How to Choose a Company Name: Generators

How to Choose a Company Name: Generators

March 6, 2023 0 By Clifford Strashni

Choosing a name for a new company is not easy and it is necessary to approach this problem consciously. A correctly chosen company name evokes positive associations with potential customers and makes it clear what special services your company offers.

If you are looking for a suitable name, then you can use the generator of names Turbologo. Based on your wishes and company activities, the name generator will give you the best options in a couple of minutes. This is a great way for those who are hesitant to choose the right and good name for their business.

Strategies for coming up with company names are not easy, but if you master them, you are sure to create something completely unique. You can draw inspiration primarily from literature – especially fantasy literature.

The main criteria for selecting a name


  • Look at the past. Many people say that Latin is an ancient and dead language. But it is the very old languages that convey the association of tradition, old knowledge, and special knowledge. Since many technical languages are also based on Latin and Greek, it makes sense to base the invention of a company name for such industries on something long past.
  • Make a new one out of existing information. A good strategy for coming up with a company name is to break down words and sentence elements into individual parts (e.g. syllables, sounds, letters, word fragments) and put them together. Here’s how you can come up with a company name that can combine several aspects of your company. This also provides clues for a slogan.
  • Name the company after the founder. This is when your company will be unique because of your initials point you can name the company after your full first and last name or take some initials and tie them together with other words.
  • Gather ideas. If you want to come up with company names, you don’t always have to work alone. Ask all your family members, friends and acquaintances to send you two or three ideas. You already have a bunch of associations creating company names to work with. You may already have the right company name out there.

Tips for choosing a company name


In order for your company name to have the desired effect, there are several things you should consider when naming individual companies:

  • Choose a name that is memorable.
  • Distinguish it from your competitors’ names.
  • Unmistakable and unique, at least in its industry.
  • Make sure the term in question fits well with your services or products.
  • But also make sure that the company name doesn’t over-emphasize certain services so that you can expand your services in the future without having to rename yourself.
  • Avoid words that may trigger negative associations.
  • Make sure the name you choose isn’t already taken and you’re not violating any naming rights.
  • Make sure you have an accessible web address that matches your company name as closely as possible.
  • Make sure your company name is easy to pronounce and the spelling is easy to understand when you hear it.

Company names are especially effective when the listener or reader can associate them with a potential benefit. Also, catchy word combinations that grab attention are memorable.