Careers to Pursue in Gastonia That Help People

Careers to Pursue in Gastonia That Help People

March 16, 2019 0 By Athena Campos

Being able to support yourself and your family is a big part of whatever occupation you choose. However, most people find it most fulfilling to choose a career that has a positive effect on other people. And if you happen to be moving to Gastonia, North Carolina, you’ll likely be able to find a variety of jobs that fit this description perfectly. The options on the list below include different fields that can help people maintain good health, living situations, and businesses.


Nobody wants to wake up to a flooded bathroom or leaking pipes in the walls. This is where plumbers come in. They have the tools needed to not only solve these problems in a short period of time, but also to prevent such instances from happening again.

As a plumber Gastonia NC, you’ll help your clients by applying your skills in various commercial and residential areas. And you’ll be performing a much-needed service that not many people are skilled enough to handle.

Electrical engineer

Being a plumber isn’t the only profession that allows you to work in a variety of facilities. Electrical engineering will provide you with multiple opportunities to meet people and keep their facilities running well.

A career in engineering requires an undergraduate education at a college that offers such a program. You’ll mostly be working with such businesses as power plants, schools, corporate buildings, or factories.

Careers to Pursue in Gastonia That Help People



One of the ways we are able to improve people’s health is by helping them deal with emotional and mental issues that may have been with them since childhood. This is the job for psychiatrists, who are tasked with creating a connection with patients and helping them treat their conditions. Maintaining good mental health is important in order to have quality relationships, perform well in a job, and stay in good physical health.


Dentists also play a major role in helping people maintain good health by keeping their mouths free from disease. The tasks you’ll be given with this option range from anything like giving regular patients a quick cleaning to studying gums and teeth for signs of oral diseases. As a bonus, it’s also ranked in the top 10 for highest paying jobs in North Carolina.


Anyone with years of advertising experience who is living or moving to Gastonia could benefit from getting a job in marketing. As a marketing executive, you’ll be able to help a variety of companies grow their businesses and contribute to their communities. But you don’t necessarily have to enter this field as an employee. Many marketing professionals run successful businesses of their own.


It’s hard to think of a more noble profession than teaching. You’ll have the opportunity to mold young minds and shape future ideas. Plus, the demand for teachers is always high, so you can almost always guarantee that you’ll find a job.

Teaching requires at least a bachelor’s degree, depending on the grade level you intend to work with. If you’re planning to teach K-12, your undergraduate degree will be all you’ll need to start. But if you intend to pursue teaching at the college level, you’ll have to hold a graduate degree.




When you think of making a career out of helping people, nursing might be the first thing that comes to mind — and with good reason. As a nurse, you’ll not only help treat people’s injuries and illnesses, but you’ll also put them at ease in stressful situations. And just like teachers, nurses are always in high demand, so it’s easy to find a job wherever you live.

If you’re looking to pursue a career that helps people through health, financial improvement, or education, keep these options in mind.