is the opposite when it comes to slower games that require strategy over reflex. A lower lighting atmosphere will provide a more relaxing environment and put less stress on our eyes. This will allow your mind to focus more on the game’s strategy rather on trying to squint to see well.


To sum it all up, we spend a lot of money upgrading our gaming gear and neglect the simple things we can do. With competitive gaming, every little tip helps and being more comfortable is a major part of being a better gamer.