What is Immediate Edge & Tips for Using It – 2021 Guide

What is Immediate Edge & Tips for Using It – 2021 Guide

December 19, 2021 0 By Patrick Fletcher

In the late 1900s, if someone said that a currency would replace paper currency soon, he would indeed have been regarded as a fool. But now, it’s visible that cryptocurrency is taking over any other known forms of money with tremendous growth in its value.

From 2016-2021, bitcoin has shown over 6000% growth in its value which is a visible sign that crypto is the future.  There are no banks and offices; it is done via trading platforms, and transactions are maintained in a public domain directory. So in this article, we will discuss an advanced trading platform known as Immediate Edge and tips for using it.

What is an Immediate edge?

There are various crypto trading applications in the market, and people believe that the immediate edge is just an increase in the number. But the fact lies far beyond because the immediate advantage is the perfect amalgam of technology with business analysis.

The ideal definition which defines immediate edge is, “Immediate Edge is an AI-based trading system which analyses entire statistical data and based on the calculations and reports advises you on the most profitable cryptocurrency.”

It has earned users’ trust by providing top-notch services and almost perfect predictions making it easier to develop strategies to manage your portfolio. You can read more on it here.

Features by Immediate Edge

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  • Highest active users
  • Immediate edge is a single platform with the highest number of active users creating a community of investors.
  • Starting at $250
  • You can start investing and trading in bitcoin with a minimal investment of $250.
  • Fast Trading System
  • It is said to be adjusting according to the latest news just before the market changes based on the information.
  • Security and Privacy
  • It uses a complex encryption algorithm that ensures the complete safety of your wallet and data. It also follows all the government-mandated measures to ensure data privacy.
  • Ten free withdrawals

Some applications charge a fee for withdrawals, whereas immediate edge provides users with ten free withdrawals, and after that, users are charged a 1% fee on each transaction.

Tips for Using Immediate Edge

Some tips have to be kept in mind, making it easier for users to invest and trade using immediate edge and make profits.

Small Profits better than the significant loss

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Greed should not be the motive to invest or trade; it should always be a curiosity to search for opportunities and passive income. Greed makes you rush and make wrong decisions, sometimes for higher profits, you end up winding up all the little you gain, so you should never make a significant investment until you are 110% sure about a particular cryptocurrency.

Invest in your own money

When people see others getting massive profits from investing, they take money from people of interest and invest it in cryptocurrency. But this is not a wise decision because if your investment is a failure, you are stuck in the debt cycle. So one must invest with his own and free money.

Create trading limits

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You must maintain your trading schedule and make sure that you create a red flag limit, and you must never cross that limit until you are entirely sure of the profits. Even when you are confident, you must not invest more than 60% of your total fund because there is no turning back if the investment is a failure.

Invest with drop

A drop is crucial for a cryptocurrency because one doesn’t know how this currency will turn into profits or losses. So when there is a drop in cryptocurrency, and the stats and other news reports show there is a high chance of a bounce in the value of this cryptocurrency, you must invest in it.

The only way to minimize the chances of loss is by researching the particular cryptocurrency and the reasons for its fall. And if you have a notion that this cryptocurrency can show an effective or exponential growth in the coming time, you must invest.

Maintain two portfolio

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It’s well said that an investor should always work with a backup plan because he will rely totally on the growth of his assets and lose opportunities without a backup plan. So each investor should invest 60% of their total amount for a short-term profit and 40% for long-term gain.

Short-term profits can be obtained instantly within a few days or weeks, whereas a long-term portfolio can show excellent benefits after a decade’s tenure. So short-term trading can be referred to as your expense fund, and long term can turn out to be your retirement fund. So invest accordingly.

Take thoughtful risks

Instinct is both good and bad for an investor because sometimes your intuition will tell you to take risks, and when you do, it can bring massive profits and bizarre losses. So you need to make sure that your instinct is well carried with logic because if your intuition believes in a cryptocurrency and the stats say the other way around, then it’s better to avoid it.

Moreover, instinct is the human ability to process information and generate possibilities. When you read a lot and research a lot, you will develop an instinct corresponding to reports. You can also create a distribution like 55% short-term profits, 35% long-term, and 10% instinct funds.

Research Deeply

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The core strategy of trading success is simply reading and researching because there are no wonders done overnight. You won’t get a dream that specific crypto is going to boom. It’s just regular reading and knowledge that helps you conclude particular results.

Each day websites release reports and updates on the latest news trends, which can affect the crypto values, so you must remain up to date with the latest updates as this will make you lead with your portfolio.


Cryptocurrency has changed the complete infrastructure of money management; it uses the non-decentralized system for money transfer. This has allowed people to invest more in these cryptocurrencies, which you can do via trading platforms.

So in this article, we discussed Immediate edge, an AI-operated trading platform making it easier for users to trade using cryptocurrencies.