How to Create strong Brand Identity for your Business

How to Create strong Brand Identity for your Business

May 19, 2020 0 By Edward H. Howard

Living out of your brand is a dream that a lot of people have in 2020, and if you’re one of them, we’ll be more than glad to help you out. There isn’t a better feeling than being your boss, but it’s also not a secret that achieving this will take quite some time and effort. In the end, it’s worth it though, so let’s not waste any time and help you learn some more about the secrets of brand-building.

In today’s article, we’ll go through some tips and methods that you can use to get the most out of your business, and we’ll try to keep it as simple and beginner-friendly as possible. We have a lot to talk about, so let’s start right away.

Learning the difference

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Some would say that owning a brand means investing a lot of money in a great logo, and then “slapping” it on a fancy ad. Although this is true to some extent when it comes to marketing, there’s a lot more behind it that you should know about.

First, your brand is how customers will see you, and nothing more. Some might disagree with this, but it’s true. How you operate, what your customer policy is, and how dedicated the customer support team you have is an entirely different story. That’s the difference between a brand and a business whatsoever.

However, both are equally important, and you shouldn’t leave any of those two behind. Your image is what attracts, and your service is what keeps your customer base loyal and long-lasting. If you’re great at branding, you can get away with some of the flaws in your business, and so on.

Defining your purpose

It’s easy to start building an empire, but the first thing that you must do is to have a very clear idea and a much clearer goal. If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, you won’t be able to achieve it no matter how hard you try.

Make sure that you know what exactly you want out of your brand. This is your opportunity to change how people see you, so use it well. Everything that you do regarding image, logo, designs, and merchandise will be based on your goal, so make sure to define your purpose as the first step.

Create a unique logo

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Here we are with one of your most favorite things to talk about. Yes, you’ll need a logo, and you’ll need a really good one. Before you think that cutting costs for this investment is smart, stop, and think for a moment of all the logos that you know of.

Is placing the “Apple” sign on a certain product more than enough of a reason to increase its price by thousands? Yes, it is. Is the Nike logo responsible for so many sales worldwide? Yes, it is. If we keep going with this, it’s going to take ages to name all the genius logos that we have these days.

Out of all investments for your business, we think that a logo is one of the most important once. According to, you create it once and it lasts forever, and it’s what people recognize you by, so make sure that you come up with a fantastic one, or simply hire the best designer in your area.

Learn about your competition

Ah, the good old brand-war. It sounds cruel or overly-direct, but if you don’t end up on top of your competition, you’re out of the game. A wise person once said that the best product is the one with the best marketing team behind it, so if you think of this, it’s morbidly true.

It’s very constructive to learn from your own mistakes, and more importantly how to better them shortly, but that’s simply not enough to reach the top and achieve success. You should often stop and think about a few of your competitors. Learn from both their successes and their mistakes. This is just one large playing field and there aren’t any rules, so playing your way will often work.

Also, creating a website is more than important, because the world is slowly transitioning into “the future” that we once thought about so much. If you don’t have a website it’s like you don’t have a “buy” option. Don’t miss out on tons of profit just because you think that building one is costly.

Focus on your audience

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You’re probably wondering why you can’t just become famous overnight, and trust me, most of us do too. The truth is, sometimes this takes a lot more time than expected, but if you’re persistent, it’s going to happen.

Focusing on your audience is something that’s slowly but surely bringing you success. You cannot target five different groups of people with opposite interests and of different age groups, it’s simply not going to work. Get to know what your products or services are about, and focus on building your loyal audience, and forming a regular customer group.

Social media titans such as Facebook and Instagram allow us to target specific age groups or people with certain interests. So if you own a fitness-brand, you should be targeting younger folks for example, and so on. If your products or services are good, slowly the word will spread, and you’ll have people “knocking on your door” waiting to buy.

Take your time

A part of becoming the owner of a strong brand is being patient and persistent. Does anybody ever speak of the person who gave up? No, they don’t, but they do praise the ones who kept going even when it was extremely difficult to do so.

When you show character your followers will appreciate it. If somebody notices that you are not giving up on your business no matter what’s going on in your bubble or with the competition around you, they’ll know that you won’t give up on your customers as well.

Loyalty is important, especially in the corporate world, so focusing on showing others that you fight for the things you want is already a huge advantage.