Pyrenees Motorcycle Route: Enjoy the experience

Pyrenees Motorcycle Route: Enjoy the experience

September 20, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

Touring the Pyrenees by motorcycle is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. It is a long journey, and we need to be prepared for a large number of variables that may occur. It is, therefore, necessary that in addition to seeing the weather forecast, be aware of the clothing and instruments necessary for the crossing.

Weather and climate on the Pyrenees route

If we want to prepare the route for the Pyrenees by motorcycle, we will have to do it in advance, beyond everything we carry we must be aware of the weather. In each of the stages, reviewing the weather forecast can help us to avoid any additional inconvenience.

Remember that the Pyrenees route is to travel from the north coast of Spain, through the highest peaks, to reach Catalonia. It is a long trip of the great number of kilometers, so the weather varies, sometimes very drastically. Being aware of it, we can carry the appropriate luggage on the motorcycle and not suffer in the open.

How many days on the motorcycle on the Pyrenees route?

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As such, this section is really relative as there will be individuals who make the trip in approximately 3 days as there will be others who do it between 5 to 8 days. This will depend on rest, eating times, nights and much more. It is advisable to prepare at least 5 days of travel to take pictures, rest, be careful and other aspects for an appetizing trip. If it is reduced from 4 days you will have to go in a hurry.

If you want to mark the route well, it is recommended that you do it on a physical map first and then upload the information to the mobile or GPS. You can start on the route through Hondarribia, to cross the northern part of Spain until you reach Zarauz. A road worth traveling through the place is Zumaya – Zarauz, take a camera with you.

It is impossible to name all the places that are worth traveling on the route, although there are certain sites that are really overwhelming. One of them is the entrance to France, the Ports of the Tour de France as the Col D’Aubisque and mentioning the section from there to the Col du Soulor, are 10 km available to go slowly, relax and have a good time on the way.

If you want a level, go through the entrance to Spain from France through the Aran Valley, it is crossing Baqueira and the Port of Bonaigua, it is fantastic. Another spectacular part of the trip is to finish in the National Park of Cabo de Creus in Costa Brava, wonderful.

What luggage to take on the Pyrenees route?

Since we are going to take a long motorcycle trip, the Pyrenees route requires that you carry good luggage with you. The company PyreneesOnMotorbike  recommends some of the most important elements to consider before all is the following:

Motorcycle gloves

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Gloves are very important if we are going to travel long distances on the motorcycle. In the case of the Pyrenees route, you must take two pairs with you, one for summer and others for winters. The temperature varies greatly from one point of the route to another, and in case of rain, also have some spare ones for good relief.

Motorcycle boots

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It is recommended that for this tour, the boots you wear are completely waterproof. This is important, you don’t want to change speeds or be on the bike with wet feet.

Motorcycle jacket

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A good jacket is also important and if it can be disassembled in layers, it is much better. This option is very interesting in case of fighting the cold of the mountain and the heat of the coast.

As you can see, the weather can go from warm to cold in a matter of kilometers, so you have to be completely prepared in this regard. Good equipment will guarantee you a good trip and optimal comfort at all times.

What motorcycle is recommended for the Pyrenees route?

A high displacement motorcycle will be recommended to make the Pyrenees route successfully. At least 600cc is recommended, in addition, if you have support for accessories that allow you to carry your luggage, much better.

There are many motorcyclists who decide to camp in camping stalls, while many others decide to stay in hotels. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, the difference is that with the hotel the price of the cruise will increase a bit. As many hotels are not found along the route, it is very common for you to have to sleep under the stars as usual.

In the suitcase, the best thing you can do is pack the GPS, tools, flashlights, razor, technical clothing such as coats, wire, electrical tape, canteen, sleeping bag, photocopy with motorcycle papers, spare keys and cleaning utilities personal.

An essential recommendation is to take the motorcycle 100% for a trip of this style, being stranded at some point by carelessness would be a tragedy. Take the motorcycle to a trusted workshop so you can safely ride on such a route.