How to Choose the Lights for the Car 2020

How to Choose the Lights for the Car 2020

February 14, 2020 0 By Draga Mihalkov

Lights for the car are a very common, basic, and cheap system. It is the most used by most cars. They are made up of a standard system with a bulb that can be removed and have an internal structure that is usually lined with a reflective material. This material serves to direct and enhance the luminosity of the bulb. Among its advantages is the fact that it presents cheap spare parts.

Its mode of operation closely resembles that of light bulbs. However, to perform adaptive functions, such as long lights without glare, almost exclusively LED headlights are used. Even xenon headlights, also called discharge lamps, are increasingly being replaced by light-emitting diodes, and have been completely ruled out in some manufacturers’ development departments.

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Xenon headlights

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The main competency of xenon headlights is halogen bulbs. They are made up of a system similar to that of a fluorescent tube but adapted to the headlights of a car. Specifically, they work through a tube full of gas. Among its advantages is the fact that they light up twice as much as a halogen system and have the ability to cover the entire road with lighting that penetrates all the areas through which the car rolls.

Led lights

More and more firms are betting on this system consisting of multiple diodes that achieve lighting as nearly as powerful as those of xenon. These types of lights require the hands of a specialist to repair these headlights if necessary.

The led headlights are replacing those of xenon. On the contrary, the LEDs convince at several points at the same time. Thus, with a lifespan of more than 10,000 hours, they usually exceed that of the vehicle, emit light of 5,500 Kelvin similar to the solar, and have low energy consumption. In addition, thanks to their enormous reaction speed, these headlights illuminate the road with great precision and resolution. While the LED headlights are able to illuminate at full intensity in fractions of a second, the xenon headlights take a few seconds to offer all their luminosity.

Laser projectors

The laser projectors work by means of a system that consists of several laser diodes that offer a much more natural and pronounced light than the rest of the systems. Among its advantages is its greater range and that this system consumes 30% less than the standard LED system.

How to use car lights

Beyond the types of car lights that you will find, you must consider what they are for. Here we leave these details.

Short lights

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These lights are used at night, always, on all roads and during the day, on all roads with fog, heavy rain, snowfall or clouds of dust or smoke.

It is not mandatory, but it is advisable to drive with the low beam lights on during the day since the vehicles are better distinguished. The daytime running lights equipped with some vehicles do not replace short-range lighting.

Road lights

Road lights are also known as long lights. They are used only at night on poorly lit roads. The rule indicates that when a license plate is not read at 10 meters or a dark vehicle at 50 meters, traveling at more than 40 km / h.

Placing led bulbs for cars is not easy if you have no experience, so it would be convenient that the light bulb supplier will facilitate the installation service.

Positive aspects of led car bulbs

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The LED lights are one of the best lighting resources that exist today in the market because its “simple” and robust technology makes them a versatile element, secure and extremely efficient. Hence it is not surprising that there are several positive points to opt for these when equipping a car.

Things must know about car lights:

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  1. Light temperature: The temperature of the light is basically the color that a bulb reaches, a parameter that is measured in kelvins, and that refers to the temperature necessary to generate, on a black body in the laboratory, a certain luminosity based on applying very high heat levels. Now, beyond the theoretical definitions, it should be noted that the led bulbs for cars, like the other LEDs, allow reaching levels of clarity very suitable for driving. In fact, it has been proven that the insomnia rates behind the wheel are reduced using this technology. Why? Because the characteristic halogen light that vehicles usually carry tends to give a low-temperature light, something that generates sleep.
  2. Low consumption: The led bulbs of the cars are basically diodes that, thanks to the material with which they are manufactured, are capable of projecting light (hence the previous explanation of the black body and the heat). With this, I want to tell you that if the converter that has the integrated bulb is of quality, the energy loss is practically nil; what makes the saving in the general consumption of the equipment very considerable if we compare it with what a conventional halogen needs. Moreover, to give you an idea, consumption is approximately 10%. Something that will make you require less battery power and, therefore, extend its life.
  3. Angles: LED spotlights have the advantage that they can be designed to emanate a beam of light at very different angles; and of course, this, applied to the led bulbs of the cars, makes the spotlights can project the light more clearly towards the front; place where you really should focus attention when driving. Well, no problem. In fact, there are car models in the market in which this can be regulated.
  4. Multipurpose design: Car designers need to have in their hand’s versatile materials, which can be adapted to multiple designs and, above all, that do not give problems in the manufacturing chain.
  5. Polychromatic: The led bulbs for cars, today, allow a very variable temperature range, and in fact, this can be, and in fact is, a magnificent resource to adapt the color of the light to each situation. Is better visibility needed? There are models that allow increasing the temperature of the light in the spotlights automatically. Moreover, this is a good technique to run away from drowsiness on long trips.