How the 2Ds of Healthcare (Digital + Doctor) Can Improve Patient Compliance

How the 2Ds of Healthcare (Digital + Doctor) Can Improve Patient Compliance

July 30, 2019 0 By Edward H. Howard

This text is about telemedicine and digital health. It is an innovation which many doctors worldwide use to come in touch and serve a bigger number of patients. For more information about this topic, check this website .

Imagine feeling sick for a few days and being able to contact your nearest doctor on your phone. You connect with them online or do a video chat. The health worker takes a look at your medical history on your online chart and comes up with a treatment plan. He sends his prescription to your closest pharmacy, after which the medicine gets delivered to your home. Your phone has an app which follows your medicine intake and informs the GP about your progress. In the end, you feel much better with no trouble. This isn’t something that we are planning to achieve in a couple of years. It has already started in the healthcare space. It unites the 2Ds of healthcare – Digital + Doctor, which will help the patient compliance get better each year.

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Digitization is becoming very popular in India. They made their first telemedicine facility in 2000, and by now they have AI-based diagnostic services across the country. It makes them able to use new ways of communicating with patients, other doctors, and pharmacies and finding more medical information.

The Rise of the Digital Doctor

Digital health will become common in many countries thanks to the growth of the internet, expanding 4G services and mobile phones. It allows doctors to use new channels of communication, so the public is able to seek help in an easy way.

Global Survey by Indegene published an article in 2015. Which explained that 60% of health-care workers prefer tablet-based detailing and 45% prefer online detailing. It is assumed that more than 64% of doctor-patient communication is done online. Doctors in the US now prefer virtualization of Obamacare and Compliance. Most of the Chinese doctors interact with their patients on their smartphones because they think it allows them to have maximum communication.

The Digital Doctor Advantage

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World Health Organization has estimated that India has only one doctor per 1700 people. The minimum ratio should be 1:1000. Union Health Ministry says that India needs 4 lakh doctors more by 2020. These innovations may fix some problems that plague the healthcare system. Healthcare sector is addressing all of their traditional challenges and technology tries to make them easier by using tablets and iPads to find patient info and using telemedicine to bring healthcare to rural areas.

Digitization has a huge benefit for NCDs patients. They now have access to accurate information and the trust between the doctors and their patients should be increased. Medicine delivery should be improved by using Smartphone and health apps. With digital data, personalized care will get better since it’s easier and faster to share info and get consults from the doctors who coordinate your health.