Justhost – An Unbelievably Spectacular And Affordable Host That Will Make You Blown Away?

Founded in 2008, justhost has become one of the best website hosting service provider because of the professional and premium services they have on offer. If you want to know more about how to choose the best website hosting services, read it first.

Justhost has a large range of features, with many extras like unlimited email accounts, unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer along with one domain name registration.

Thus it is an excellent value for your money. As an addition advantage, one click installation for hundreds of open source applications also are available via their mojo marketplace.

Justhost is a preferred company for bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for website hosting for cheap.

Their website is clean and easy to use. Their administration panel is intended in same vein and makes using justhost extremely pleasurable as compared to some other hosting companies that have complicated administration panels.

What makes justhost a favorite of most?

Justhost is a pioneering website hosting company recognized widely for offering features-rich, reliable, usable and cheap unlimited website hosting services. Justhost is supported by dedicated top-class data center that is invested with nearly 8 million us dollars with over 500 employees and thousands of servers.

Today, they are serving over one million clients and take a very large part of the website hosting market for small businesses and personal websites. I think if you opt for a 2 to 3 years commitment to justhost, then it becomes one of the cheapest hosts out there. Some of their top-of-the-line features i found include:

  • Unlimited websites, email accounts and sub domains
  • Unlimited parked domains with Free website builders
  • $200 advertising credits
  • Script library including wordpress, php, joomla, os commerce, etc
  • Unlimited bandwidth and space and email storage
  • Instant set up and 1 free domain
  • 30 days money back guarantee with Customer tailored support
  • Easy to use control panel forwarding email accounts
  • Support international domain names
  • Unlimited site transfer and Web file manager
  • Email auto-responder

Why justhost servers are absolutely great and commendable?

Justhost’s headquarters are located in the uk, us and australia, with the hosting activities on illinois data center. With dual quad processor performance server, justhost offers website hosting for small businesses and individuals with unlimited space for hosting.

Their servers offer fast responsiveness for your site, so that your clients will have a great experience viewing your website. Justhost also claims to offer secure web hosting environment to keep the customers’ sites without interruption. Check more about Siteground secured hosting here. The key features of justhost servers include:

  • Monitored 24/7 by expert technicians
  • Advanced server monitoring solutions
  • Quad processor servers with ups power backup generators
  • Reliable security patches
  • Linux and windows based servers

What email features of justhost makes it out-of-the-box?

When it comes to emails, I found that justhost does not lack behind. Check out here about bluehost secured email hosting services. In Justhost features which make it one of the best email hosting service providers include:

  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Separate web based emails solutions
  • Unlimited email storage with Pop/imap
  • Email auto-responder (check more about email autoresponder tools here)

How justhost helps skyrocket your e-commerce hosting?

Justhost offers best ecommerce hosting service features too. With their great ecommerce features, I found that justhost makes it probable for the online resellers to easily sell their products and even make their transactions in a safe and secure way. Some of these features include:

How justhost makes your website secure?


Justhost takes every possible effort to make sure that your website remains safe and secure. Some of the great security features of justhost include:

  • Hotlink protection and Spam assassin
  • 24/7 network monitoring, Ssh and ssl
  • Uninterruptible power source power backup technology

How useful and valuable justhost’s cpanel is?

You get complete control on your site through justhost’s control panel. Justhost also uses the market standard control panel that is cpanel. The tools layout is simple and clean.

Justhost offers you the option to create your site using famous cms like drupal or wordpress or using website hosting service website builder i was able to create a website quite easily and when i hit on publish button, my website was live within a few minutes.

Cpanel of justhost offers access to dns,, webmail, addon domains, name-servers and other features. It is also possible to easily set up gmail and google apps. Account management and billing is handled through a different control panel’s area with separate login.

Using this cpanel is quite time saving. I found that it is a great solution particularly for the beginners without any experience in installation procedure.

Let’s have a look at the justhost’s cpanel in detail:

Website – with the website option of justhost, you can now manage your site easily with website manager, one click installs, weebly, install wordpress, page speed grader, themes and templates, logos& graphics, app-machine, etc.

Email – with email, you get an email manager, spam assassin, google apps check webmail, forwarders, spam hammer, spamexperts, mailing lists, auto responders, user filtering, account filtering option, etc.

Domains – whether you want to register a domain, need a domain manager, transfer domains, assign domains, need redirects, cloudflare or dns zone editor, you get all of them here.

Files – file manager, site backup pro, ftp manager, legacy file manager, disk space usage, file count and web disk are al what you get here.

Statistics – with this, you get choose stats, latest visitors, bandwidth, webalizer, awstats, access logs, webalizer ftp, cpu throtting, and error logs options.

Upgrades – justhost offers register domain, dedicated ip, domain privacy, ssl, site backup pro, upgrade hosting, sitelock, weebly, appmachine, sitelock cdn/waf, google apps, cloudflare, gomobi mobile, soloseo, constant contact option, etc.

Database tools – manage your database with justhost using remote mysql, mysql databases, phpmyadmin, mysql wizard, postgresql databases, phppgadmin, postgresql wizard etc.

Security – for security, you get ssl, sitelock, directory password, ssl/tls manager, ip deny manager, hotlink protection etc with justhost’s cpanel.

Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of justhost?

The advantages

  • 91% average uptime
  • Instant server provisioning
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free domain name
  • Many integrations and add-ons
  • Affordable packages

The disadvantages

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Customer support
  • Weekly backups are not guaranteed

What hosting packages are on offer by justhost?

Justhost offers many great packages for their clients. From an individual who requires complete functionality on small budget to the business owners, justhost has something for everyone. Let’s have a quick look on all packages justhost offers as one of the best website hosting service in my justhost website hosting review:

Shared web hosting

See more about eHost’s shared website hosting reviews and plans here.

Justhost offers a quite general shared web hosting plan aimed at budget end of the website hosting market. This kind of hosting is perfect for blogs and ecommerce websites. Some common features of the shared hosting plan include:

  • One free domain registration
  • Unlimited network bandwidth
  • Mysql databases, Standard performance
  • 5 email accounts and 50gb storage
  • 1000 database tables
  • Cloudflare cdn, Basic site backup pro

Shared website hosting is available under 3 tiers:

Basic plan – the plan supports one website, supports five email accounts, comes with 50gb disk space and 25 sub domains at $3.95/month.

Plus plan – the plan supports p to 10 websites, 100 email accounts, 50 sub domain names, comes with 150gb disk space and a cdn at $6.95/month.

Pro plan – the plan supports unlimited sites, unlimited sub domains, unlimited storage, unlimited email accounts. The plan comes with 1 dedicated ip, 1 ssl certificate and premium backup protection at $14.95/month.

Are you planning to go wordpress, you can go with best professional wordpress hosting services by WPEngine and wordpress portfolio themes by brandfuge.

Vps hosting

If shared web hosting is not enough for you, then justhost has 4 vps hosting plans for you. The most impressive features of vps hosting include:

  • An improved control panel, Root access
  • Managed services with Guaranteed server resources
  • Instant provisioning and Multi account management
  • Power cloud technology with Free domain name

The 4 plans that come under vps hosting include:


The standard plan – available at $14.99/month, the plan has dual core, 2 gb ram, 1 tb/month, 1 ip, free domain name and centos 6.5.

The enhanced plan – available at $29..99/month, the plan has dual core, 4 gb ram, 2 tb/month, 2 ips, free domain name and centos 6.5.

The premium plan – available at $44.99/month, the plan has triple core, 6 gb ram, 3 tb/month, 2 ips, free domain name and centos 6.5.

The ultimate plan – available at $59..99/month, the plan has quad core, 8 gb ram, 4 tb/month, 2 ips, free domain name and centos 6.5.

Check out iPage VPS hosting reviews and plans

Dedicated hosting

Designed with the cloud technology to offer reasonably priced managed hosting with immediate provisioning, justhost also offers dedicated hosting packages. Some key features of dedicated hosting include:

  • Data and account information protected with raid 1
  • Root access, Instant provisioning and Enhanced caching
  • Enhanced cpanel, Dedicated support with Money back guarantee
  • Storage upgrades, 1tb storage, 15 tb monthly data transfers with 16gb ram

Dedicated hosting from justhost is available under 3 tiers:

The standard plan – the plan is available at $149.99 per month and includes dual core, 2.3 ghz intel xeon processor, centos 6.5, 3 ips, free domain name, 5tb/month, 500 gb(raid 1), 4 gb ram, and 3mb cache.

The enhanced plan – the plan is available at $199.99 per month and includes quad core, 2.5 ghz intel xeon processor, centos 6.5, 4 ips, free domain name, 10 tb/month, 1000 gb(raid 1), 8 gb ram, and 8 mb cache.

The premium plan – the plan is available at $249.99 per month and includes quad core, 3.3 ghz intel xeon processor, centos 6.5, 5 ips, free domain name, 15 tb/month, 1000 gb(raid 1), 1 gb ram, and 8 mb cache.

Can you easily migrate a website to justhost?

Though the migration process of your existing domain to justhost is simple, it is not available for completely free. You need to pay $15.99/domain.

How is justhost in its performance – good or bad?


I found justhost’s performance to be average. When i tested justhost on bitcatcha, I found the response times to be 34 ms in us (w), 36 ms in us (e), 130 ms in london, 219 ms in singapore, 152 ms in sao paulo, 277 ms in pune, 191 ms in sydney and 211 ms in japan.

See more about A2 Optimized wordpress hosting performance and plans.

The overall grade justhost got in the bitcatcha test was “b”. Speed is one among the primary reasons why people leave your website. Visitors bounce, conversation goes down, page view fall down and client satisfaction declines. But this is not so with justhost. It is quite reliable when it comes to performance.

Is the justhost’s speed great like others?

Justhost offers fast website hosting service provider by leveraging its world class data center that uses five finger lines directly brought in the buildings with internet bandwidth of over 7,500 mbits. Justhost is quite confident in keeping all the hosted sites running very fast without any interruptions.


And if any problem arises, their technicians team can address it instantly prior to it becomes serious. Moreover, the multiple ten gigabit ethernet connection ensures clients’ data could be transferred at high speed.

Does justhost offer any promising and valuable uptime guarantee?

Justhost does not offer any uptime guarantee specifically on their website, though the website mentions that their technicians team monitors all their equipments for 24/7. In case, you are not satisfied with the service, you’ve an option to cancel and get a refund for remainder of the hosting plan time period.

Read more about inMotion hosting performance and uptime reviews.

How good is the customer support of justhost?

Unluckily, justhost falls short on their customer support. It took nearly 10 minutes to get me connected and most of the answers they offered were just simple links to their faq. A full background check showed similar mixed reviews from their other customers too. Some key features i liked about their customer support include:

  • 24/7 available phone, email and live chat
  • Video tutorials
  • Limited forum

Does justhost has a social media exposure?

Of course, justhost has its social media presence on social media accounts like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, etc. But i found that it is not much popular there. With a few thousand likes, tweets and followers, justhost is not much popular on social media platforms.

How justhost’s anytime money back guarantee works?

Justhost provides anytime money back guarantee together with all hosting plans they offer. Their cancellation policy is quite simple – if you cancel a hosting account, then justhost will offer you a refund for remaining period.

See more about hostgator hosting services and money back guarantee

This refund will not include any setup fee charged when you signed up along with the domain registration fee, you paid. But you can keep your domain name still. That is just about industry average for the people keeping track at their home.

Refunds to all customers are offered through their original payment mode. If you paid by paypal or cheque, your refunds will be submitted in the same manner.

What i found in reviews on other websites about justhost?

other justhost website hosting reviews say that justhost is a good host with a cheap price tag. In fact, they are one of the cheapest, so they are highly recommended for people looking for a very budget friendly website host. They offer their clients a great room to develop too with their vps and dedicated server options.

If you’re looking for a plan for over 1 year and you’re new to web hosting space and need lots of support, then justhost is a practical option for you.

But if you need a plan for website hosting for business class, then justhost is not the best one for you.

Read more about dreamhost website hosting reviews.

For whom can I recommend justhost for?

You can use justhost for:

  • Personal/resume website, WordPress
  • Forum and  Simple online store
  • Business website and Small – medium website

How to sign up for justhost?

Some hosts need a lengthy process fir sign up for most of the new accounts which means that you may need to jump on phone to confirm who you’re. So, you have a slow process there or the rare odd hour call requirement.

But, with justhost, the good news is that it offers immediate server provisioning if you wish to opt for their vps, dedicated or premium services. Justhost has a simple signing up process:

  • Just visit justhost.com
  • Choose the hosting package you like and want
  • Choose an apt plan of the hosting as per your needs
  • Choose the payment mode
  • Then select the billing means
  • Confirm your order and you are ready to go!



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