9 Routes to Discover Spain on Your Motorbike

9 Routes to Discover Spain on Your Motorbike

April 17, 2020 0 By Draga Mihalkov

Travelling is always awesome, regardless of the transport you use to move from one point to another. Road trips with friends are fun; flying is always exciting; trains are perfect to read a good book while enjoying the view, but there’s nothing comparable to the freedom of riding a motorbike

Bikers know very well that the best way to enjoy the landscapes is on two wheels, and the sensation of the wind hitting you head-on in your body is indescribable. For this reason, today we show you 9 essential motorcycle routes to travel around Spain. Because Spain is a biker’s paradise: winding roads, steep slopes, villages perched on hills… On the horizon, three hundred thousand kilometers of adrenaline and adventure on the asphalt.

The route through the Pyrenees

Image source: cyclinglocations.com

Touring the Pyrenees on a motorbike is a great way to start discovering Spain on two wheels. The Pyrenees are the largest mountain range in Spain, and it is one of the best areas to enjoy the mountain roads. In this route, you will face the toughest mountain passes, and there are roads for all tastes from Navarra to Catalonia. The best time of year to take this route is during summer, although spring and autumn may also offer a charming experience.

For two or three day trips, taking the N-260 road is the best option. The emblematic N-260 connects the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea with the Cantabrian Sea in one of the best motorcycle routes in Spain along its 800 kilometers in length. In this road you will find the best views of the Pyrenean valleys, and also have the chance to try the excellent gastronomy of the high mountains. Click here for more information about this route.

Three days around Galicia

The route begins in Ourense, in the N-120, and goes through Os Peares, Monforte, Doade, Castro Caldelas, Sas de Penelas, Montefurado, O Barco, Puente de Domingo Flórez, Carucedo and finally Ponferrada. Mountains and meadows, churches and bells: pure Galician immersion, amazing for its earthly beauty and its exciting layout, as well as for the absence of four-wheeled vehicles so threatening for the enjoyment of motorcycles.

After this beautiful day trip experience, you can go on a two-day trip between Santiago de Compostela and Ortigueira. The first day we will travel through the Rias Baixas, with a soft coast punished by the Atlantic, the Barbanza peninsula, between the Muros and Vilagarcía estuaries. Let yourself be surprised by the beautiful Celtic enclave of Castro de Baroña, the privileged views of the whole peninsula from Monte da Curota, the ancestral beauty of the Toja, San Andrés de Teixido or the salty views of Cariño.

The route through Asturias coast

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This circular route starting in Avilés is full of great curves from start to finish. It will take you to Cudillero, Cabo Busto, Luarca, Navia, Cangas de Narcea, Soto de los Infantes, Cornellana, Pravia, and Soto del Barco -which are some of the most beautiful spots of the región, among other points of interest. The first part is the most touristic, the second part is only suitable for the real riders. In Luarca, do not forget to go up to the chapel that overlooks the port and the mouth of the Negro River. The views are breathtaking.

The Bárdenes in Navarra, a martian-like route

The Bárdenas Reales Park was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO to preserve the privileged environment that reminds us of the planet Mars’ surface. Within this national park, you can ride with your motorbike along 100 kilometers of asphalt after passing through towns like Carcastillo, Mélida or the Embalse del Ferial. If you decide to stop and enjoy the views, don’t miss the Cabezo de Castildetierra viewpoint, the most photographed panoramic view of this surreal place.

The Sierra de Gredos Tour

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This route is 408 kilometers long and it takes approximately 7 hours to complete. It starts in the Sierra de Gredos, passing by the Castañar del Tiemblo, the Burguillo, the Valle del Jerte -the cherry blossom tres during Spring are breathtaking!, and finally through the Natural Park of Sierra de Batuecas to Ciudad Rodrigo.

Sierra de Guadarrama Route

In this tour that takes 10 hours to complete you can join all the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama -always taking some extra roads to be able to go through all of them. Our adventure begins in Torrelaguna and takes us through the Passes of La Puebla de La Sierra, Navafría, Morcuera, Navacerrada, Alto del León and Cruz Verde, among others. You will enjoy every step of the way on this route as you are having a long road filled with many beautiful sights and places.

The route through inland villages in Andalucia

To explore south Spain by motorbike, start in Marbella and then cross through Ronda, Grazalema, and Ubrique, Cortes de la Frontera and Genalguacil, a beautiful village with less than 500 inhabitants in the Genal valley. The beautiful sighs of these places will leave you out of breath. You can take some rest from biking and have a nice meal or have a cold drink.

Hopefully, these places will give you the idea of where to go when motorbiking in Spain. Visiting any of these routes is a good way to experience the culture of this beautiful country. Amazing weather, long roads, and great sights are the best for enjoying your ride.