11 Ways to Lose Weight That Are Proven

11 Ways to Lose Weight That Are Proven

December 10, 2018 0 By Athena Campos

It is difficult to lose weight and we know it. It is difficult to watch what you eat and sticking to a diet. It’s not easy going to the gym either, and many don’t have time to go. So, we are going to share with you 11 ways to lose weight that are scientifically proven. They are going to help you reduce your weight without going to the gym and without diets.

   Eat unhealthy food from smaller plates

You need to be careful about the size of your plates. If you eat from a big plate, that may deceive you to think that you are eating little, and that will cause adding more food. And opposite to that if you eat from a smaller plate, your brain will think that you are eating more. You should try serving unhealthy food on smaller plates, and healthy in big ones.

   Chew more and slow down

We are always in a hurry, and sometimes we don’t even have time to eat. But you should try to eat food slowly and chew more because that way your brain will have more time to process if you had enough to eat. Your food intake will also decrease, and you will feel fuller with fewer calories.

11 Ways to Lose Weight That Are Proven

   Hide the unhealthy food

If you can see unhealthy snacks lying around, you will probably want to eat them. Even if you are not hungry, you will crave those unhealthy foods. So instead of unhealthy food on your table, place a bowl of fruits. And after some time when you want a snack, it will be natural for you to take a fruit rather than something unhealthy.

   Eat a lot of protein

Protein affects some hormones that have a role in hunger and fullness, so it is good to eat a lot of protein. If you do that it will reduce your hunger and you will eat fewer calories. Some of the foods that are rich in protein are chicken breasts, fish, eggs, Greek yogurt, quinoa, and almonds. If you eat a protein-rich breakfast, you will probably eat fewer calories for lunch.

   Eat fiber-rich food

Just like with protein-rich food, fiber-rich foods can help you feel fuller longer and they will reduce food intake. There is one type of fiber, viscous fiber, that is helpful in losing weight. This type of fiber can be found only in plant foods, for example in beans, asparagus, oranges, flax seeds, and oat cereals. It will help you in reducing your appetite because viscous fiber forms a gel that slows down your digestion.

   Serve food in smaller portions

If you eat your food in larger portions it encourages you to eat even more. You need to try to eat less food, which means you will eat fewer calories. And after some time, you will not see the difference, and you will get used to smaller portions.

   Eat without electronic distractions

Nowadays it is normal to watch TV or play with your mobile phone when eating. But that can cause you many problems that you aren’t aware of. It is because you don’t pay enough attention to what you are eating, and you are not paying much attention to how much you are eating. And if you do pay attention that could help you consume fewer calories. If you are distracted while eating constantly that can lead you to overeat and obesity.

   Drink enough water

Many people take drinking water for granted. But if you drink water regularly it can help you in losing weight. You should try drinking water about 30 minutes before your meals because it will reduce your hunger and you will not have a big urge for calories. And of course, you should drink water instead of sodas and sugary drinks.

   Eliminate sugary drinks

We said that you should drink water instead of sugary drinks, but you also need to know why. The main fault why you are consuming excess calories is because liquid calories from sugary drinks don’t affect fullness the way solid food does. That means when you drink something like that you will still be hungry, and you will eat something, and you will eat double the calories. Also, sugary drinks are linked to many diseases and weight gain. You don’t need to replace these kinds of drinks only with water, you can also drink sugar-free coffee or green tea.

11 Ways to Lose Weight That Are Proven

   Try to avoid stress and sleep well

We live in a stressful world, where everything is fast, and people often don’t have enough time even for sleep. But you need to know that stress and sleep are very important when it comes to your health and weight. Some very important appetite-regulating hormones can be imbalanced when you are not sleeping enough or if you are in a lot of stress. If these hormones are imbalanced your body will crave unhealthy food and you will be hungry more often. And what’s most important chronic sleep deprivation and stress are one of the main causes of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

   Serve unhealthy food on red plates

This may sound funny to you, but it actually works. If you are craving snacks, try serving them on red plates. There is a study where people ate more pretzels from white and blue plates than from red ones. It is because red color is associated with the stop signal and other warnings. So, when you see a red plate, your brain is triggered and it’s saying you to stop.

You can try some advice and see what best works for you. You don’t need to do everything at once, try with just a few. And if something is not working for you, try something else. Many of them are pretty simple and easy to include in your daily meal plans, and they can have a big impact on your lifestyle and weight loss.