12 Creative and Unique Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

12 Creative and Unique Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

May 13, 2020 0 By Draga Mihalkov

No matter the occasion, it is always good to be creative and give loved ones something to be remembered by, something that is creative and unique. This is not always easy to do, especially if you are not that close and you have just started dating, or you are together for a long period of time. If you are running out of ideas you have come to the right place, since we have done extensive research and found few creative and unique gifts. Spoiler alert, one of them has something to do with number plate maker.

1. Movies to watch poster

If your loved one is a movie enthusiast one of the things you can give him is a poster that has a lot of fields underneath which is a movie-related infographic. This can be an amazing thing especially for the ones that love movies and each field needs to be scratched off, so this can be turned into a weekly game, that you need to watch the movie scratched together.

2. Headphones

Everyone needs a good pair of headphones, so if your bf has none, or is prone to breaking or looking them you can get him a pair that he can use. They can be wireless or not, and small or big, depending on the preference. Our personal choice would be noise-canceling ones, but they are big so due to convenience you may choose the small ones. Be sure to get a case for them, so they can be packed and carried around safely.

3. Charging station

Image source: pexels.com

This is something that anyone with multiple devices should have and invest too. Not only that the devices will be stored in one place, but they will be charged all at once. The convenience is real, and not only this but make the desk look neat and well organized.

4. Car charger

Speaking of chargers, do not let your special someone go around with low battery, if he owns a car, an accessory like this will for sure come in handy. Being able to recharge your phone on a daily commute will make life way easier, plus, he could not use an excuse my battery was empty, so I could not answer.

5. Custom made registration plates

Image source: pexels.com

If you know that your special someone, you are getting a gift is not satisfied by the number of plates that they have, you might want to consider getting them a custom made number plates. This can be an amazing gift, just be sure that this is okay to do when it comes to the law, in the country, you live in.

There are a lot of number plate makers that can be used to make custom ones, but number1plates.com will provide you with the thing that you want, customized to the extent you want and need. They are specialized in making registration plates and they will make the one you want.

6. Car polish kit

For the ones that do love their four-wheeled companions, this is a perfect gift. The kit is most cases contains we bottles of oils made for different materials, such as leather, plastics, and wood. It also includes polishing rags.

7. A good book

Image source: pexels.com

A good book is never out of fashion, so if your bf loves to read, you can get him a book. It can be some of the world classics, or something that is light and newly dated. In order to get a good book you need to know him, and to be good at checking the books on his bookshelf to get the idea of the type of book that can be purchased. No matter which book you get, be sure to put a note on the first page in order to make it more personal.

8. A good watch

After years together, you will know your boyfriend so good that you will be able to get him a gift that is more expensive. If we talk about an anniversary or birthday, a good watch may be a good thing to get him. This can be an analog one, with metal or leather bracelet, or if he loves gadgets, a smartwatch. Smart ones come in different shapes and sizes, but now you can get the one that resembles the analog ones but with all perks of the smartwatch.

9. Wallet

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A wallet is always a good purchase, no matter if you have chosen a leather one that can keep all the cards and personal documents, or aluminum one that stores cards and cards and has a buckle for the money, you cannot go wrong with this.

10. A beard kit

Well-trimmed and nourished beard is so in. If your loved one has a beard, a kit for maintenance is a perfect choice. All these kits will contain products for washing, few oils, and waxes; some will additionally have a comb.

11. Phone case

With this one, you can get so creative, you can get the blank one and make a drawing or paint on top of it if you are talented for this. There are ones made from wood, so you can get something like that, and if he is turned to nature, you can get the one that is donating a specific amount to save the bees or turtles.

12. Action figures

Men do love their toys, so if yours does as well, you can get his an action figure of his favorite comic book character or movie character. This can be a star wars figure or marvel action figure. You know your man, and we believe that when it comes to these figurines you will do an amazing job in choosing. If you are not sure, you cannot make a mistake with baby Groot.


We hope that we have made your choice much easier. As you can see there are a lot of things on the market, from different gadgets to movie posters and action figures. Custom made number plates are very popular now, and so are different kits. No matter what you choose, pair it with a personal note and be certain in your success.