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Every blog manager is scouting for the magic formula for higher Google rankings. It can be a tiresome and time-consuming process. Some may call it a wild goose chase. But there is way this can be handled in a timely and intelligent way. How, you ask?

It is widely known that the recipe for Effective On-page optimization of a WordPress website includes intelligently crafted elements like: keywords research, keyword density, meta tags, meta descriptions, links, images, content, readability, amongst many others.

But, There is a secret sauce that blends these ingredients into a dishy site that Google loves.

The Secret Sauce is – ‘finding the Right SEO plug-in’

The problem with most SEO plugins is that they are outdated.

SEOpressor WordPress plugin saves the day by offering a perfect blend of features and service like:


  • On-page analysis to access how Google is likely to analyze your website
  • Analyzing and fixing Broken Links in your website
  • Get your website ready for Semantic web
  • Improve readers’ time on page and hence, overall ranking

seopressor dashboard

Read on to find out how can work for you:


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1. How to Analyze real-time SEO keyword scores

seopressor score

What do you think SEO keyword scores are? It’s simple, using SEOpressor, you can check readability, SemanticQ density, and word count of the keyword you choose.

SemanticQ density is a parameter calculated using SEOpressor algorithms.  Ideally, this should be done for the keywords with low competition and high ranking.

This feature is really useful for bloggers who update their content daily. All you need to do is to click refresh the analysis button and the updated SEO score will be displayed.

However, the usage of these parameters might not be useful for everyone. The SemanticQ density parameter might be treated differently by Google. As such, the usefulness of the parameter in a general perspective is highly subjective.

 2. LSI Keyword optimization

seopressor suggested optimization

This feature is a great help for people who are not aware of the intricacies of SEO optimization.   If you are new to blogging and have just created your own blog on WordPress, this feature would be a lifesaver in many situations.

Despite the usefulness of this feature, how many search engine would index your site daily? Google’s ranking algorithm is dynamic.  What if tomorrow these two aspects are not included for ranking purposes?  Less sophisticated search engines might treat the parameters differently.

3. Use Schema for more visibility

seopressor schema markup

Schema is basically a collection of metadata. It helps to run websites that are data-oriented. The expansion of over the years was a necessity as the number of schemas is increasing daily.

It has a lot of scope regarding growth and development. Dublin Core is a well-known descriptive metadata scheme.

The advantage of using is that it has both and Dublin Core builders as a build in feature. This allows a hassle-free experience in terms of marking contents.  This has a positive influence on the quality of content on the blog.

The reasons for  this is the plethora of choices offered in terms of availability of data type. Hence the need for writing additional code is eliminated. The inbuilt feature of SEOpressor allows the application of markup to the content, reducing the time and ensuring efficiency.

seopressor semantic builder

Despite being able to apply markup to content, does not consider the length of the page which might affect the ranking of the particular blog.

However,   installing the plugin is a confusing process. Most people new to SEO would want to give up.  The process is a little frustrating and that is not where it ends.

Even if a person is a quick learner and can follow instructions carefully, this is one of the biggest downfalls of Even then this is easier compared to getting your receipt number and adding a domain to it.


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4. How to Analysis of multiple keywords

seopressor seo score


This is one of the key features of It allows you to target 3 keywords at a time. A set of LSI keywords are also provided. This would allow you to use them for better On- page SEO.

However, there is a flip side to it as well.  There is an aspect of SEO called keyword stuffing.  Overusing a keyword is unnatural.

Imagine reading a keyword in every other sentence? This is one occurrence that might occur with people new to SEO.  focuses way too much on keyword frequency, which can actually be a bad thing for a blog.

5. Use powerful suggestions related to LSI keywords

seopressor LSI keyword suggestion

LSI means latent semantic indexing, this helps to related keywords together. It is made possible by extraction of information from texts.

While this feature is useful for people new to SEO, once you get the hang of how LSI keywords work, you will not need them.

While this feature is useful, it is not that important compared to other features offered in those plugins.

 6. Use Social SEO

seopressor Social SEO

Social SEO comprises of OG tags and twitter cards. This feature helps to link data together. It ensures more people reach your blog through google searches.  This would mean your blog would rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP’s).

The way this works is when you want to share your experiences along with your tweets, you use twitter cards. If you want to add meta tags for reaching more people you can use OG tags.


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7. Automatic inter-linking (smart-linking)

seopressor automatic inter linking

As a blogger, you are aware of the time taken to manually inter-link your posts. Even if inter-linking helps to get a higher rank on the google search page, it is a tedious process. SEOprocessor saves the day here with automatic smart linking.seopressor smart link managerYour posts would be automatically linked to getting higher view counts and a higher rank. The only task you need to accomplish here is assigning which keyword is to be linked to a post.

8. Checking your website’s performance with Site audit

seopressor site audit

It is a new feature of Site audit wherein you can check the performance of your website.  Intricacies related to website performance like average score and health of the website is visible. You can also check the errors and warnings related to your website.

9. Dynamic Crawler control

seopressor dynamic crawler

In my opinion, this is one of the best additions to the new version of plugin. It allows you to create XML sitemaps, canonical URL, and 301 redirected URL. You can customize the feature according to your requirement on the Robot rules setting provided in the Crawler.

seopressor dynamic crawler controllerHowever, at times you need help from the support staff in regards to features like this. The process that is there to submit a help desk ticket is ambiguous and tedious. The response to emails is erratic.  This might cause people to ask for a refund and needs fixing.

Summary of Pro’s and Con’s of SEOpressor


  • A low overall cost which stays the same regardless of multiple sites.
  • Provides a basic understanding of SEO.


  • The customer support provided is really poor.
  • Configuring the plugin proves to be a herculean task.
  • It is getting outdated compared to other plugins.
  • The excessive emphasis on keywords can actually negatively impact blog traffic.

In comparison with the Mighty WordPress SEO Yoast

seopressor features

WordPress’s Yoast has more features offered at a lower price.

Let’s take a look at the featured and compare them:-

  • Listing data verification offered by Yoast, no such feature from SEOpressor.
  • Page analysis and SEO suggestions offered only by Yoast.
  • On page SEO score and report provided by Yoast, no such feature in SEOpressor.
  • Keyword recommendations offered for free by Yoast, absent in SEOpressor.
  • LSI keyword research available only for SEOpressor for free.
  • Optimizing page titles available for Yoast.
  • Meta tag templates provided by Yoast.
  • XML sitemaps are provided by both Yoast and SEOpressor.
  • Image sitemaps only provided by Yoast.
  • Internal linking available only for SEOpressor.
  • Canonical tag support provided for Yoast features absent in SEOpressor.
  • Breadcrumbs markup is provided by Yoast.
  • Google webmaster account provided by both.
  • Google Analytics integration, Facebook open graphs, support for Twitter cards provided by both.
  • Support for Twitter cards provided by both services.
  • Support for Google services provided only by Yoast.
  • Google authorship service provided by both products
  • Alexa verification service provided by both products.
  • Pinterest rich pins provided by Yoast, feature absent in SEOpressor.

Let’s talk about the advanced and niche SEO features. These features are needed to improve SEO rank.

  • You cannot scan for duplicates on SEOpressor, this feature is only available in Yoast.
  • Presence of redirect manager on Yoast makes work easier.
  • Video SEO feature absent on SEOpressor, available on Yoast.
  • You can import SEO features on Yoast, no such option present on SEOpressor.
  • Tracking keyword ranking and social sharing statistics not available on either product.
  • You can optimize your RSS feed on Yoast, can’t do that on SEOpressor.
  • txt and .htaccess as a File editor available only on Yoast.
  • Premium support available for both products.

Also read : 9 step to find profitable SEO niche markets for your interest.

Some of the features overlap between the two products. Despite the difference, there is one commonalitybetween the two; both products provide a unique interface with which you can optimize your site. This would also help in increasing the rank of your website on Google. This is the reason you might want to try both products before deciding on one for your business.


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Price comparison, SEOpressor, and WordPress Yoast


seopressor prices


There are different advantages in terms of price for using both products. :-

  • In case of one website with minimum features price for Yoast is 0(free) and SEOpressor charges 97 US$.
  • In case you want all features for 1 website, Yoast charges 247 US$ and SEOpressor charges 97 US$.
  • If you want minimum features for 10 websites, Yoast is free, SEOpressor charges 97 US$.
  • If you want all features for 10 sites, Yoast charges 907 US$, SEOpressor charges 97 US$.

As you can observe, the prices of SEOpressor remains constant, whereas Yoast charges variable prices based on minimum or maximum features.

You could argue that SEOpressor has fewer features and Yoast provides an option for free services, which is correct.

WordPress’s Yoast is more suitable for people new to SEO who are not ready or don’t have the disposable income to invest in a product to optimize the blog for minimum features.

SEOpressor acts as the middle ground in terms of price and utility. This feature would work for businesses, as they would need to have multiple blogs and websites.

Final verdict

 The million dollar question here would be, is SEOprocessor worth buying?  In our opinion, it depends on what you are looking for.

If you are planning to take steps towards ensuring your blog appears in the search rankings, you should go for SEOprocessor.

If you are a beginner in terms of SEO tools and techniques, SEOprocessor would be the best option for you.However, some people use a combination of various plugins on their blog.

This option is suitable for people with some experience in  SEO tools. Despite the positive aspects, the plugin hasn’t aged really well. Nowadays there are better plugins with more payment options.

There have been cases of users having used the trail feature of SEOpressor and getting stuck.  The less number of features is definitely a negative.

The response time of the support staff is lacking. If you are concerned with big brands and can afford it, you can go through with SEOpressor.

There are far better alternatives for upcoming bloggers. What is important here is gaining your reader’s trust as a blogger. Think one step ahead in terms of analytics so that you get what works and what does not.

SEO is dynamic but one thing never changes. Google always rewards sites that ensure the audience interacts with them.


Get SEOpressor WordPress Plugin @ 40% Off

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