All You Need to Know About Aruba – 2021 Guide

All You Need to Know About Aruba – 2021 Guide

July 5, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

If you are looking for a place where you will get all the information about Aruba, then you have landed at the perfect destination for it. Here you will be getting all the information plus exciting facts about Aruba that you will become more fascinated by the One Happy Island.

There are many islands in the Caribbean, but the one island that truly stands out from the other islands is Aruba. Due to that, this island has the top beaches in the Caribbean, and that many people who once visit Aruba keep coming back for more. This island is just like an addiction and a dream you will never want to wake up from because it is so relaxing and alluring.

The people of Aruba are warm-hearted people who are very loving and welcoming towards tourists. The culture and history of Aruba are rich & significantly diversified as people from all over the world come to Aruba and have been living there for so many years. In perfect harmony, you will find all the different cultures blending in together and giving joy to everyone.

The weather of Aruba is also one thing that attracts many tourists to visit here as it is always bright and sunny here. The peculiar thing about the One Happy Island is that the famous white sand beaches are barefoot proof as the sand does not get hot even when the temperature is the hottest. Incredible, isn’t it? There are even more of such astonishing things that are there about Aruba.

Interesting Facts About Aruba


  • The weather in Aruba is mostly sunny, with an average temperature of 82 degrees.
  • The official language of Aruba is Dutch and Papiamento.
  • Accommodation is available for people with special needs.
  • Aruba is known to be the oldest Aloe vera company globally.
  • The currency of Aruba is the Aruba Florin, but the US dollars are also accepted easily in Aruba.
  • The drinking water of Aruba is of the best standards in the world; therefore, you don’t have to buy bottled water on the island.
  • The low season in Aruba is from April 15th and December 14th, and the high season is from December 15th and April 14th.
  • The time in Aruba is four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC -4), and it falls in the Atlantic Time Zone.
  • The national flag of Aruba tells the story of the island, and the national anthem of Aruba is Aruba Dushi Tera. The blue in the national flag of Aruba denotes the Caribbean Sea, and there is a compass (four points) which signifies the different national people who have found their home in Aruba. The yellow stripes tell about the autonomy of the island with the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • The cultural capital of Aruba is San Nicolas, and the official capital of Aruba is Oranjestad.
  • There is only one international airport in Aruba which is Queen Beatrix International Airport.
  • The third world’s most beautiful beach is Eagle Beach is in Aruba.

 On this island


You can get both beautiful beaches and adventurous rocky terrains. A blessing for Aruba is that it is out of the hurricane belt, so it is an ideal destination in the Caribbean as it is far off from the danger of being hit by a storm.

The beaches


Here are not only top-ranking ones in the Caribbean but the world. Yes, Eagle Beach is the third most beautiful beach in the world, and it is situated in Aruba. The photos that you see of the top scenic beaches in the world, the beaches of Aruba look just like that.

There is nothing better than a paradise for water sport enthusiasts where you can fulfil all your adventure dreams. The ones who are snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, then there is no place better than getting a great experience, and also you can enjoy the exotic marine species.

There are a lot of land adventures and excursions


They will make your days in Aruba just so unforgettable. There are contrasting landscapes in Aruba as in some places you will see the beaches, and as you move forward, you will get to see rugged landscapes. There are only a few travelers who care to venture beyond the beaches as most of the tourists feel that this island is only about beaches, but they are very wrong.

There are stunning and luxurious vacation rentals


Tourists just love the affordable Aruba vacation rental options as they are full of excellent facilities and amenities. At you can get a wide array of choices. When the accommodation is affordable, travelers enjoy it as they live at the best location in Aruba with great facilities. There are many fantastic vacation rental in Aruba where you can stay at excellent properties at the best of locations.

A paradise for all the foodies


As you will get various flavors as there are different cuisines. Make sure that you try out different cuisines from all over the world. Even the lip-smacking Aruban food is very interesting, and even the local cocktails give a punch of new flavors.

Don’t make the mistake of only staying to the cuisine you love, as you will then miss out on various cuisines that you might not get to taste anywhere else. Sunsets in Aruba are indeed a delight, and you can hop on a boat and head out to experience the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful sunset. You will never get bored of viewing the sunsets but don’t miss out on viewing them when you are in Aruba. The sight of the sunset will take your heart away.

People of Aruba are very friendly and warm


The welcoming smiles of the locals are so amazing that you cannot stop yourself from interacting with them. Most of the locals know more than three languages, making it very easy and convenient for the tourists to interact with them.

In Aruba, you will have a good time because that is all that the island is about. You will never be failed to be surprised by the thing that Aruba has to offer. In the Caribbean, only in Aruba, the most number of tourists come back for a visit. It can be seen that they cannot have enough of Aruba and certainly miss the vibe of the One Happy Island.