DreamHost – Is It A Hidden Gem You Should Know About Now?

DreamHost, the dinosaur of web hosting, was founded by four graduates of Harvey Mudd College – Josh, Jones, Dallas Bethune, Sage Weil and Michael Rodriguez in 1997.

Together with their latest reinvention of themselves in OpenSource with their DreamObjects and DreamCompute, they created InkTank in 2012, a professional support and services company for Open Source Ceph Files System.

It demonstrate the great level of knowledge the company has, and places them in an unbelievable position moving forward as the OpenSource continues its own push to front of website hosting.

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DreamHost is well known as the best website hosting service provider for developers and entrepreneurs. It is ginormous, claiming more than 400,000 active clients and more than 1.5 million websites. That is a lot.

DreamHost is well respected too. They also go far to provide crazy things like 97 days money back guarantee and a promise of 100% uptime. I wanted to put DreamHost to test and see whether the reality actually lived up to this hype or not. I set up a DreamHost test site on Shared Plan of DreamHost. Let’s now find out what I found in my DreamHost webhosting review.

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What Is In The Core Features List Of DreamHost?

Many website hosts offer you with many unlimited features. DreamHost isn’t an exception. You will get no limits when it comes to disc space, bandwidth, domains hosted, MySQL 5 and email accounts, etc. It sounds great already, though it is the beginning only. Other interesting DreamHost’s technical features include:

  • Multiple coding languages are supported
  • Free domain registration, Daily access stats
  • One-click install for different plugins
  • $100 bonus credits of Google AdWords
  • Unlimited FTP accounts, Unlimited sub-domains
  • Hard-rolledcPanel with SSDs and SSL certificates
  • 100% uptime guarantee, Automated malware scans
  • Award Winning Customer Support
  • CloudFare Integration and Ruby On Rails support

What are the Most Amazing Server Features of DreamHost?

DreamHost has 3 data centers in US –Ashburn in Virginia, Irvine in California and downtown Los Angeles. With their SSD hosting, you get faster caching and faster database queries overall. DreamHost provides solid performance with an exclusive 100% uptime guarantee.

In the last few years, this website hosting service provider has upgraded their network infrastructure significantly to improve stability and performance and to lessen abusive activity. Their data centers house more than 1500 servers now.

What are the Most Awesome Email Features of DreamHost?

Like with every website hosting service, DreamHost also offers unlimited email addresses. Their email settings allow you to make –

  • Multiple email accounts
  • Multiple addresses forwarded to view all from one inbox
  • Set up quotas, rules, alerts and achieves
  • Message filters, Announcement lists and Discussion lists
  • Check out auto-responder tools for email marketing here.

DreamHost has one among the strongest email management tools that I have seen, making it one of the best email hosting service providers. They also offer antispam protection using email backlist from Spamhaus.

What you get with DreamHost’s eCommerce features?

Establishing an online store has been a confusing mess always. If you did not know what you were exactly doing in the process, you can spend weeks on learning everything. For DreamHost, CafeCommerce offers the best ecommerce hosting service experience for all customers. CafeCommerce offers the following features:

  • Dozens of different themes
  • In-built graphical editor
  • In-built management tools
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space

I think CafeCommerce is extremely customizable, incredibly powerful and absolutely affordable. So, you can give it a try certainly. And you are not satisfied with it, you can cancel the CafeCommerce account in your trial period and owe nothing.

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How Does Dreamhost Makes Your Website Secure?

DreamHost offers antispam for its emails. however, no antimalware services. During my DreamHost review, I found that the company secures its servers with a range of programs running newest patches, which programs weren’t specifically detailed. But, I like their attention to other facets of site security including:

  • Control panels’s simple to find link to edit .htaccess file to manage access to site or set up the password
  • For parts which should not get indexed by the search engines, block spiders
  • Subversion to manage source code files, SSL certificates
  • Enhanced user security protocols
  • SSH key fingerprint to protect your account
  • IP based restriction to control panel

What are the best DreamHost’s control panel features?

While the company incorporates some great third-party tools like ownCloud, Ceph and WordPress, one clear omission is control panel. Rather than using cPanel or Plesk, DreamHost has an in-house, customized control panel. Even if it isn’t the industry standard control panel, DreamHost panel is highly intuitive and easy to use.

I got a chance to discover its functions. They allow Linux only at this time. Therefore, if you are looking for Windows, you need to look somewhere elsewhere. Some of its features include:

  • This unique control panel lets clients to have full control on every facet of the account.
  • Once click software installs which saves you both money and time

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of DreamHost?

The Pros

There is a lot to love about DreamHost. They guarantee great customer support and uptime. Here is an overview of the best attributes of DreamHost:

  • 98% Phenomenal Uptime and 32% Page Load Time than Average Competition
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Support and Get Free Days for Downtime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Freebies – free privacy protection, free domain names, free TLS SSL certificates

The Cons

DreamHost is an ideal choice for most of the people.  But, there are some prospective pitfalls which may be deal breaker for many others.

  • Among the More Costly Options Available
  • One Size Fits All, Possible Delayed Setup
  • No Control Panel- is it actually a con? Difficult to tell
  • Possible Delayed Setup

What Great Services Are On Offer by DreamHost?

DreamHost has grown up from a small college dorm startup with only 4 students to a big company with more than 100 employees and over 400,000 clients.

DreamHost keeps all of their website hosting plans straightforward with one shared plan only and some other plans for the high end users. Let’s have a quick overview of their plans in my DreamHost website hosting review:

Shared Hosting

The bread and butter of DreamHost is their low cost shared hosting plan. Shared hosting plan is best for blogs, websites and portfolios. DreamHost’s shared hosting plan offers customers with unlimited bandwidth, domain hosting, and storage and email accounts. More of its excellent features include:

  • 1-click WordPress Installer and Web based control panel, you can check portfolio themes for wordpress here.
  • 97 days money back guarantee with 100% uptime
  • One free day credited for every hour of downtime
  • SSD drives and SSL certificated available for added costs
  • Premium support with PHP5 support and Perl, Rails, Python support
  • Full Unix Shell and Full CGI access

Shared hosting pricing

  • Month-To-Month (billed monthly): $10.95/month
  • 1 Year (billed annually): $9.95/month
  • 3 Year (billed triennially): $7.95/month

 VPS Hosting


DreamHost offers managed VPS hosting with SSDs giving designers, businesses, ecommerce and developers more speed, stability and power to run their sites and apps successfully.

All VPS Hosting plans from DreamHost include Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, unlimited 247 support, easy to use control panel, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTPs, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains and unlimited accounts. Some other standard features include:

  • PH5/Python/Perl, Password Protection
  • Subversion Repository, Secure Shell
  • IPv4 & IPv6 and Phusion Passenger
  • XCache, Nginx and 1-click Application Installer
  • Cronjob Access

MAX IT OUT – As the standard features, the plan includes one dedicated IP address, 24/7 technical support and 100% network uptime. Additional features include 8 GB RAM, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Bandwidth and 240 GB SSD Storage.

GO BIGGER – As standard features, this plan includes one dedicated IP address, 24/7 technical support and 100% network uptime. Extra features include 4 GB RAM, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Bandwidth and 120 GB SSD Storage.

MOST POPOLAR – As the standard features, the plan includes one dedicated IP address, 24/7 technical support and 100% network uptime. Additional features include 2 GB RAM, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Bandwidth and 60 GB SSD Storage.

START HERE – As standard features, this plan includes one dedicated IP address, 24/7 technical support and 100% network uptime. Extra features include 1 GB RAM, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Bandwidth and 30 GB SSD Storage.


VPS Hosting from DreamHost is available across 4 tiers:

  • MAX IT OUT – $120/mo
  • GO BIGGER – $60/mo
  • MOST POPOLAR – $30/mo
  • START HERE – $15/mo

Dedicated Hosting

If you want your own server, a dedicated server offers you the best in control, security and power. Get access to the server resources and the needed horsepower for your website. Dedicated hosting is best for large ecommerce websites, high traffic websites, reseller hosting and companies with high profile customers.

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Although the prices are a little higher, but if it is affordable, I prefer dedicated hosting only. All the dedicated servers of DreamHost include

  • 1-click wordpress installer (Check wordpress themes for directories, wordpress themes for business)
  • 24/7 technical support and server monitoring
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • PHP/Python/Perl/Ruby support
  • Full root and Shell access
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • RAID 1 storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Dedicated server options on DreamHost are not quite different from other competitors – you get storage of 1TB and you can configure servers up to 16 GB RAM. Unfortunately, it lacks Windows based servers for dedicated hosting; it is Linux or bust.

Pricing: Dedicated hosting from DreamHost is available starting $149/mo.

WordPress Hosting


Now get easy and fast blog/WordPress hosting via DreamPress. The WordPress Hosting plans from DreamHost include automated backups and updates, easy setup, 100% uptime without bandwidth limitations and 247 available WordPress support. You can also use and WordPress plugin or theme. Addition features include:

  • Rock solid security, No number of visitors or bandwidth limits
  • Plenty of email accounts, eCommerce ready
  • Private IP address, SSL certificate

Available across 2 tiers, pricing of WordPress Hosting plans are as below:

  • Shared Hosting – $7.95/mo
  • DreamPress – $16.95/mo

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Shared Hosting

It is a basic, affordable, website hosting for WordPress plan. It is perfect or low traffic sites and new users. Features include:

  • 97 days money back guarantee
  • Supports multiple WordPress domains and sites
  • Automatic WordPress Installation

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It is completely managed, so you could focus on your content and leave everything else to Dreamhost’s experts. Features include:

  • Scales to deal with traffic spikes without bandwidth caps
  • Preconfigured so you get up and running immediately
  • More than 5X faster than shared WordPress hosting

Can You Easily Migrate A Website To DreamHost?

No really. If you are looking to transfer your existing domain to DreamHost, then the migration process may take 24 to 72 hours.

Is DreamHost’s performance good and reliable?


DreamHost offers solid performance with unique uptime o 100% guarantee. Their uptime score is generally above average and page loading speed is decent, but not superfast. All in all, DreamHost website hosting service is quite reliable and fast. I has tested DreamHost’s speed for this DreamHost website hosting review with Bitcatcha and found it to be as follows US (W) is 56 ms, US(E) is 20 ms, London is 152 ms, Singapore is 250 ms, Sao Paulo is 131 ms, Pune is 294 ms, Japan is 201 ms and Sydney is 412 ms, giving it a “C+” in performance.

What About DreamHost’s speed? Is it good or bad?


With the newest introduction of SSD hosting for DreamHost’s plans, they have significantly improved when it comes to speed. The page load times of DreamHost did not let me down. They are nearly 32% times faster than average.

What Is the Uptime Guarantee provided by DreamHost?

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Website’s uptime is an important feature of Website hosting experience. DreamHost offers a 100% uptime guarantee and it really stands to its promise. DreamHost is very stable. According to my findings, you can rely on DreamHost to be a solid base for your site.

How Good Is The Customer Support Of DreamHost?

DreamHost offers ticket based and email based support along with online chat. I did not see the phone call option anywhere, which is very bad. The chat support; however, is quite good. I tried that on a weekday evening and afternoon and in both cases, I had to wait lesser than a minute before getting to talk with a representative.

She gave me a satisfying and thorough answer. Some more features of the customer support include:

  • Knowledgeable support
  • 24/7 availability
  • Premium support available for $14.95 per month

Why is DreamHost’s Refund Policy the best in Industry?

DreamHost provides an excellent money back guarantee. You can cancel a hosting services plan with 97 days o initial signup and get the money back promptly. Considering the DreamHost’s 97 days money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying it out. Its generous money back guarantee makes it a top pick for the webmasters.

How famous is DreamHost on Social Media?

DreamHost is well liked on different social media platforms and have a great presence on many of them. Their 17K+ likes on Facebook, 57.9K tweets, 8938 followers, etc show that clearly.

What I found in Reviews On Other Websites about DreamHost?


I went through other website hosting sites to find out what other are saying in their DreamHost web hosting reviews. According to those DreamHost web hosting reviews I can say that if you are using your tools to build up your site or building it somewhere else and FTPing to a server, it sounds like you can deal with everything, then DreamHost is the best option for you.

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By embracing power open source software, it has been able to set up a foothold in almost every web hosting category. From the basic shared hosting plan with free domain transfer to the eCommerce plans competent of handling high traffic, high volume visitors, the hosting company certainly has a plan for every online project.

For users even with the smallest amount of site administration, DreamHost provides a great balance of current technologies and great features at a reasonable price.

Who do I Recommended DreamHost For?

DreamHost is highly recommended for:

  • Medium-large websites, Serious Websites
  • eCommerce websites, Local Businesses
  • Portfolio sites, Professional blogs

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How to Sign Up With DreamHost?

Let’s have a quick look at the sign up process of DreamHost:

  1. Go to dreamhost.com
  2. On top navigation menu, click on the service you want to purchase.
  3. On service page, click to sign up for that service.
  4. Enter your email & password.
  5. On next page,, you can select to register a new domain, add an existing one or add a domain later.
  6. Select your billing option
  7. Choose if you wish to add Private MySQL server in your account.
  8. Enter payment details and personal information.
  9. Click “Place Order Now” to complete your signup process.

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